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The Wonders of Wonderland

Yesterday was awesome. I must say that Wonderland is absolutely the best place ever within about a two hour drive of here. I mean, certainly there are better amusement parks out there, but it definitely is better than anything else around here. And we, as the Axis Youth, went there. To evangelize, of course. Well…not really.

At a bright and early 9:00 AM, we met at the church. There were ten of us going in total – I had expected there to be a lot more, but oh well – and when we had all arrived, we then left in Pastor Skipp’s car and Caitlin’s van. I was in Skipp’s car, and the first thing that he mentioned when climbing into the car was that there was no air conditioning. Great. It was just one of those older-model Honda Civic hatchbacks, so it’s kind of a cheap-o car, but to not have air conditioning was just strange. Nevertheless, the windows were rolled down, and I think we managed to keep it cool enough in there. Skipp has a very strange selection of music – everything from British rap (The Streets) to punk rock (MxPx) to psychadelic, spaced-out music (I don’t know how else to describe it, but stuff like Earthsuit and Mutemath). Strange stuff. Anyways, we arrived at Wonderland at about 11:00 AM, and the day began.

I won’t get into all the details, but let me kind of explain how the day went. For starters, the weather was pretty…Continue Reading

Escaping the Eclipse

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You’d think this entry would be a good one. You’d think that since I’m done all my exams now, and am thoroughly finished with high school – forever – that I’d be jumping up and down and singing about pink bunny rabbits and rainbows and gumdrops. You’d think that I’d be partying it up with all my friends, having the time of my life now that school has stopped and summer has started. Yeah, you’d think that.

And I guess I was like that yesterday right after I finished my exam. It was pretty much the easiest exam I’ve ever written, just a silly little seven-page Data Management exam. I was done in an hour and a half, and I left at that time. I went downstairs to my locker, grabbed my stuff, and then stopped and thought to myself, “Hey, this is it! You’re finished! You’re done high school, er, for the second time!” And yeah, that was a pretty good feeling. I got home and did a little happy dance to some unheard music in my mind. I set down my stuff, then looked around. And that’s when it hit me: Now what? I had the rest of the day with nothing to do. And what does one do when there’s nothing to do? Exactly. Nothing. My friend Kim had said she might call since she was most likely going to be stuck at school the entire day, but as it turns out, she got a ride home…Continue Reading

Graduation Festivities and Good/Bad Feelings

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Last night was great. If there’s one good feeling in the world, one sense of accomplishment, it’s graduating. Last night was BCC’s annual Evening of Celebration, where four young ladies graduated from high school to go on to bigger and better things. All four of them are my friends, and I must say that as I sat in the pew watching what went on, it brought back memories of my own graduation, just one year ago. I knew exactly what was going through all of their heads – excitement, fear, anticipation, anxiousness, and just a hint of “Well, what’s next?” It’s a feeling that is incredibly good and yet sickening all at the same time. On the one hand, it’s the end of something familiar. Friends must be parted with, and the days of high school are over (which, while quite a wonderful feeling, also has a twinge of fear mixed with it, because it’s the end of a familiar setting). On the other hand, it’s a start of something new, which creates an incredible excitement for the days to come.

The best part of the night for me was getting to go up onto the little stage and say my own words to the graduates in a little speech. I’m not saying that it was the best part of the night for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it. It was a piece of me, given to each of them, and I hope that it meant something. I spoke about…Continue Reading

Reflections and Ruminations

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Welcome to my 500th post! It sure seems like a lot of posts when I look back over the past year and a half. In reality, I suppose it’s not a huge amount, but still – it’s a milestone. Most people would have given up on this sort of thing long before the 500-post mark. I’m surprised I didn’t. I guess I haven’t been as consistent in my posts; I used to write at least one a day. But I guess I also didn’t have much of a life, and now I do. Maybe that’s it. Or maybe I’m just lazier. Who knows? All I can say is that I don’t plan on giving up on this blog anytime soon. Things are just starting to get good. After all, university is just on the horizon for me, and with every major change comes great journal entries. Right now, things are just on the borderline of monotonous, but soon things will be shaken up like a blender in a tornado. Or a milkshake.

This weekend was pretty interesting, I suppose. I had a lot of fun, though I wasn’t sure whether I would or not. It was a pleasant surprise, then, when I did. On Friday, I worked, so that wasn’t too exciting. It wasn’t too busy, though, so that was fine. On Saturday afternoon, I headed down to the church for about 4:30 PM to head up to Kitchener for some paintball action with my youth group. It’s great having…Continue Reading

Essay on Eggs

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It’s freezing cold in my basement. Right now, the main reason I’m typing this is just to keep warm. The movement of my fingers is producing just enough body heat to keep myself from going into hypothermic shock. Well, perhaps not that bad, but it’s quite chilly down here. And no, I don’t mean that it’s like a South American country, or a mix of ground beef and kidney beans. Although I could go for some nice, warm chili right now. Or even some nice, warm Chile.

I had a thought on the bus ride home today. It’s shocking, I know, but occasionally thoughts do enter my head. It scarcely happens, though, that it’s a thought worth sharing. But anyways, this was a thought that seemed to be one of those rare, shareable thoughts, so I thought I would do just that. I can’t say that it’s God-inspired or anything. I can’t even say it’s very inspired, period. I just thought it was pretty cool.

We are like eggs. Yes, that was the thought. I was thinking about eggs for some reason (I honestly can’t remember why), and as I thought about them, the realization hit me as to just how similar they are to our lives as humans. You see, eggs are fragile. They break easily, and so do we. Easily hurt are we by the words of others, their criticisms, the rejection, and so many other things that I can’t possibly hope to list them all. So we…Continue Reading

Personal Accomplishments and Public Articulations

Here’s a fun exercise to do: Try putting your full name into Google and see what you get in the way of results. It’s great fun to find out what the rest of your namesakes are doing with their lives. I put my name in and found out that I’m a traditional jazz cornet player, known for always wearing a hat. I’m also a senior lecturer in History of Science and Technology at the University of Manchester, focusing mainly on the history of radioactivity and nuclear physics. In my spare time, I’m also an orthopaedic surgeon, a pharmacist that was awarded the Pharmacist of the Year by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, and an actor in soap operas such as “Days of Our Lives” and “As the World Turns.” I found results listing books that I’ve written, poems that I’ve shared, churches I’ve pastored, and a golf tournament that I sponsored through Hughes Real Estate Services. Boy. I never knew I had accomplished so much.

It’s certainly interesting to see people with the same name as you that have gone on to achieve great things – while you’re still just taking one day at a time, with nothing noteworthy to have your name attached. I didn’t get any results that actually talked about me personally until page 9 – and that was my Blogger profile. It kind of makes you think a little bit, when a bodybuilder named Jeff Hughes can make it to page 1 with his “Bench Theorem”…Continue Reading

Sneezing out Lungs and Seeking out Love

Today truly was a day from hell. I know that it should have been yesterday, since the date was 6/6/06 and all, but no, yesterday was fine. Today was brutal. For some reason, my allergies decided to go on a sharp spike. Even though I kept stocked up on medication, it still didn’t help one bit. I’m sure my head almost exploded today from sneezing so much. My nose was runny all day, and I couldn’t really breathe through it because of that. Allergies really are an effect of the sin in this world. Because, well, they’re definitely not part of God’s perfect plan, that’s all I can say. After all, would He really place Adam and Eve in a garden, if they were going to sneeze their brains out because of it? So, I’m afflicted with this horrible disease – one that nobody seems to be working too hard on a cure for. AIDS? Cerebral palsy? Spina bifida? Come on…what about my allergies?

Heh, I’m joking about that last part, of course. These allergies have been passed down my father’s side of the family – my grandpa had them, my dad has them, and now my sister and I have them. So I’ll just have to live with them until I can pass it on to my children. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll lose my allergies, but at least I’ll have tortured someone else with them while I’m at it. Because if I have to suffer, everyone else…Continue Reading