Shooting Lasers, Singers/Screamers, and Sleep Deprivation

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This weekend has been hectic. And when I say hectic, I mean lack-of-sleep, tired-out-of-my-mind hectic. Of course, part of that is likely because of the fact that I haven’t been sleeping too well lately (like, for instance, waking up at 4:00 AM on Sunday morning for absolutely no reason, then not being able to get back to sleep). But anyways, let me tell you a bit about my weekend, since that seems to be what I do on this here blog of mine.

I’ll start with Friday. I could start with yesterday and then go backwards, but that wouldn’t make as much sense. I went to Central for 5:00 PM and then got onto a bus to go up to Kitchener to play Laserquest with about 25 people. It was pretty fun. Jordan and Sean and I had sort of an alliance going on, and although I’m really not that great at the whole laser thing, I managed to get 7th on one of my games, which isn’t too bad out of 25 people. The bus ride home was really what made me tired – my lack of sleep caught up to me, and although it was only perhaps 10:45 PM when we got back to the church, I was ready for a nice, long sleep.

Of course, I didn’t get it. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, looking at the clock, and then groaning and trying to go back to sleep. I have no clue why I keep waking up at night. It’s like my body is viciously trying to inflict pain and torture on me – meanwhile, it’s also hurting itself. Hmm. Anyways, I managed to get to sleep, and since I had the opportunity to sleep in, I woke up at about 9:30 AM Saturday morning. To be honest, I’m not sure what I did all that morning – I don’t think it was much of anything. I think I just sat playing games on the computer. Anyways, I had to work at 2:30 PM, so after having lunch, I got ready and headed off to work. It was one of the killer shifts, from 2:30-9:45. It normally wouldn’t be too bad, except we have the Da Vinci Code playing, so it was busy. Of course, time seems to go faster when you’re busy as well, so I suppose all in all, it evens out. I managed to squeeze in about a twenty minute break, even though I was supposed to get a half hour. But that was just me – once I get going, it’s hard to just sit and do nothing for half an hour. Anyways, I was supposed to get off at 9:45, but I decided to help the two other ushers there clean the theatre with Da Vinci Code playing in it, since it’s our biggest theatre, and it was packed. So I actually got off work at about 10:00. I drove home, and like a zombie, undressed and went straight to bed. I was tired.

7:15 AM. My mom calls me for breakfast on Sunday morning. Of course, as I mentioned, I was awake at 4:00 AM, and basically drifting in and out of sleep since that time. It was pretty much about five or six hours of sleep at most, and I wasn’t looking forward to getting up. I managed to drag myself out of bed and try to put on a smile, then I got ready and headed off to the church. I played bass there, and then stayed down at the church, because we were leaving for Pitch ‘n’ Praise at Braeside at 12:15 PM. The Burfordites showed up for our service, which was cool, so I took them and Julie down to Wendy’s for some lunch, which we ate while sitting on the floor in the foyer of the church. Some of the people looked at us a little strangely, but that’s okay. We’re youth. They expect us to be a little crazy anyways. They’re just glad we don’t all have pink and green hair. After that, we loaded in cars and drove off to Braeside, just outside of Paris. That wasn’t as exciting as I expected it to be. It was cold and windy, and so we spent most of the day inside as much as possible. There was a battle of the bands going on with like eight bands or something, so it went on for like four hours or something crazy like that. Some people tried to mosh, but the security guys were stupid. One guy, who looked like the typical Bible college student, all preppy with those cool tiny glasses perched on his nose, tried to stop people. He was pretty useless, though. How he expected to stop about ten or fifteen guys twice his size jumping around and spinning and pushing people around was beyond me. However, he tried to make an effort. He just sort of put his hands out and said, “No, don’t do that. No, guys, don’t push,” over and over again. The other guy in the front of the stage was a much bigger guy, but he didn’t do anything. He served as more of a wall than anything else. Whatever.

There was a free supper provided by the people at Braeside, but when we went outside to see what there was, what we found was a lineup about seventeen miles long, stretching as far as the eye could see. So we decided to go to McDonald’s instead. Sorry, we decided to go to McDonald’s, and then Zac somehow convinced to go to the Sobey’s just next door instead. We basically wandered around there for a whole ten minutes, then decided that Zac was an idiot and went over to McDonald’s. One of the bands from the Battle of the Bands named Guilty, who sounded exactly like Fall Out Boy, was there as well, and they had a fry-flinging contest with Kim and later Zac. They would put a fry in the fry container, and then squeeze the sides, and it would pop up in the air, and Kim would try to catch it in her mouth. The only problem was that fries popping out of fry containers is incredibly hard to aim. Finally, the band guy tried to shoot one across the table to Zac. He eventually caught one, and everyone cheered. It was pretty much the best thing that had happened so far.

Anyways, eventually we went back to Braeside for the Kids in the Way concert. Opening for them was some band named something like Skyline Drama, who won the Battle of the Bands the year before. They were alright, but I don’t think their levels were really mixed right. Plus, their singer/screamer looked more like a preacher than a singer/screamer. When he was doing one or the other, he would raise his hand up in the air like he was praising God, or raise a fist in the air or something like that. He looked like he was about to make an altar call, but since plenty of people were already at the altar (also known as the moshpit in this case), I guess he decided to forego that. Anyways, next up was Kids in the Way, and they were awesome. I mean, they sounded great. You know how there are some bands that you can tell they did a lot of work in the studio to fix up the singer’s voice, because he just sounds off when singing live? Yeah, Kids in the Way wasn’t like that at all. They were awesome. The moshpit was crazy. It was completely packed, and you could do nothing but move with everyone else, because your arms were somehow trapped in between two big guys about six rows ahead of you, and your feet were being trampled on. Afterwards, I looked at my nice beige pants, which now had dirt and grass stains all over the shins, and just shook my head. After all, it was outside, just inside a huge tent, so the ground was genuine grass and dirt. But overall, it was better to be inside the moshpit than outside, because it was definitely warm in there. Outside, it was cold. Inside, it was boiling hot.

After the concert, we as a group (which was now down to just the Burfordites, Jordan, and me) decided where to go next. I suggested bowling, and that’s where we eventually went. We headed over to Star Lanes and bowled there for about two hours. It was pretty fun. I pretty much killed everyone else. Jordan won the first game, and then I won the next two. Of course, Jordan was still feeling the effects of dislocating his thumb, so he might not have been completely up on his game, but whatever. I still won, and I’m sticking to that. Afterwards, I drove the Burford kids up to the church and waited for Zac’s dad to come pick them up from there. Then I went home and collapsed into bed.

6:30 AM. The nice little green numbers on my alarm clock taunted me. I’m sure it actually said “6:30 AM! Hah! You’re up this early! Bwahaha!” on the screen. Either that or the sleep deprivation was getting to me. I kept waking up during the night over and over, and it was weird. My dream would seem to play for about five or ten seconds (of course, that’s SDT, Standard Dream Time, which could actually be minutes or hours, who knows?), and it would stop and I would wake up a little bit. Then I would drift off to sleep, and it would continue where it left off and play for another ten or fifteen seconds. It was strange. It was like pausing and playing a movie over and over, always continuing from the last part played. Of course, it made it really frustrating to figure out what was going on when it kept stopping every ten seconds. But anyways, I slept in today until about 9:15 AM, and then decided not to let my body taunt me any more with this insomnia thing and just got up. That’ll show it who’s boss. After showering and getting dressed and such, I went down to the computer and wrote my chemistry lab report. I figured that since I didn’t really have any time this weekend to do it, and since it’s due tomorrow, that I should probably finish it. So, I did so. And now I am done. And so I am writing this blog entry.

That pretty much brings you up to speed with me. I would continue, but that would go into the future, which I don’t know about yet. So that’s it. My long weekend was great, but also very tiring and hectic. So I need to conserve my energy, which means not using it to type blog entries such as this. So that’s all for today. You can leave now. That’s right. Go away. Go do something more constructive with your time, like write a book, or bake an apple pie, or constructing a full-scale model of the Golden Gate Bridge out of popsicle sticks. You know, practical stuff like that.

One response to “Shooting Lasers, Singers/Screamers, and Sleep Deprivation”

Chris Cree

Dude, I can totally relate to the whole sleep deprivation thing. My weekend had bunches of it too. (Posted about it this morning even.)

I wish I could encourage you and say that sleeping gets easier when you get older. But in my case it hasn’t seemed to work out that way.