Fabulous Concerts and Phone Calls

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I’m not entirely sure what to write about today, but I know I need to write something, because it’s been over a week now since I last put up an entry, and it’s high time for a new one. So, I might as well talk about the only interesting thing that’s happened over the past week. Most of it’s been pretty boring, filled with reading pages upon pages of textbook material. But Monday night rocked. And when I say rocked, I mean rocked.

Now, if you know anything about my musical tastes, you’ll know that, while I will pretty much listen to anything as long as it has a beat to it, my preferences lean toward the heavier musical styles – I’ve kind of shifted out of my heavy metal phase, but I’m still into stuff like screamo and all those crazy-guitar-solo-plus-pouding-bass-riffs genres. My favourite band of all time is, without a doubt, Underoath. Other bands have come and gone, but I don’t think Underoath is leaving my musical collection anytime soon. And on Monday night, I went to see them in concert. Kyle told me about it oh so long ago, and I planned to go, but things were a little sketchy with me being in Waterloo without any transportation, and the concert being in London.

Anyways, I talked with Jordan several times over the past few weeks and got things worked out with him. He agreed to come get me before heading off to the concert, and as time went on, we figured that he and the crew would arrive about 5:00 PM to get me. I had class until 4:50 PM that day, and so as soon as class ended, I rushed out and headed back to rez in order to get rid of my bag and stuff. I didn’t have time to get anything to eat, but instead I grabbed what I needed and headed outside to wait for him. So I sat down on the nearby bench and waited. And waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes went by, and I started to get a little worried. But I didn’t think much of it. Traffic could have been bad, or they could have just left a little late. But they’d be here soon, right? Another fifteen minutes went by, and I was a little more nervous. I text messaged Kyle to ask if he knew of anyone in Jordan’s car with a cell phone – and he didn’t know. So I had no way to get ahold of them to ask where they were. I just had to wait for them to either arrive or phone me. Another fifteen minutes. By this time, I was fidgeting uncomfortably, wondering where on earth they might be. And then, finally, when I was about to give up all hope, they arrived. As the story went, traffic in Cambridge had been horrible, and they had left late as well. But oh well. As long as they arrived, I was happy. I just didn’t want to miss Underoath.

We headed out soon thereafter and continued on the way to London. There were two other carfuls of people that had already arrived in London by that time, and they were waiting for us. Kyle kept calling or text messaging me to ask where we were and what was taking us so long. Then came the interesting part. I had just hung up the phone from talking to Kyle perhaps five minutes ago, and then I got another call. I looked at the display on my cell phone, and it said it was from Kyle, so I picked it up – but it definitely wasn’t him on the other end. Instead, someone asked me, “Who is this?” I answered, and then, “Who’s driving?” When I answered, this guy on the other end of the phone said, “Well you tell this Jordan guy to get his face in the map and hurry up and get to the concert here, or I’m going to come through this phone and rage! You hear me? These guys here have never seen Moneen in concert, and you guys have their tickets, so you had better get your faces down here and let them see them.” This guy was yelling at me, and I was struggling to try and figure out whose voice it sounded like. I couldn’t recognize it, and then it hit me: This sounded a lot like Tim, one of the guitarists from Underoath….but no, it couldn’t be! Could it?

After this guy was finished talking and yelling at me to get Jordan to drive faster, I hung up the phone and explained it to the rest of my friends in the car, who were a little puzzled. They asked me who it was. “Uh, I think it kind of sounded like Tim…from Underoath.” I was still unsure, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Kyle had told me that they had been hanging around the nearby high school, and they saw a few of the band members from Underoath, Silverstein, and Moneen playing handball. And so I sat there in shock, not really knowing whether to believe what I thought I heard. Kyle called again a few minutes later to yell at me to hurry up, and I asked him, “Uh, who was that guy that called earlier?” “What? Oh, it was Tim.” Wow. That just made me feel so much cooler. Tim called me. Tim from Underoath, my favouritest band ever, called me. I feel like a little fanboy. I’m never washing my ear again.

Anyways, for fear of making people think that I have a crush on Tim or something, I’ll continue. We eventually arrived, although we were half an hour late. We walked to Centennial Hall and got there. Luckily, we were in the balcony, so we had reserved seats, rather than down below, where it was first come, first serve. We would have been way in the back. At the same time, though, the atmosphere up above was much different. It’s pretty hard to mosh when you’re sitting in a nice, comfortable seat. But anyways, we missed Moneen, but we got to see Silverstein and Underoath. Both of them were awesome. The singer/screamer in Silverstein didn’t have his mic turned up loud enough, but other than that, both bands were amazing. And since we were in the balcony, it was really cool looking down at the huge crowd and watching everyone. You could see all the crowd-surfers everywhere. You could see all the potheads lighting up – not to mention, you could smell the pot. People were throwing stuff, pushing each other, and I felt so much more, I don’t know, elite sitting up in the balcony just watching it all. Let the commoners have their rabble-rousing antics; I prefer to enjoy the musicianship! (Say that previous sentence in a snobby British accent for full effect.) But speaking of the musicianship, both bands were top-notch. They hit everything right-on, and I loved every minute of it. My band didn’t disappoint me.

After the concert, our carload went to Wendy’s to get food, and then headed back to Waterloo to drop me off. Man, I never knew it was so far from London to Waterloo. I felt bad that Jordan had to go so far out of his way just so that I could go see a concert, but at least he was willing to do it, which was cool. I got back at about 12:45 AM, and then went straight to bed. After all, I had class the next morning. Yuck. But oh well. It was worth it. Very much so. After all, Tim called me! Can you believe it? Tim…called me! Me! Oh boy…this can’t be good for my already out-of-control Underoath addiction. I think it’s time for therapy…

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