Ancient People and Awesome Nights

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Today I learned a very important truth. It is a deep, profound thought, and its implications are enormous. Yes, that’s right. Today, I realized that Brantford really has a lot of old people.

This thought has really come to me several times over the past little while, mostly right after school. When the bus arrived today, I walked on and turned – to be greeted by the faces of about twenty old people staring at me. Most of them got off at the stop by Zehr’s, which I guess doesn’t really surprise me. Where else do old people go besides the grocery store? But it’s also obvious that Brantford has plenty of old people when you just wait at the bus stop that I wait at after school and watch the people driving by. Almost every single one of them is old. It’s astounding. I mean, I guess that’s because all the other people are at work or school, but still, I never realized just how many of them there were. I think I even counted them one day – I don’t remember the number I got, but it was definitely quite high. Yes sir, there are sure a lot of old people.

I’d hate to say that’s a bad thing. I’m not trying to give that impression at all, since there’s plenty of things to be learned from them. But it’s just those occasional times when you have to awkwardly wait for them for like ten minutes to walk by you, because they go about one tenth the speed of most people. If you’re in a hurry, it’s frustrating. You don’t really want to look rude and brush by them, continuing on your way, but it feels sometimes like you’re participating in a tortoise race if you get stuck behind them. But oh well. I guess it’s something you just have to live with. Either that, or buy them one of those cool scooter things. I wish I had one of those. I saw one old man driving down the street on one of those – and I’m pretty sure those are supposed to use the sidewalk. But oh well. People just passed him, and that was that.

So, with that piece of useless information past us, it’s on to bigger and better things. I’m truly sorry for my lack of regular updates. I realized I hadn’t posted anything since Thursday, and so I decided that this dry spell had gone on far too long. I just haven’t had much to say, and when I have, I haven’t had the time to say what I planned on saying. So let me catch all you readers up on what’s been going on in my life. Friday was pretty cool. I went down to the church for a “Drop-in Night”, which was basically just doing anything you felt like doing. They had floor hockey going on, plus a couple movies and XBox and such. I went upstairs and watched Fun with Dick and Jane, since I figured I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it, and I kind of liked what I saw. I also have the poster up on my wall since it’s hilarious, so I figured I should probably watch the movie. So that’s what I did. It was pretty funny. I’m not sure that I’d buy it and watch it over and over and over again, but it was definitely a rentable movie.

To be honest, I really can’t remember what I did on Saturday. I have a feeling that it was a bunch of nothing, and so that’s why I can’t remember it. You see, the night before, after playing all that floor hockey and stuff, people went over to Caitlin’s house and basically just hung out. People didn’t leave until about 1:30 AM, which was pretty cool considering most people in our youth group head home after about 10:00 PM most nights. So most of my Saturday morning was spent sleeping, and the rest was basically spent doing anything but being productive. I got a call from my manager Ron calling me in an hour early, so I worked from 5-10:30. It was fairly busy, but not as busy as most Saturdays, so that was nice, I suppose. Then I went home and slept.

Sunday was pretty cool. I woke up early (the non-cool part) for worship practice, and then the morning service happened, etc. etc. That was cool I suppose, but it’s not the cool part I’m talking about. Sunday night was awesome. It didn’t appear at first like it would be that way, since Jordan didn’t show up for worship practice on time, since Kyle couldn’t get ahold of him. Without him, worship just ain’t the same. It’s something about how crazy-awesome he is on the guitar I think. I mean, we had Geoff and Zac on electric, but they’re just plain not as good as Jordan. But anyways, eventually he got there with his huge binder full of songs, and we picked out some for tonight. Then, it was just a matter of practicing them. It was awesome. The worship time was just plain amazing. God was just there, and people responded to Him. It was great. Then afterwards, Pastor Jim had a sort of “Ask the Pastor” thing, where we asked him tough questions, and he tried to answer them. That was pretty cool. Then, everyone went to the Raddatz’s house after that. Their house is pretty nice, and it seems like they’re completely unpacked and settled already, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. It at least didn’t look like they had just moved in a week ago. Anyways, people hung out there for a while, and Marlene had plenty of food, which officially put her in my good books for pretty much all of eternity. Moms who go crazy on food rock. And that was that. It was just a good night overall. Two thumbs up.

I guess I should give a short update about this story that I had previously mentioned about writing. Yeah. About that. I pretty much got about three days into it, and then lost interest. That’s not to say that I completely lost interest for good. I guess a better term would be “sidetracked.” Yes. I got sidetracked with other stuff. So I pushed it off for a few days. I’ll have to get back into it, but right now I’m just at a loss as to what I want to happen in it. So I kind of hit a roadblock. I just have to figure out how to move the barriers out of the way, and then I’ll get back on the road again, writing up a storm. Or at least some light showers. Or cloud cover. But anyways, that’s where that is right now. As for me, I’m anywhere but here. That’s my way of ending this off and saying “goodbye.” Adios, amigos.

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