Random Routines

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Well, you can all come off the edge of your seats. I’ll release you from the suspense by finally getting around to writing up a new blog entry. Honestly, things have been all over the place, as have been my thoughts. There isn’t much time for me to sit down and actually write these things. I told myself that I was going to try and at least update once a week, but that plan has totally fallen apart. Midterms came along and destroyed it quite nicely.

I guess the reason for it is really because of how much time I spend with my friends. I mean, they’re always here, just waiting to be hung out with, so after I do the reading and such that I need to, I go over to their rooms and just hang out. We watch movies, or just sit around and talk, or go and get pizza, or head over to William’s – whatever pops up at the time. I’m just always busy here. There’s very little downtime, and when there is, the last thing I want to be doing is writing about how my days have gone. Especially now, after I’ve missed talking about so much. I guess my blog just isn’t as important to me now, though. I used to use it as my escape – most people wanted me to hang out with them, but they wanted me to because I made them laugh, not because they wanted to hear about my life. As for the few friends that I could share things with, I never saw them enough to really satisfy my need to spill things out. And so, the blog was my way of getting things out of my head before they filled up and I got all confused.

Here, things are different. I’ve found a few friends that I can share things with (which was weird, since I knew that this was the case within about a week of meeting them), and those friends I can see every day. What’s more is that so much of my life is spent with them anyways – three of the four of the closest ones are in at least one of my classes, plus I’m pretty much always in their rooms hanging out – that I no longer have that build-up. There are things that I encounter throughout the day to which I say, “I just have to tell someone about this!” But since these friends are always closeby, I can usually tell it to them pretty quickly. The rest of the stuff just becomes unimportant.

The only other real reason that I don’t get to update my blog as frequently as I’d like is because of the lack of a regular schedule. Back in high school, I got into a nice routine that rarely changed. Go to school, come home, write blog, have supper, do any homework, then have free time. Here, things are different. Even though my weekdays are fairly similar, it’s the small differences that make things difficult. When I get back to my room on a Monday afternoon, chances are that I still have some reading to do for the rest of the week. I try to get most of the stuff done as soon in the week as possible, so that I free up more time for myself later – but it’s not always possible. So, from day to day, the differences make it harder to get stuff done on a regular schedule. And I’m big on routine.

The other area which has really been affected by the lack of routine is my devotional life. I’ve found it very hard to find a time when I can be completely alone and undisturbed – just me and God. People are just always around, and it’s frustrating sometimes. My roommate usually isn’t up as early as I am, since he doesn’t have class until later, so I can’t really do devotions in the morning since I keep most of the lights off to let him sleep. After my morning classes, there’s lunch – and in rez, mealtimes always take at least a half hour. You sit with your friends and talk, and then it takes longer to eat, and so it stretches the whole mealtime out. That’s not a bad thing, but it becomes so when you have other things to do. I guess the best time to do my devotions would be after lunch, since my next classes are either at 2:30 or 3:30 PM, depending on the day. After those, then, comes supper, and after supper comes either homework or hanging out with friends – both of which are pretty hard to avoid. Time is just hard to organize and a schedule hard to keep here. But I’m trying.

I guess I said all of that basically just to say that you can expect very infrequent updates on this blog here. I’m not completely abandoning it, but if I’m already having trouble doing so and also doing devotions, if it comes down to one or the other, I think God’s more important. Overall, though, most of the stuff that happens here is pretty monotonous. My friends and I have lots of fun, but it’s not really a whole lot of jumping off cliffs or discovering new ways to embarrass ourselves. So I doubt that a blog, updated daily by me, would be very interesting to read. Think of it as a good thing. You’re avoiding a bunch of posts about me clipping my toenails.

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