A Plethora of Topics

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Here I sit, dying of boredom. So I write. I had planned to just forego the blog entry for today, but I figure since I have absolutely nothing better to do, I might as well just type something up. At the very least, it’ll keep me from falling asleep at 9:30 PM like I did when I was seven. I heard that it also happens when you hit seventy. Strange how age is like a mirror image. You begin in diapers, and you end in them, too.

Sorry about that. I just had to throw that in. To be honest, I have no idea what to write about. Nothing much happened today. Actually, it was a pretty brutal day. Chemistry class was horrible today. We got a sheet outlining our next formal lab report, and the thing could have been written in code, it was so cryptic. I honestly had to read it through at least five or six times to understand what we were doing. And of course, the chart they gave made no sense because the headings for two of the columns were switched around. I sat there staring at it for a full ten minutes trying to figure it out, and our teacher finally told us to ignore it. Then she pointed out a few minutes later that it didn’t seem to make sense for that reason. Ugh. Confusing.

On the bright side, it was a nice day outside. Kristin, Becky, Brian, and I went outside to the little courtyard in the centre of the school after eating our lunch. We’ll have to go out and have a picnic there someday soon. The only downside to that would be my allergies. I was still sneezing today, even though I took my allergy pill this morning. It was ridiculous. It always starts when dandelions start popping up. One of these days, my head is just going to swell up and explode – or else I’m going to explode while sneezing just from the sheer pressure. Ugh.

That reminds me. Today, Becky and I had an unusual number of identical brainwaves. We got talking about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, since I went out and bought and watched it last night, and we started remembering and talking about the same scenes at the same time. It was weird. Then when outside, Brian started picking grass, and we both thought about doing that weird grass whistling thing at the same time. You know, where you put the piece of grass vertically between your thumbs, press together, and blow. I could never do it when I was little, but I was happy today because I actually figured out how to do it. The problem is that the knuckles on my thumbs are enormous, so I have to twist my thumbs a bit to get just a small opening between them. I guess I never thought of that when I was out in the field for recess back in Grade 3. I had such a deprived childhood. Everyone around me was doing the weird grass whistle thing, and I just sat there throwing grass at them because I couldn’t do it. Such a pity.

But enough reminiscing about days gone by. Data Management was a waste of my time once again today. We started into the Binomial Theorem and Pascal’s Triangle yesterday, and today was just more of the same, only expanding on the concepts learned yesterday. Since I already learned it in Geometry, though, I only needed a slight refresher, and then I was off. We had three sheets to do today, and most of the people were only on the first or second one when I had finished them all, plus the one for tomorrow. Some days I feel like asking Mrs. Pickett for extra work. Then I remember that I’d much rather just sit there and be bored than go up and actually talk to her more than I have to. It’s not that she’s a bad teacher or anything. Well, okay, yes it is. She manages to make even the simplest concepts difficult, and after I get something, I ask about one point for clarification, and she manages to confuse me about the whole subject. So I try to figure it out on my own and not ask her about anything. I kind of wish people in the class would ask me more questions. You see, I sit there and listen to them struggling through it, and I know I would only come across as arrogant if I went over and helped them without them asking for it, and yet I know I could help them. Instead, they ask Mrs. Pickett and manage to get themselves more confused. It’s horrible. But anyways, I’m sitting on a 93 in the class right now, so I just do my work, and if anyone asks for help, I give it as best I can. Man, I’m such a nice guy.

Tonight I got a call from Jordan, who wanted to do something. So I said that I was up for something, but that I didn’t have a car. It was weird. For the first night in a long time, I didn’t have a car to go do something, because my parents had both of them. Eventually it was decided to go to Melissa’s soccer game, and Jeff had to come pick me up and take me there. It’s such a weird feeling. Usually I’m the one that gives out rides, and this time I was bumming a ride off him. I hate that feeling. I don’t like feeling like a burden on someone else. But anyways, Jeff’s a nice guy and doesn’t mind, of course, and it’s only one time, right? But yeah, the soccer game was horrible. Melissa and her sister Holly are on the same team, and they lost 6-2, basically because their goalie is horrible. Afterward, Jordan, Jeff, and I went to McDonald’s and hung out there, then we went home. Of course, I had to get Jeff to drop me off, which felt equally as weird. It felt like it was back last summer, when he did that several times so that we could hang out together. No sir, I definitely like having a car to drive around. Even if it means that everyone bums rides off me. I’d much rather be the gentleman than have to rely on everyone else.

With all that said, I can’t wait until summer. Actually, I can’t wait until school is over. I’m looking forward to the summer for several reasons. First off, I can be out of high school forever. Second, summer rocks, because it’s all nice and warm and you have time to do all sorts of stuff. Third, there will be opportunities for more hours at work, which means more money for me. Fourth, it means more time to hang out with my friends, especially the ones from Central, who I rarely see anymore. I mean, I see Kristin and Jordan almost every day, but there are some of them that I just never see, and that’s sad. I suppose there are other reasons to be happy for summer, but those are the main ones. I’ve told myself that this summer, I will be girlfriend-free.

Noting the trend over the past two summers – namely, having a girlfriend for about a month or two for both summers – I’ve decided that it’s definitely not the way to go this year. First off, it’s just stupid considering that I’ll be leaving for university in the fall, which means very little chance of a relationship working out. I mean, I’ll only be about half an hour away from Brantford, but still. I’d much rather go to university without the ties of having a girl back home, and having to try to sustain a relationship over a long distance. I don’t want to do that to myself or her. But second, I also have to save up my money for university as much as possible, and I’ll definitely have to make some big purchases over the summer to get prepared for that. I don’t need a girlfriend, just for the simple reason that they cost money. I mean, even the most penny-pinching girl (read: Dutch) still is going to cost money. It’s not a bad thing, but just a fact of life. Don’t get a girlfriend if you’re not prepared to spend the cash. And as of right now, I’m not.

So that’s my entirely logical approach to the dating scene as of right now. I’m not saying that I really had any girl in mind, although if I really thought about it, I could think up a few potentials. But hey, a guy’s gotta have his brain, or else what does he have? My brain has told me very sternly, “No girlfriends this summer,” and I listen to my brain. Usually he knows better than the rest of me does. Otherwise, the summer could end up swirling down the toilet, knowing me and what I could do. Not saying that girlfriends ruin your lives, just that they tend to take centre stage in my life when I have more important things to be worrying about right now. So bye-bye girls, I’ll hang out with you, but that’s all. This gorgeous hunk is just got more important things on his plate.

How did I get on that topic? Oh yes, summer. Good ol’ summer. It’s pretty much the best season there is. Sleeping in, going to the beach, playing soccer outside, walking in the park, being able to wear t-shirts all the time, playing frisbee…the possibilities are too multitudinous to count. Wow. I just intended to put in some witty sentence about how I made up a new word, but I looked it up, and apparently multitudinous is an actual word. Cool. Someone else somewhere so long ago must have done the same thing – only he actually did make a new word. Probably Shakespeare or Webster or something. Yeah that’s it. Webster just made it up because he was a freak who had nothing better to do except write a book about every word in the English language. I mean, who does that? Who honestly sits down and starts off with “a” and doesn’t finish until reaching “zymogram” or something? I’d much rather have just gone ahead and invented the computer first, then made a database to hold all the words. It’d be so much easier. Let the computer do all the alphabetical listing for you, and you just type in words and meanings. Of course, knowing me, I would get about a quarter of the way through either task, and then just give up and find another hobby.

I guess it’s time to stop writing. I’ve written a lot of nothing tonight, and I’m kind of tired. At least I wasted about an hour of my life doing this. Tomorrow’s another day, and another day of school at that. It should be boring. Then there’s a farewell party for Jake, who’s going up north somewhere to go tree planting. That should be cool, since I haven’t seen him in ages anyways. Cool guy, cool guy. Man, I love my friends. All of them. I don’t know where I’d be without them. So, I guess to end this off, I’d ask everyone to raise a glass of drinkable liquid, and join me in a toast. To friends!

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ughh yeah the goalie was horrible. it was definately all her fault. you know how people are like “you win and lose as a team. no individual person loses for the team” that so wasnt the case here. she totally lost for us. geeze!

anyways.. it was really nice of you and jeff, and jordan to come last night. thanks a lot!


Haha yeah, I know. I just remember seeing the one person lob the ball right over your goalie, and she just kind of reached her arms up. She didn’t even jump. Like, GOOD EFFORT! Haha she needs to be cut…immediately.

But yes, you’re welcome. I can’t say that I really watched much of the game, but there really wasn’t much game to watch lol. I just watched Jeff fill his apple juice bottle with grass and Jordan light stuff on fire. Good times, good times…