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Bigger, Better, and an Awesome Kiddy Car

A careful examination of my weekend would reveal several cool things. Therefore, I will undertake said examination in order to expose the wonderful events that comprise what is known as “the weekend.”

Friday night was pretty fun. I went to the church for this Bigger and Better thing, and ended up with a carload of Burfordites. Basically the idea of this game is as follows: you start with something small, and then go to different houses and get them to trade you for something bigger and/or better. Usually the rule is that you can’t go to the houses of people that you know, but since that was never stated, we didn’t follow it. We started with a plunger, and headed out from the church, with me driving. Unfortunately, since all the people in my car (besides me) were from Burford or some other equally tiny town, no one really knew very many people from Brantford. So basically, I went to all the houses of people that I knew. We went to Jordan’s house, but no one was home, so I went to the Gillmore’s house in case someone was there. No one was there, so I went to Michelle’s house. There we traded the plunger for a semi-broken stereo. From there, we went to Kristin’s house. Caleb was the only one home there, so he basically looked scared and said, “Uh, I don’t think we have anything.” From there, we went to my house and traded the stereo for an…Continue Reading

English Explosions and Repentance Reasoning

Well, I just realized that my previous post never got, um, posted, until now. That’s disappointing. When I wrote it, the thing wasn’t working right, so I just left it to try again later. Then I guess I just plain forgot about it. But now I’m sure you all think that I abandoned this place, since I hadn’t said anything in over a week, and have moved on to bigger and better things, and friends who don’t let you down like I do. I’m sorry. I really am. It was all Blogger’s fault.

With that said, I still haven’t been here to write very often. I’m not quite sure why that is. I guess there’s just not much to say, so I try to collect all the little tidbits until I have enough to make a good, decent-sized entry. And hey, I just realized that I managed to use the word tidbits in a normal sentence. Hooray for tidbits! Sorry. That was a little off-topic. My English teachers over the years have told me that each paragraph needs to have its own thought that it tries to express. I reject that idea. Who ever invented the idea of paragraphs anyways? You have your essay, which is supposed to have an introduction and conclusion, along with one overriding “thought” called a thesis. Then, within it, there are are arguments, which have their own idea to prove, and are supposed to be sort of introduced and concluded. Then, paragraphs come along, and…Continue Reading

Ancient People and Awesome Nights

Today I learned a very important truth. It is a deep, profound thought, and its implications are enormous. Yes, that’s right. Today, I realized that Brantford really has a lot of old people.

This thought has really come to me several times over the past little while, mostly right after school. When the bus arrived today, I walked on and turned – to be greeted by the faces of about twenty old people staring at me. Most of them got off at the stop by Zehr’s, which I guess doesn’t really surprise me. Where else do old people go besides the grocery store? But it’s also obvious that Brantford has plenty of old people when you just wait at the bus stop that I wait at after school and watch the people driving by. Almost every single one of them is old. It’s astounding. I mean, I guess that’s because all the other people are at work or school, but still, I never realized just how many of them there were. I think I even counted them one day – I don’t remember the number I got, but it was definitely quite high. Yes sir, there are sure a lot of old people.

I’d hate to say that’s a bad thing. I’m not trying to give that impression at all, since there’s plenty of things to be learned from them. But it’s just those occasional times when you have to awkwardly wait for them for like ten minutes to walk…Continue Reading