Lessons and Lineups

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It’s strange, and sometimes frustrating, how God is so much smarter than us. Here I was having a bad day yesterday, and I was halfway through venting about it on my blog here, and God changed everything around. Something my friends had done bothered me – not to the point of anger or hatred, but just slight frustration – and then God managed to completely shift my thinking. Let me try to explain a bit more.

I got home from church last night after this incident happened (I won’t get into the details, because they’re not important) and started writing in my blog, trying to sort out my thoughts. The whole day had been slightly “off,” if you will, and I was sure there was a lesson in there somewhere that God wanted me to learn. So, I was halfway through, and just getting to the good part of my story where everything went wrong. I think I had it sorted out in my head for the most part by that point, and then suddenly the phone rang. I picked it up, and on the other end was Melissa. She asked if I wanted to hang out with people from Central, since they were going to Erica’s. I immediately thought of it as strange that she had called, since, to my knowledge, people at Central haven’t called me on Sundays for a long time – they know that I’m already busy with my own youth group. But now, this one time that I happened not to be busy, they called. And while I was in a bad mood, I figured that they would cheer me up fairly quickly, so I said I might just go. She proceeded to tell me where they were going and such, and that’s when the weirdest thing happened. My laptop, which I had been writing the blog entry on, shut down. There was no reason why it shut down – it didn’t freeze, the battery didn’t die (since I had it plugged in anyways), and there was no power surge or anything. It just turned off. That’s when I really figured out what was going on.

I know that these seemingly random occurrences may appear like coincidence. However, in my experience, I’ve grown out of believing in coincidence. Sure, there may be the odd time when things are just up in the air and land whatever way they fall, but I’m convinced that God orchestrates seemingly innocuous events into situations that alter our course in life. And the out-of-the-blue phone call, the well-timed computer shut-off, and the earlier events of the day all led me to believe that something was up. So I agreed to go to Erica’s house. I just said to God, “Okay, I get the hint. I’ll figure out what You’re telling me eventually.” It seems as though God is much smarter than me. Go figure.

Anyways, there were no life-changing events at Erica’s house. We had some fun, played Balderdash, and just hung out and had a good time, really. But there’s a lesson there; I know there is. I just haven’t quite figured it out yet. Partially, though, I think the reason this happened was because I was trying to figure it out before seeing the whole picture. I’ve noticed that God doesn’t quite like it when He’s in the middle of teaching us something, and we just take half of it and try to complete the lesson plan ourselves. It’s like Peter on the mountain during the Transfiguration. The disciples were there just to observe and learn, but Peter piped up, thinking that he had it figured out, when really he had no idea what was going on. There are times when God just wants us to shut up and listen to Him so that He can teach us the whole lesson. And here I was, trying to take half of what I was being taught and finishing it off for Him. So, I learned yet another lesson: “Sit down, and shut up.” And like any good student, I learn my lesson after the fourth or fifth time being told. So for now, I wait. I wait for God to finish His lesson, and then perhaps I’ll share it here.

Anyways, I think that’s all for today. My weekend was pretty hectic, especially Saturday. In the morning, my parents and I went up to Waterloo to check out the University of Waterloo’s campus – we’ve done it before, but we never took a campus tour because the day we went was about 40 below or something. I got home, had about an hour to spare, and then went off to the theatre at 4:00 PM to work for six hours. Six long hours. It was packed in there. Almost every show in the evening sold out or was close to doing so – every one except for Mission: Impossible 3. That had about twenty people in it. We had lineups out to the payphones on the other side of the mall for about half an hour, and lineups to at least outside the door for at least an hour. And the line was moving fairly steadily, too. One word for that: hectic. But anyways, I survived, and I’ll continue to do so, hopefully. But with that said, I have other things to attend to. Toodles.

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hmm.. that’s pretty cool that things worked out that way on Sunday night. but like, even before you even knew that your friends were going to frusterate you or whatever, He knew. and even before you knew that you’d be sitting home on Sunday He knew, and it’s not like you had a pressing burden to go out, but He knew you would need some cheering up. and He met that need by having me (yes me.. woo hoo. haha.) call and ask if you wanted to do something. i think that’s actually pretty cool. because, you’re right, you usually are busy on Sunday. but for some reason i was like.. “hmmm we should see what Jeff is up to because i havent really seen him for awhile, and i dont think really anyone who doesnt go to north park has either” and it just so happens on that one night i call, you’re home. God is so good. He sees the need before it is even presented. anyways.. you should hang out with us Central people more because i know that i miss you. cuz i havent gotten to talk to you lately. anyways, i’ll talk to you later.

Big Ear Creations

Cool story man… it’s fascinating what God speaks and how he does it when we’re open to hearing it. Venting is interesting too. The Psalms almost all start with David whinning about something “Oooo the Phillistines are coming to get me”, “I’m in trouble” boo hoo hoo. But but the middle, he begins to speak what God’s truth is, and by the end, he’s “Oh how great is our Godish”. Awesome really how God lets us speak out what our feelings are…. as long as we’re willing to hear what He has to say on the subject and then go with Him over our own feelings.

Cool story


Yep, God is definitely crazy, that’s all I can say. The fact that He still chooses to deal with us pesky humans after all this time. Jeez, you’d think He’d have learned by now 🙂

I think I read or heard somewhere a statement that said basically, “God wants us to express our feelings to Him, as long as we don’t stay where we are.” It’s awesome how God doesn’t get mad at us when we are sad when we shouldn’t be, happy when we should be sad, angry when we should be calm, or whatever the situation is. He wants to hear about our problems, and as long as we’re coming to Him with them, He doesn’t mind us venting ourselves to Him. But then, when we’ve done that, we have to allow Him to speak back to us and change our attitude.

But anyways, thanks for the comments, guys. God’s cool.