Gasoline, Guitars, and Grandmas

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I know I’ve been pretty depressing lately with my posts. “I’m so bored. Did I tell you just how bored I am?” This past weekend finally broke that. And for that, I’m certainly glad. So, since I actually have something interesting to talk about now, I figured I might as well update my blog. Fair enough? I think so. It’s better than having a bunch more posts about being bored. I’m sure you’re bored about reading about my boredom by now.

Friday was just a strange day. Jordan talked to me on MSN at around 2:00 PM or so, and told me about how he was supposed to go to Murch Music at 10:30 AM with Zac and Aaron, and was supposed to get up and call me, but had slept through his alarm. So instead, he was trying to get some other people to go. I was up for it, and he called Kyle, who was interested as well. Jon also worked until about 3:30, and then he would be free and probably up for it. So that was the plan. I had to put gas in the car before that, since I was driving, and there was less than a quarter of a tank left. So I waited until about 3:30, and then about that time, Jordan told me that he was going to go have a shower. So I got ready, and then waited for him to be ready. After all, there’s nothing more awkward than going to someone’s house to pick them up, ringing their doorbell, and then finding out they’re still in the shower. So anyways, I probably left my house at 3:50 or so – something like that, anyways. I picked up Jordan, and then headed to Petro-Canada to fill up with gas.

The first order of business was, of course, getting the gas cap off. That was easier said than done. My dad had put on a locking gas cap so people couldn’t, you know, siphon our gas or something. The only thing was that I’ve never actually filled up the car with gas since that time. So, I had to figure out how to unlock it. I put the key in and tried turning it, but what ended up happening was that the whole cap turned. I tried turning the other way. I tried turning slowly, and then quickly. Nothing worked. Finally, I discovered that I had to hold the gas cap still, and then turn just the key. Of course, that’s really awkward since the diameter of the cap is only maybe two and a half inches, and somehow you have to fit both your hands in there to open it up, but oh well. I got it figured out. The next step was to put my debit card in the pump, since Petro-Canada has those cool pay-at-the-pump systems. It took a long time to read my card, and then finally spit out an error saying that it couldn’t read it. Thanks. But I knew my card worked, and I knew I had enough money, so I decided I’d just go ahead and pump my gas, then pay inside. So that’s what I did.

I went inside to pay, and handed my card to the lady working behind the counter. She proceeded to swipe it, and then handed it back to me. Of course, as luck would have it, their debit was down. She tried it about three or four times, also switching over to the other cash register. Apparently a whole bunch of other people were having the same problem. The lady said that it said everything was fine, but that it just kept timing out. Great. And of course, I didn’t have any cash on me. So, after she tried and tried unsuccessfully to get it to work, I went over to the ABM in the store to try and see if that worked. Everything seemed to work fine until I tried to complete the transaction. Then it just gave me an error. By this time, though, Jordan had come in to see what was taking so long. I filled him in on the situation, and so he decided to try his PC debit card to see if his worked. And of course, as in all good comedic situations, his worked fine, and he got some cash out to pay for my gas. I, of course, paid him back later. I told the lady behind the counter – who was about ready to just give up, since she was all alone on a Friday afternoon before the long weekend, and her boss was gone – that the PC card worked, and she just mumbled something about how the debit was down. I said, “Yeah, but his card worked.” That conversation went nowhere, but at least we paid for the gas and got out of there. The lineups for the gas were piling up since everyone had to go inside, then find out their card didn’t work, and then try to find their credit card or cash or something.

After way too much of a hassle trying to get gas, Jordan and I finally headed over to Kyle’s house to pick him up. By the time we got there, it was about 4:30 PM. We rang his doorbell, and waited. And waited. And rang it again. And waited. Finally, his little sister answered the door, and told us that Kyle had already left. That didn’t make much sense to me, since we were going to Cambridge, and we were supposed to pick him up. But apparently he and Justine had left and gone to the church. Confused, Jordan and I went back to the car. We didn’t know if we were supposed to go pick him up at the church or not. It was kind of way out of the way in the opposite direction. So we tried calling his cell phone. I guess he didn’t have any time on his phone or something, though, because it would ring a couple times, and then give a high-pitched noise and cut out. I definitely tried about three or four times, and then we tried calling the church as well. Apparently he had just left about five minutes earlier, though, so he wouldn’t have been there yet.

Let me back up a little bit, though. There was a youth event planned for Friday night at 7:00 PM. People were going hiking, but Kyle thought that it started at 6:00. He also said he had something to do at the church first, so that’s why he left so early. As for us, we were fully planning to go to Murch Music and then be back in time for this hiking trip. But more on that later. Jordan called Jon’s house and made sure he was up for going, and then we went to his house and picked him up. Finally, we headed off to Cambridge. The main reason for the trip was so that Jordan could look at getting a nice acoustic guitar – one with pickups, too, so he could plug it into an amp – and also look at a wireless system. I went because it was something to do, and I like guitars. Murch Music is a huge place, though. Every inch of the store is packed full of everything musical that you can think of. Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amps, bass guitars, classical guitars, keyboards, drums, plus all the accessories for all of those. It’s crazy. At first we looked around a bit, stopping at a few things to look at. I was looking for a pedal for my guitar – I’ve been looking around a bit for one for a while. We also stopped to play a keyboard for a while, plus I found a sweet set of electric drums that had some sweet effects on it. I played around with that for a while.

We wandered around the store, eventually ending up in a section that had a few acoustic and classical guitars. There didn’t seem to be much of a selection of acoustic guitars, though. I found an instrument that was pretty cool. To tell the truth, I’m not entirely sure what it was. It looked like a mandolin, but all the other ones that I saw had eight strings, and this one only had six, tuned like a guitar. That was fine with me, though. Jordan found a twelve-string guitar, and then we played a few songs with that and the mandolin. The only problem was that the frets were so small, it was hard to play chords on them. I’m really not sure if you’re supposed to play chords on a mandoline or not. Oh well. I managed. After that, we wandered around a bit more, kind of disappointed by the lack of selection of acoustic guitars. That’s when we found another whole section of the store. It was sort of tucked away in the corner, and that’s where all the acoustics were. There were a whole bunch of them, some nicer than others of course, but Jordan found a nice one by some company named Simon and Patrick or something like that. He was considering getting that one, but wasn’t sure. So we wandered around the store some more. Going back to the acoustic guitar section a bit later, he then picked up a nice Taylor guitar. Now, earlier on, when he played the twelve-string, he had said he kind of wanted to get one, since they have such an awesome sound to them. But then he picked up the Taylor. It was only a six-string, but the thing sounded just as full as a twelve-string. It was awesome. There was just no comparison to the Simon and Patrick one. As soon as he picked it up, he was hooked. The only problem was the $2400 price tag.

Anyways, we wandered around a bit more after that, and after some consideration, Jordan decided to put off buying the guitar that day, just to think it over a bit. All in all, we must have spent at least three hours in the store, though. By this time, it was about 8:00 PM – so we sort of missed the hiking trip. We could have met up with them somewhere, but I didn’t have anyone’s cell number except for Kyle’s (and his wasn’t working of course), and we didn’t know where they were going, either. So, instead, we went to Harvey’s in Cambridge. After that, we went back to Jordan’s house for a bit. It just didn’t seem like the day was complete, though. Finally, at about 10:10 PM, we decided to go see a movie. I had mentioned that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was starting – at 10:10. So we headed there, and since the box office was already closed, we just walked in. I mean, I would have gotten in free anyways, but it was sort of funny since we walked in right behind a couple that tried to get in, and then found out that they couldn’t. We walked right past them and inside. Hah. Suckers.

Anyways, on Saturday, I was scheduled to work in the evening. Sometime in the afternoon, my boss phoned me up and told me that it was dead and just to take the night off. That freed me up to do – absolutely nothing. I called up a couple people to see if they were free, but nothing ever came of it. Seeing as nothing really happened, and since I promised not to write another entry on boredom, I will forego mentioning anything else about Saturday. On we go.

Sunday morning was fairly normal. I played bass, just like I’ve been doing since like forever, and that was that. Jordan also had his new $2400 guitar there, since he had gone up Saturday and bought that one he had his eye on. Sunday night was a youth service. Jordan was working, and since Geoff never showed up, I played acoustic guitar and Zac played electric. We also had Julie on keyboard and Kyle on drums, and they sang. It was half-decent, I guess. We completely screwed up one of the songs because Zac started it way too fast – but Kyle’s microphone wasn’t working right either, so hopefully people thought that we screwed up because of that. Yep, that’s definitely it. Oh well. After that song, things went pretty well. Skipp spoke about developing our talents and using them for God. Cool stuff.

After youth, we went to Wendy’s. And basically, we hung out there for a good hour and a half or something. It was a long time to spend in a fast food restaurant, at any rate. Aaron and I spent most of the time popping straws – you know, winding up the ends of the straws so you get a whole bunch of air in the middle, and then getting the other person to flick it as hard as they can with their fingers. We grabbed a huge handful of straws and popped every one of them. There’s good, clean fun for you right there. At the end, though, there was a big pile of straws on the tray. Oh well. After that, some people went to Skipp’s house. Actually, to be completely accurate, it’s his grandma’s house. I think it’s pretty funny how he lives with his grandma. But she was in London for the weekend or something, so we had the house to ourselves.

Anyways, the plan was to watch Anchorman. We first went to the church to borrow the DVD player, and then we had to go get a copy of the DVD – I had one, Kyle had another, and Rich had a third one. But since we were going to Skipp’s house, Rich’s house was on the way, so he got his copy. Of course, his disc ended up being scratched, and so it wouldn’t play. That was just great. After unsuccessfully trying several times to get it to work, we hopped into Caitlin’s truck to go back to his house and get his disc cleaner, as well as his big binder full of DVDs. We tried Anchorman again after cleaning it, but no dice. Oh well. The truck ride in the back of the truck there and back was fun. Eventually we settled on watching Dodgeball instead. After that, we were just kind of sitting around, and no one really wanted to go home. So we stayed a while longer and watched Elf – substituting one Will Ferrell movie for another. By that time, it was about 3:00 AM. Near the end of the movie, my mom called me on my cell phone wondering where I was and if I was okay. Oops. I had sort of forgotten to call them, and I hadn’t really expected to stay that long. Fortunately, she wasn’t so much mad as worried, so I calmed her down and told her where I was and that I was still alive and breathing. After the movie was done, I left, first dropping Kyle off at home, and then going home myself. I walked into my house at about 3:50 AM. And then I got into bed and fell asleep pretty much right away.

For once in my lifetime, I actually slept in until noon. Of course, I had to be up until 4:00 AM to do it, but hey, at least I did it. Monday was pretty much a bunch of nothing, since, well, I spent half the day asleep. I also had to work from 5:15-10, so that effectively cut off the rest of my day. That shift was pretty busy. I guess I’ve been softened up by all these matinee shifts, and now the fact that there were actually people there surprised me – even though it actually wasn’t all that busy.

So that’s what the past few days have been like for me. Busy, busy, busy. But all in all, I’d much rather have that than sit around doing nothing all day. Tonight, I’m heading over to the Brantford Blessing Centre with the youth to serve dinner to people – I’m not sure how often they do it, but they serve meals to homeless people and the less fortunate. It’s pretty cool. After that, I think people are heading up to Ancaster to see Talladega Nights on a screen bigger than the ones we have at Brantford. So I guess I need to make sure to pick up some passes at Cineplex before I go – so I can get in free at Ancaster. I love working at a place where you can get free stuff at other places, too. It just makes things so much cooler. But anyways, that’s all I have to say for today, because I now have things to do, strangely enough. What a weird concept.

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