Cancelled Classes and Challenging Competitions

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Well, what to say? It’s been over a week, and although I figured that university would be non-stop stuff for me to talk about on this blog here, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Yes, there’s plenty of stuff to do here. There’s just not much that’s really interesting enough to be talked about. Like, let’s see here: I spent about two or three hours reading my Psych. textbook tonight – and I’m still not done the chapter yet. Or how about this? My Philosophy class got cancelled today, so I woke up for no reason. When I checked my email this morning, I got the email telling me it was cancelled. So instead, I grabbed my mp3 player and went for a long walk all around campus. Why? Well, because I had nothing else to do. At all. I didn’t go anywhere in particular. I just walked.

On the bright side, however, there are some pretty cool things going on at St. Jerome’s. All this week, we’ve had floor comps going on. Basically, every afternoon, there are sports events going on, like football and soccer and such, and then every evening there are more intellectual endeavours, such as Taboo and Pictionary and Jeopardy. It’s been pretty fun. Each floor is teamed up with another floor of the opposite gender, so we are paired up with the girls from the second floor. As well, each team is a different food group. Ours is grain products, and so we are also Team Yellow. It’s been pretty fun. Our performance was great at the beginning, but has declined since. We dominated the first few events, but today we lost two of the three games of football, and lost at Jeopardy tonight. It was disappointing. However, our last events are a tug-of-war and dodgeball, so hopefully we can improve our performance for those. It’d be a shame to end up losing after doing so well.

Anyways, I promised myself that I’d keep this entry short, since my last couple have been outrageously long. There are other things I could go on to talk about, but I might as well leave them, because they’re not as interesting. I assure you, if any of them remain semi-important, I will cover them in a future entry. Because I know all you people reading this right now are absolutely riveted…

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i never get to be cool and get mentioned in your blog. even though i sent you a sweet e-card, AND called you and left an amazing message for your birthday. oh well. i’ll just go unmentioned. =(


Well MAYBE I’m trying to tell you something. And MAYBE I’m still mad at you for that “pretty princess” e-card you sent me. And MAYBE you smell like beans mixed with apricot juice.

Haha honestly, if I wrote down everything that happened to me, I’d never have time to actually have anything happen to me because I’d always be writing…So um…thanks for the card and message? I’m still disappointed that you didn’t send me a new pair of socks for my birthday or something…