Sneezing out Lungs and Seeking out Love

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Today truly was a day from hell. I know that it should have been yesterday, since the date was 6/6/06 and all, but no, yesterday was fine. Today was brutal. For some reason, my allergies decided to go on a sharp spike. Even though I kept stocked up on medication, it still didn’t help one bit. I’m sure my head almost exploded today from sneezing so much. My nose was runny all day, and I couldn’t really breathe through it because of that. Allergies really are an effect of the sin in this world. Because, well, they’re definitely not part of God’s perfect plan, that’s all I can say. After all, would He really place Adam and Eve in a garden, if they were going to sneeze their brains out because of it? So, I’m afflicted with this horrible disease – one that nobody seems to be working too hard on a cure for. AIDS? Cerebral palsy? Spina bifida? Come on…what about my allergies?

Heh, I’m joking about that last part, of course. These allergies have been passed down my father’s side of the family – my grandpa had them, my dad has them, and now my sister and I have them. So I’ll just have to live with them until I can pass it on to my children. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll lose my allergies, but at least I’ll have tortured someone else with them while I’m at it. Because if I have to suffer, everyone else should have to as well. Right? Right.

Anyways, I’ve vented. Now, down to serious business. I’ve been pretty busy lately trying to finish up a presentation for my Data Management survey. I have to present on Friday, and it’s the first day that they’re going on, so I don’t know what to expect from everyone else. Plus, these people are most likely used to doing seminars in other classes, and so they should have some sort of idea of what to do. I don’t really. I know what the idea of a BCC presentation is, but considering that we have to use PowerPoint for this presentation, and considering that BCC is still back at overheads and filmstrips, that helps me none. So, once again, I jump into the deep end without knowing how to swim. And no water wings, either. I just have to hope that the deep end turns out to be a wading pool, or else that I magically discover how to float.

There’s really not much else for me to say right now. I was reading a little article thing from a Christian magazine that I get, and there was something that caught my eye. It was actually an excerpt from a book, so I can’t really type it out and reproduce it here, since it’s under copyright, but basically the gist of it was an old man who traded gems and precious stones passing on his knowledge. It compared the life he knew, which was gems, to the prospect of finding love. He explained that, like not being able to tell the real gem from the fake, he passed up true love for an imitation. The part that really caught my attention, though, were the final words. They’re profound and thought-provoking, so I had to put it down here. “Seek beauty and miss love. But seek love and find both.”

In our day and age, society is all about the cheap imitation of love. Sex is everywhere. Outer beauty is praised, while inner beauty is largely forgotten. But seeking the outer beauty leaves an emptiness, for there will always be a more beautiful smile out there, a more lovely face, more graceful body parts. When it comes down to it, it’s the inner beauty that counts. It’s the commitment of one to another, the love shared through thick and thin that matters. Because without that, the outer beauty means nothing. Beauty fades; true love only grows stronger with time. And any watered-down imitation is just not doing it justice.

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