Gerbils and Germans

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Strange stuff. My sister sent me (along with a bunch of other people) an email a couple days ago about finding someone else to share her apartment with. She was asking if anyone was interested or knew anyone who might be interested, etc. I didn’t give it much thought, because, well, most of the people I know are my age or younger. I don’t hang out with a whole lot of older people, although that seems to have been changing lately. Anyways, at the bottom of the email, she had her signature, along with a link to her blog. I thought, “Hmm, this might be kind of funny, let me check it out.” I’m sure you might be able to tell where this is going.

It’s always strange to hear stuff about your sibling’s life. I mean, I’m not sure if it’s just our family that’s weird like this, but somehow I doubt it. Most of the time, when I see my sister, it’s usually either me annoying her or her annoying me. There isn’t much of a civilized discussion that goes on between us. So reading this blog was kind of strange. I’d like to say that she got the idea of making a blog from me, since I know she’s one of my at least sporadic and infrequent readers (I don’t keep one of those visitor trackers for the simple reason that I think I’d likely be scared at the people who actually read what I wrote). I’m not sure how often she reads my blog, but I figured if she reads mine, I can read hers, right? Right. So that’s what I did. All in all, it was I guess pretty much like what every other blog in the world is like. Flagrant spelling errors – although I was actually quite impressed at how much of it was actually spelled correctly, since I know it’s definitely not her forte – and inconsistent updates. I hold my blog as something special just for the simple reason that for almost an entire year, I managed to miss only a few days. That’s changed recently, since I guess I just ran out of things to say. I’m sure you haven’t noticed. Oh yeah. And I spell things correctly. Like always. Because I’m just like that.

Anyways, when I actually sat and read her archives (which took all of five minutes, since, as I said, the updates are very infrequent), at first glance, I was incredibly bored. One of my first thoughts was, “Oh man, I hope no one reads this regularly.” After all, the first entry I read was about her gerbils. Woohoo. My life is now complete because I know that her gerbils had a litter of eraser-like gerbilets. But, well, I guess that’s what you get from any blog. Unless it’s a blog about something that absolutely fascinates you – like, say, jumping off buildings with umbrellas to use as parachutes – most blogs are quite boring. I can’t say mine is any different. Most of the stuff is about my boring life, with various philosophical and theological musings scattered throughout. The only difference with my blog is that I use words bigger than three syllables sometimes – on most blogs, that’s a rarity. “OMG that was SO cool!!11 We had liek teh best time EVAR!!!1” I remember looking at one blog, where throughout the entire thing, the letters alternated between upper and lowercase. I left after looking at it for about thirty seconds, because it was so impossibly hard to read that I just couldn’t stand it. It was almost offensive to see just how horribly the person had butchered the English language and turned it into some sort of unintelligible jabbering. I mean, the words were there, and perhaps 10% of them might have been spelled correctly, but who cares when the whole thing is entirely impossible to read without gouging out your eyes? I’m surprised I survived the whole ordeal.

Where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about my sister’s blog. I just got sidetracked. Anyways, as I completed reading the whole thing, there were a few of them that hit me as kind of cool. I got mentioned a few times, one of the times being about how I was apparently growing up. She brought that up because we had just previously been driving in the car, and had actually had a normal conversation. I actually remember that time. It’s kind of sad that they’re that infrequent that I can remember the exact time. Heh. But hey, she’s my sister, and talking to her without ripping out my hair is hard sometimes. Besides, she reads my blog apparently, so she knows everything about me anyways. There were a few entries about psychological things (which I enjoyed, since we seem to share the whole psychology interest – I still say she stole the idea from me), and then some more boring posts about cooking and new things that were bought for the apartment. You know, stuff that I really have absolutely no interest in. But hey, I guess I can’t say too many bad things about her blog, since she might actually read this one and then give me a nasty phone call.

Anyways, the whole thing was quite strange and unnerving. I feel like I actually know my sister a little better now. But on the whole, even though there wasn’t a lot there, the stuff that was there was pretty good stuff. I can’t say that I laughed, cried, or that it was better than Cats, but excluding the entries about her gerbils or about her adventures in kitchen experimentation, the rest was pretty cool. Keep up the good work, Jennifer. And uh, oh yeah. Maybe you should get off the coffee.

But that’s enough about my sister. After all, she is my sister. So now it’s back to me and my boring life. Yesterday was actually, surprisingly, not boring. There was a family picnic put on by the church at Mohawk Park in the evening, and even though the closest thing to barbecuing was KFC chicken, it was good stuff. After eating, Rich, Nathan, Kyle Giancola, and I played bocce ball (I confess, I had to look up how to spell that – shall I just say lawn bowling?), and then kicked around a soccer ball for a while. After that, a whole bunch of the youth and extended youth – the college-age or even post-college-age guys that still come to youth anyways – went to Andrew Moores’ house for a while. A long while, actually. We got there maybe at about 6:30 PM or so, and I left at about midnight. We played Cranium for a while, which is actually a pretty sweet game. We never actually finished, but Rich and I were in the lead at the end, so I officially declared us the winners. After that, we talked for a long time, and John-Mark kept us entertained since he was incredibly hyper. His second cousin from Edmonton was also there, so we made sure to make fun of Edmonton every once in a while. Also, there was a girl named Claudia, who was from Germany. I’m really not sure why exactly she’s over here, but she’s living with one of the families from the church, I guess. It was kind of hard to understand her, because she doesn’t speak much English, and doesn’t understand it very well unless you speak very slowly to her. However, the girl from Edmonton, Lillian, spoke German, since the Raddatz family is German, and so she was the translator. All in all, it was a pretty cool night. We just hung out. And that was about it.

I don’t really have much else to say. I don’t have to work today, but I’m working for the next three days, so I guess that makes up for it. Other than that, I’m pretty bored. Today I’m pretty excited about heading off to university in the fall. Tomorrow I might not be so excited. I think I need to have a continually-changing University-o-meter, showing my level of excitement versus nervousness. I don’t know. There’s a growing pile of stuff on the couch and floor just to my right, which is all the stuff that I’m taking to school with me. There’s a fair amount of stuff there, almost enough for two cars’ worth, but not nearly as much as Jennifer took when she went. We took two cars up the first time, and then the next time, we had to rent a moving truck to bring all the stuff up. Of course, that was when she was moving into her apartment, so she had to bring furniture up, but still – you’d think that most of her stuff would be up there by now. Every time she comes home, the house gets a little more empty, and I’m not quite sure how she fits everything into the apartment that she shares with three other girls and their stuff. They must be light packers.

As I mentioned previously, two Saturdays ago, my dad and I went up to Waterloo. There we went on a mini-tour of St. Jerome’s again, the residence where I’ll be staying. As I look at the pile of stuff I’m planning on taking, and as I recollect the size of the dorm room in which I’ll be staying with another person, I’m not quite sure where I’m going to put all my stuff. I mean, I guess a couple of the things are just storage containers, so stuff can be put inside of them, and there is also bedding, so that won’t take up any storage room, since it’ll be on my bed obviously. But I also am wanting to take my electric guitar and amp, and I’m not really sure where I’m going to put that. I might end up having to hang it from the ceiling or something, because I have all this other stuff, plus I’m really not sure how much stuff my roommate is going to bring. What if he ends up taking over the entire room because he has so much stuff and nowhere to put it? Boy, I hope I don’t get a stupid roommate. That’s really my biggest source of nervousness. With everything else, I think I can adapt fairly well, since I’m usually quite good at doing that, but if I have to put up with a completely stupid roommate who is unwilling to budge for eight months, I might just end up having to throw him out the window. He had just better hope that our room is on the first floor.

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Bob Francis Peeley

I don’t drink that much coffee *cough,* and my speling is’nt thet badd eethur. (Oh and by the way, they had another litter of gerbils, so right now we have nine living in the cage) do you want one for your dorm room, science experiments?


Uh, yes you do, yes it is, and no I don’t. Hah, if I had any science classes, I might just take you up on that offer. I’d have a little experiment determining how high gerbils can jump. I’d even have a little high jump bar and food dangling from above it to make them jump over the bar. I could be rich! I could be famous! But unfortunately, no pets are allowed in the dorm rooms besides fish…