Personal Accomplishments and Public Articulations

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Here’s a fun exercise to do: Try putting your full name into Google and see what you get in the way of results. It’s great fun to find out what the rest of your namesakes are doing with their lives. I put my name in and found out that I’m a traditional jazz cornet player, known for always wearing a hat. I’m also a senior lecturer in History of Science and Technology at the University of Manchester, focusing mainly on the history of radioactivity and nuclear physics. In my spare time, I’m also an orthopaedic surgeon, a pharmacist that was awarded the Pharmacist of the Year by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, and an actor in soap operas such as “Days of Our Lives” and “As the World Turns.” I found results listing books that I’ve written, poems that I’ve shared, churches I’ve pastored, and a golf tournament that I sponsored through Hughes Real Estate Services. Boy. I never knew I had accomplished so much.

It’s certainly interesting to see people with the same name as you that have gone on to achieve great things – while you’re still just taking one day at a time, with nothing noteworthy to have your name attached. I didn’t get any results that actually talked about me personally until page 9 – and that was my Blogger profile. It kind of makes you think a little bit, when a bodybuilder named Jeff Hughes can make it to page 1 with his “Bench Theorem” about benchpressing a zillion pounds, and then there’s little ol’ me, with a high school diploma as my greatest accomplishment. But oh well. We can’t all be superstars, I suppose. Oh, I should mention one thing: If you do try this exercise, you might want to be careful in certain circumstances. Ladies, having your full name in there is important – otherwise you might end up with a bunch of, well, morally challenged women occupying prime internet real estate space. And guys, if your name is Richard, but you normally go by the name of Dick – well, please just don’t do it. Please.

Anyways, I’d like to think that today I accomplished something spectacular. I’d be wrong in my thinking, though. However, I did manage to struggle through my Data Management presentation today. It was on the effects of drugs and alcohol on teenagers, and how it impacts their academic performance and their social behaviour. The whole time I was up there, though, was one big blur. I remember clearly how the other people did on their presentations, but as soon as I got up there, it was like the whole thing went into fast-forward and I don’t remember a thing about it. So I can’t really tell how well I did. I think I did not too badly, but I think I spoke a little too quickly. As soon as I got up there, though, my mouth just went completely dry. I wasn’t horribly nervous or anything, but I started stumbling over words just because of my mouth being dry. But what can I say? It wasn’t the best presentation in the world, but I’m a writer, not a speaker. I could write a great report on it (which I’ll have to do as well), but my mouth just can never keep up with my brain. Unless I write out exactly what I need to say, I start screwing things up – but if I do write everything out, then I’m just reading it. Sheesh. You’d think this public speaking thing might be a bit easier.

But anyways, I managed to make it through, and now it’s over with. The fact that we just finished up an ISU lab in Chemistry and are working through presentations in Data Management, though, means that I have no homework this weekend. Score! That might almost make up for the shift I have to work on Saturday. 2:45-10, on one of our busiest days. I’m not looking forward to that. It’s apparently a double shift, which I got stuck with. Great. But oh well. I’ll just have to come home tomorrow night and get a personal foot massage or something. That’s really the worst part of it. I must walk at least a mile or two while at work, because I’m constantly running back and forth – and when I’m not, I’m at least standing. One of these days, I should bring in a lawnchair and rip tickets while sitting down. After all, if these customers are paying money just to go and sit down in a dark room, why shouldn’t I get to sit down too? But anyways, that’s all I have to say for today. There’s a “drop-in night” at youth tonight, so that should be pretty fun. Floor hockey, movies, games – basically whatever you want to do. So that’s pretty much all there is to say. My blog is now up-to-date with my life.

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