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Random Routines

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Well, you can all come off the edge of your seats. I’ll release you from the suspense by finally getting around to writing up a new blog entry. Honestly, things have been all over the place, as have been my thoughts. There isn’t much time for me to sit down and actually write these things. I told myself that I was going to try and at least update once a week, but that plan has totally fallen apart. Midterms came along and destroyed it quite nicely.

I guess the reason for it is really because of how much time I spend with my friends. I mean, they’re always here, just waiting to be hung out with, so after I do the reading and such that I need to, I go over to their rooms and just hang out. We watch movies, or just sit around and talk, or go and get pizza, or head over to William’s – whatever pops up at the time. I’m just always busy here. There’s very little downtime, and when there is, the last thing I want to be doing is writing about how my days have gone. Especially now, after I’ve missed talking about so much. I guess my blog just isn’t as important to me now, though. I used to use it as my escape – most people wanted me to hang out with them, but they wanted me to because I made them laugh, not because they wanted to hear about my…Continue Reading

Cancelled Classes and Challenging Competitions

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Well, what to say? It’s been over a week, and although I figured that university would be non-stop stuff for me to talk about on this blog here, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Yes, there’s plenty of stuff to do here. There’s just not much that’s really interesting enough to be talked about. Like, let’s see here: I spent about two or three hours reading my Psych. textbook tonight – and I’m still not done the chapter yet. Or how about this? My Philosophy class got cancelled today, so I woke up for no reason. When I checked my email this morning, I got the email telling me it was cancelled. So instead, I grabbed my mp3 player and went for a long walk all around campus. Why? Well, because I had nothing else to do. At all. I didn’t go anywhere in particular. I just walked.

On the bright side, however, there are some pretty cool things going on at St. Jerome’s. All this week, we’ve had floor comps going on. Basically, every afternoon, there are sports events going on, like football and soccer and such, and then every evening there are more intellectual endeavours, such as Taboo and Pictionary and Jeopardy. It’s been pretty fun. Each floor is teamed up with another floor of the opposite gender, so we are paired up with the girls from the second floor. As well, each team is a different food group. Ours is grain products, and so we are…Continue Reading