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Gerbils and Germans

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Strange stuff. My sister sent me (along with a bunch of other people) an email a couple days ago about finding someone else to share her apartment with. She was asking if anyone was interested or knew anyone who might be interested, etc. I didn’t give it much thought, because, well, most of the people I know are my age or younger. I don’t hang out with a whole lot of older people, although that seems to have been changing lately. Anyways, at the bottom of the email, she had her signature, along with a link to her blog. I thought, “Hmm, this might be kind of funny, let me check it out.” I’m sure you might be able to tell where this is going.

It’s always strange to hear stuff about your sibling’s life. I mean, I’m not sure if it’s just our family that’s weird like this, but somehow I doubt it. Most of the time, when I see my sister, it’s usually either me annoying her or her annoying me. There isn’t much of a civilized discussion that goes on between us. So reading this blog was kind of strange. I’d like to say that she got the idea of making a blog from me, since I know she’s one of my at least sporadic and infrequent readers (I don’t keep one of those visitor trackers for the simple reason that I think I’d likely be scared at the people who actually read what I wrote). I’m…Continue Reading

Conspiracy Theories and Critical Thinking

Oh, how strange the days have been. Right now, things have been back-and-forth, up-and-down, inside-and-out, and here-and-there. It’s kind of like total chaos, except that I don’t mind, because at least it’s better than sitting at home. You know, going out to the store to buy speakers for my laptop, coming home and doing laundry, then going off to work, coming back home and sleeping, then, I don’t know, shredding paper or something. It’s the most completely random things. And yet, I’m slowly checking things off my list of school supplies, so that’s good. I went out with my mom the other day to buy storage containers. I’m really not sure why she needed me there, but basically the choice was between opaque or see-through plastic containers. It was a tough decision, but I finally decided on the see-through, just because they were so much cooler. And the were a bit bigger since the corners weren’t as rounded. Yes, that’s the level of excitement my life has reached. I am that cool.

Last night was a youth event: we went to the Oshweken Speedway. It was pretty sweet. Every time I hear the word Oshweken, I think of Oshkosh – the brand of kids’ toys – but whatever. We rode up in Skipp’s new BMW. It’s pretty nice; he got it used, but it looks to be barely used. I’m not sure where exactly he got the money while on a youth pastor’s budget, but hey – maybe he’s selling…Continue Reading


Well, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot today. I’ve created, designed, and managed two successful theme parks, which had over 1,000 visitors each. Not too bad for one day’s work. Of course, neither of them were real, but still – I like to think that playing Rollercoaster Tycoon counts as working hard. That game is awesome. It’s pretty much the only game that can consistently hold my interest, other than perhaps Age of Empires 2. I mean, any game can hold my interest for at least a few hours, or perhaps even up to a week, but then the novelty wears off, and it sits on my shelf, getting dusty. I can’t say that I play Rollercoaster Tycoon every day, but every once in a while, I pick it up, and then I’ll be playing it for a good solid week or two, whenever I get the chance. And knowing how much free time I’ve had this summer, I’d say that there have been quite a few opportunities to play it.

I can’t say that anything else has really been happening in my life. On Saturday, my dad and I went up to Waterloo for “Student Life 101” – a day to really get some of the loose ends tied in regard to moving into the University of Waterloo and getting settled. Obviously, I can’t actually move in yet, but Saturday was a day to get ready for that. One of the first things on the agenda was to…Continue Reading

Solitude and Sisters, DVDs and Death

The past few days have been relatively uninteresting. So far, this summer has been a drag. On the plus side, though, I’ve been getting nice, fat paycheques the past few weeks. I mean, I know that’s just not what the summer’s all about, but at the same time, the more I have saved up, the better off I’ll be for the fall. I guess once you get to a point where you have to pay for school, maybe that’s what the summer is all about. Hmm. Somehow I liked it better before. Oh well. At least not liking the lack of social contact is a good thing. Then at least I know I’m not going back to being anti-social. That’s always a good sign. Plus I always have people to talk to at work – when I’m not closing, standing around for an hour doing nothing all alone. Thankfully, though, I don’t have to close that often. I’ve been getting awesome hours, mostly matinee shifts – which are boring, but at least you get paid to stand around and talk to people. I’ve determined that the majority of my job seems to consist of standing and doing nothing productive. I mean, there’s only so much you can do when the movies are playing and nothing’s going on. The place can only be so clean, you know.

Anyways, enough about work, and enough about university. I’m sick of talking about that stuff. I just wish I had something else to talk…Continue Reading

The Times, They are A-Changin’

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You know what’s great, and also sometimes very annoying at the same time? It’s that when you pray to God, He answers. I mean, it’s wonderful that He does so, but sometimes when you ask Him a question, He doesn’t give you quite the answer you were looking for. And that’s annoying. Can’t God just play along to my little imaginary fantasy world once in a while, and just do what I want Him to? I think it’d make things so much easier. Then again, the world would probably end up falling out of orbit or something.

But let me start at the beginning. I was in the shower this morning, and I was feeling a bit guilty. I’ve kind of been letting my relationship with God slip a bit, just sort of doing the “good Christian thing to do,” offering up my quick, meaningless prayers before meals and doing my daily devotions – namely, skimming over the words on the page without really letting them sink in. “Oh, that’s nice, God wants us to love people. Maybe I should get around to that sometime.” You know how it is, I’m sure. The general desire was there, but I hadn’t been putting any effort into it. And along with that, I’ve noticed that the days when I screw up the biggest are the days when I didn’t bother to put any effort into my relationship with God. I mean, it’s uncanny how it works like that. I tested it once.…Continue Reading

Floury Follies

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Oh boy, it’s almost been a week since I’ve done my little blogging thing-a-ma-jig. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve done much other than work, eat, and sleep. But don’t worry – I remedied that last night. Yesterday was quite the day, and so it only seems fitting for me to cure my lack of posts by giving you the best story ever.

To start off, the day went quite normally. I worked (of course) from 11:15-4:45, and then when I got home, I was quite tired and slightly irritable. You know how it is – you’re not actually grumpy, and inside your mind, you’re saying nice things, but then your tongue, and indeed your whole face for that matter, are on autopilot, and they just say what they want to say. Anyways, today wasn’t too bad, but when I got home, I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. At the same time, though, I wanted to do something, just because it was the weekend – and who sits at home alone on a Friday night? Wait. On second thought, don’t answer that. I don’t want a bunch of fingers pointing in my direction.

Anyways, eventually, Jordan and I got talking on MSN, and we decided to do something. And by “do something,” I mean, “pull a prank on someone.” Eventually by like 8:45 PM or so, Jordan picked me up, with Geoff already in the car, and then we went and picked up…Continue Reading

Friendly Fire

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Oh, how do I begin this post? There’s so much going on, and yet at the same time, nothing is going on at all. In fact, pretty much everything that is happening is just occurring in my head – a mixture of a thousand feelings, threatening to become depressing at some times and yet holding off from teetering over that cliff. I’m a mixed-up person. I really am. It’s sad that I know that and yet am entirely unable to fix the problem. But knowing there’s a problem and being able to fix it are two different things. I might know there’s a problem with my car’s engine if it starts rumbling and spewing out smoke, but the first thing I would do is get out my cell phone and make a frantic call to my dad – or a tow truck. I wouldn’t know where to start fixing the engine.

So where do I start? Things have been strange. I’ve been doing a lot, keeping real busy, and yet all that I’ve been doing is working. I worked Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. By the time I get home at about 4:30 or 5:00 PM, I’m already ready to climb into bed before getting up and doing it all again the next day. But it’s not like I have much else to do. None of my friends have called me – at all – since school ended. Boy, you sure know…Continue Reading