Licences and Laptops

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I was fully intending to update my blog long before this time. I was even half-way through writing an entry on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, at that half-way mark, my browser decided to freeze and lock up. I had to close it, and the humour and wit enclosed within the entry were just unrecoverable. By that point, I just didn’t feel like trying to write it all over again.

So here we are on Monday. It’s the start of a new week, and minus the killer headache that I had this morning, it hasn’t started off too badly. On Friday, I managed to pass my G road test. During that test, I managed to find the only person on the highway at that time that wouldn’t let me merge. I also managed to pass a garbage truck that was stopped in the right-hand lane, and then had to speed up as I realized that it started moving as soon as I was beside it. So basically, I cut off a garbage truck, barely made it onto the highway, and came close to slamming into the back of a van that had only one working brake light (making it look more like a blinker than anything else). Even still, I passed. Man, it’s so easy to get a driver’s license in Ontario. That must explain all the bad drivers, I suppose. However, I am now looking forward to not having to ever take another driving test until the age of 80, when my cognition and basic motor skills may be called into question. Until that time, I’m home free! Life is good.

On Saturday, my dad asked if I wanted to drive up to Burlington. Remembering that he had just come back from Toronto a few days earlier to help Jennifer buy a new laptop, and also remembering that his favourite computer store was located in Burlington, I put two and two together. We drove up to Sonaggi Computers, and when we walked into the store, we quickly realized that the selection of laptops was very scarce. Much more scarce than the last time we were in. They had two new laptops and one used one. That’s right. Three whole laptops to choose from. So we left. On the way home, my dad suggested that we should stop in at Staples to look there. So that’s what we did.

The laptop is, of course, for my upcoming adventures at Big Kids’ School (also known as university). Both my parents and I figure that some sort of computer will be necessary, and a laptop offers the most flexibility, whether that means taking it to class or just leaving it in the dorm room. But the fact is that it’s almost a requirement nowadays. So, stopping in at Staples, we had a look at the selection. They had at least a dozen to two dozen laptops on display, so we took a look at them, comparing the features, etc. Perhaps half an hour later, we walked out with a new Acer Aspire 5002WLMi, running Windows XP Home, with a 1.6 GHz AMD Turion processor, 15.4″ widescreen, 80Gb hard drive, CD/DVD burner, 512 Mb RAM, and internal wireless LAN card. It’s definitely not top-of-the-line, but it’s still quite a nice laptop, and will definitely suit my needs. Since that time, I’ve been playing around with it, installing stuff onto it, and basically just getting it all set up. The widescreen was a little hard to get used to at first, since it’s definitely a different shape than what most screens are, but it should be pretty sweet for playing DVDs on and such. I haven’t decided on a name for it yet, but I’m thinking Sylvia – because of the sleek silver finish on it. Yeah. That’s right.

Anyways, life is definitely good. A full G license, a new laptop, and I just received a letter from University of Waterloo telling me that I’m now eligible for an extra $3000 scholarship, of which $2000 is available in the first year. That’s on top of the entrance scholarship, which is $2000 in the first year. Darn. Looks like I won’t be desperately needing that bursary after all. On top of all that good stuff, even Sunday night wasn’t bad. The air conditioning in the sanctuary at our church is semi-broken, so when we arrived to practice for youth service, it was like a sauna. We tried to make the best of it, but finally we decided that instead of having an acoustic guitar, keyboard, and drums in a hot auditorium, we should just have an acoustic guitar in a much cooler chapel. Of course, since Jordan wasn’t there, I had to play that acoustic guitar. Of course, it was Kyle’s guitar, which has a fiberglass back, and I don’t like it because it slips off your knee when sitting down and playing it. Add that to the extra sweat that I worked up, and it was super-slippery. But anyways, we managed to make it through the service, and John Marc invited everyone to his house afterwards. He’s got a nice house, plus a dog and two cats that are pretty entertaining. Altogether, it wasn’t a bad night. I think there have been better nights as far as worship was concerned, but oh well. We made do with what we had.

So anyways, that’s it for today. I realize that was sort of a whirlwind tour of my weekend, but hey – I need to get back to playing around with my laptop. I’m still not even close to being finished setting it up, since I’m picky when it comes to my computer layout. I’m trying to get it to be as close to our home computer, since I’ve had time to tweak everything so that I have things set up exactly as I’d like it. But as of yet, I’m nowhere close to that. I’m working on transferring my music over, as well as installing all the programs that I use and rely on every day. So with that said, I’m done. There’s nothing else for me to say right now, and my laptop is calling me. And believe me, I always answer those types of calls…

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