Bigger, Better, and an Awesome Kiddy Car

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A careful examination of my weekend would reveal several cool things. Therefore, I will undertake said examination in order to expose the wonderful events that comprise what is known as “the weekend.”

Friday night was pretty fun. I went to the church for this Bigger and Better thing, and ended up with a carload of Burfordites. Basically the idea of this game is as follows: you start with something small, and then go to different houses and get them to trade you for something bigger and/or better. Usually the rule is that you can’t go to the houses of people that you know, but since that was never stated, we didn’t follow it. We started with a plunger, and headed out from the church, with me driving. Unfortunately, since all the people in my car (besides me) were from Burford or some other equally tiny town, no one really knew very many people from Brantford. So basically, I went to all the houses of people that I knew. We went to Jordan’s house, but no one was home, so I went to the Gillmore’s house in case someone was there. No one was there, so I went to Michelle’s house. There we traded the plunger for a semi-broken stereo. From there, we went to Kristin’s house. Caleb was the only one home there, so he basically looked scared and said, “Uh, I don’t think we have anything.” From there, we went to my house and traded the stereo for an old lawnchair.

I have to start a new paragraph here because the next part is uber-cool. From my house, I drove to Kristy’s house, and we went up and rang the doorbell. I told Kristy what we were doing, and then we waited at the door while she tried to find something. Eventually, we went to her backyard to help her get out this kiddy car. It was underneath her porch, buried under a whole bunch of other stuff. But eventually we got it out. It was a red Jeep, and it’s one of those plastic cars that someone has to push from the back. It was pretty sweet, though, so we gave her the lawnchair, and then went on our way. Well, sort of. We hit a snag when trying to fit the car into my trunk. It was pretty much the exact same size as my trunk, so we ended up having to dismantle most of it. We had to take the bar off the back, then pull the seats off, and even then it still barely fit. It did so, however, with a good amount of force applied to it. Once it was in, we headed over to the Staats’ house. Mrs. Staats couldn’t think of anything to give us, though, so we left to go somewhere else. I was running out of people, though. I took our crew across town to Angelie’s house, and there we got an old vacuum cleaner. However, they didn’t want our kiddy car, so they just gave us the vacuum cleaner.

By this time, I figured we had pretty much reached our peak. We had a kiddy car that was for the most part stuck in my trunk, and a vacuum cleaner. I doubted we were going to get much better, and I was almost out of people that I knew. So I suggested that we just go somewhere to get food for the last half hour. Everyone agreed, so we headed to Wendy’s and got food. Then we headed back to the church. There were two other teams, and one of them had already arrived with a fireman’s jacket. However, they had to return it afterward, so it didn’t really count. The other team arrived soon afterward in Caitlin’s truck with a barbecue, a stove, and a fridge. However, those items were from people’s houses in their group. Overall, they won the bigger category, but we won the better category. So, since it was up to Kyle, he gave us the prize – Tim Horton’s gift certificates. Woohoo!

Cody, Kyle’s little brother, was absolutely enthralled with the car, though. Once we got the steering working, it was pretty sweet. I took a few rides in it around the parking lot, and then Cody basically took over and used it for the rest of the night. He put the seats backwards on the very back of the jeep, so he sat where the seats were while I sat on the back and pushed. We drove up and down the hallways of the church. It was pretty sweet. Apparently he’s painted it black now and bolted down the seats and such, so I think he likes it. I must admit, there’s no better feeling than running into curbs on a little plastic car. Well, okay, maybe that’s a lie. But it’s definitely close to first place. All in all, I think everyone who participated had fun.

On Saturday, I worked from 12-3:30 PM, and it was horribly dead. Apparently Mission: Impossible 3 and Hoot had pathetic opening nights, and it certainly showed by the way Saturday afternoon went. I got let off half an hour early just because there was no need for me to be there anyways. After work, I tried to get ahold of some of the Central folk to see if they wanted to do something. What ended up happening is that people came over to my house and we talked and watched a movie and ate ice cream and all that good stuff. I just liked the fact that I got to see them, since I haven’t seen some of them in a while now. It was good stuff. Sunday was pretty good, too. The new family, the Shepherds, that came to our church was on worship for the morning service, and it didn’t work out too badly. Of course, it will take some getting used to, but it didn’t help that we just got our new speakers installed, so the sound isn’t really nailed down that well yet. Oh well. The evening service was pretty cool because the youth got to lead. I played acoustic guitar, and I don’t think things turned out too badly. It was a little off just because Zac got there with little time to spare, and so he didn’t know all of what we were doing. Thus, he started off songs in the wrong key a couple times, but we managed to keep things going. Afterward, we went to the Raddatz’s house and had a good time there.

That’s pretty much my weekend. It was good stuff. I haven’t had a weekend like that in a while. Usually I end up working on Saturday night, and so my social life is thrown off a bit. But oh well. The afternoon thing worked out great. I think that’s all I have to say for today, though. Today was a bunch of nothing, so there’s really not much to talk about there. It wasn’t bad, just not amazingly good or anything. So voila. I’m done talking. Au revoir.

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