Videos and Volleyballs

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If there were one word to accurately describe my weekend and all that’s gone on, it would have to be this: exhaustion. It all started on Friday, as most weekends tend to do. I was organizing the first ever Axis Youth Video Scavenger Hunt, and there were several details that I wasn’t even sure about going into the night. I was unsure of how many people were coming, so I wasn’t sure if we’d have enough drivers or video cameras. Being the most important two details about a video scavenger hunt, I was a little bit scared that somehow God would get through to people’s hearts, and that they’d come out with thirty friends each. This was one of the few times that I was glad that our youth group isn’t big on inviting other people – not that I didn’t want them to do that, but rather because if they did, they would have been disappointed.

All in all, the whole night went without a hitch. About fifteen or sixteen people showed up, which worked out quite nicely. I had asked my dad to drive if needed, but it turned out that he wasn’t needed after all. Also, I was glad that Jordan called and asked if he could bring some friends – I told him that it was fine, but that we might be short on video cameras. Luckily, one of his friends, Jon, had a video camera, which he brought. Jordan also ended up driving, which worked out just fine and dandy. It was actually pretty spectacular. Everyone paid $5, which gave the drivers gas money, paid for the food, and also gave me enough to offset the majority of the money used for prizes. With that, we broke exactly even, which was great for Kim. I think everyone had lots of fun as well, and watching the videos afterward was great. Jordan’s group ended up winning, and the grand prize were these cool cups that suck the drink out from the bottom, then around and up a straw attached to the side. Inside the cup was a bag of candy. I thought that was a nice touch, so that the Dollarama cups didn’t seem so cheap. Overall, I had fun because everyone else had fun – and I certainly had a good time trying to think up funny ideas for them to do.

So that was Friday. Saturday was brutal. Instead of sleeping in so peacefully, I had my alarm set for 6:00 AM. I got up and got ready, then headed over to Central Baptist Church for 7:15 AM, so that I could head up with them to Waterloo for a volleyball marathon thing with a whole ton of other churches. When I got there at about 7:10, no one was there. I tried the doors, and they were all locked. That was odd. I sat in my car and waited, and waited, and waited. Then it hit me – it was April 1st. Could it really be that the whole thing was just an elaborate scheme set up by either Melissa or Jordan to make me get up at 6:00 in the morning and go wait in an empty parking lot? It didn’t seem possible. But as time went on, I started to convince myself that it just might be the case. However, as it turned out, I just hadn’t waited long enough. People started showing up at 7:30 – Melissa had just told me the wrong time. I was relieved that I didn’t have any revenge to plan.

We got to the University of Waterloo, and eventually found where we were supposed to go. We went upstairs to the sort of balcony area that overlooked the gym. And that’s when the sheer enormity of this event hit me. Six volleyball courts were set up. And all of these were being used as teams practiced. There were people everywhere. In total, there were probably about 60 teams representing something like 30 or 40 churches. It was insane. There were people practicing in the gym, in the overflow area, in behind the bleachers, in the hallways – anywhere where there was room enough to hit a volleyball. So, after finding a place to put down our stuff, we found our own place to practice. And pretty soon, our team number was called for our first game.

For the morning and part of the afternoon, the teams each got to play three games. We won one of those games, and lost the other two. Some of the teams were real hardcore, like they had been playing volleyball ever since they could walk. For a team with one practice where the whole team wasn’t even there, I think we did pretty well. I think we could have done better, but for some reason, we just couldn’t get the ball under control. But oh well. After the tournament of three games, everyone went into the overflow area, and a guy spoke for a little while, mostly about the one Name that gets you into heaven. After that, the playoffs started. Everyone was in them for the first round, and I can only assume that the performance of the first three games was taken into consideration for the standings in the playoffs. I don’t really know. But anyways, we played our first game, and although we came pretty close to winning, we messed up closer to the end and lost. With that, we packed up and went home.

In all truthfulness, four games were more than enough. By the end of it, I was tired, sore, and grumpy. I hadn’t been feeling too well when I woke up that morning, since I think I somehow picked up a cold from somewhere, but playing volleyball only made it worse. I always seem to be sick when tournaments like that come up. Every single time at BCC, it seemed I had always just come down with something. But oh well. I went home with sore shoulders and legs, and barely enough consciousness to last me the ride home. Once there, however, I couldn’t just crash into bed. Oh, how I would have loved that. But no, I had other things I had to do – namely, work. I had to work from 6-10 on concession. I was very, very close to just calling in sick, since I felt like a dirty, wet rag that had just gone through a shredder, gotten caught, then been thrown into the trash. Don’t ask about how that comparison works, but it does. So, with my energy permanently stuck on “low,” I went into work, and put in my grueling four hours. Honestly, that was probably the worst shift I’ve ever had, with the possible exception of the one time when I went with a cold for a 6-12 shift on floor. Constantly talking with customers with a sore throat is never fun, and when you have to leave every thirty seconds to blow your nose into a rough paper towel, it’s brutal. That night was like wet bread, left to rot on a kitchen table, then thrown into a blender and thrown into the sewer. Again, the metaphor fits, but if you can’t work out how, please don’t ask.

When I got home at about 10:15 PM, my dad greeted me and tried to talk to me, but I sort of mumbled how work was long and busy and tried to go upstairs. He tried to ask more questions, but I sort of half-hearted answered them, then said, “I’m tired. Good night.” I then went upstairs and passed out in my bed. Of course, I made sure to put my clock ahead an hour before doing so. Oh, how I was looking forward to that hour of sleep that would be magically missing in the morning.

This morning, I was up at about 7:30 AM and then shipped off to worship practice. Surprisingly, I felt not too badly for being so dead the day before. Even now, I’m still sore and stiff, but I’m not actually that tired. That’s relatively speaking, of course – I still feel like I could go and plop into bed and sleep for a week. It’s just that I expected to be feeling like I could sleep for two weeks, that’s all. But anyways, the service was pretty good this morning. As for tonight, I’m not sure exactly what’s happening. Kim was saying that we would be having Life Groups and that we would be doing some worship with an acoustic guitar – which would happen to be played by me, since Jordan’s working tonight – but I talked to her after the service, and we might now be joining everyone else for the Sunday night service. I’m not entirely sure. But at any rate, either should be good. And if not, well, it’s likely my problem, not any fault of whatever we’re doing.

So anyways, I think that’s all I have to talk about. Exhaustion has certainly been the key word this weekend. But oh well. I don’t have to work tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get a good sleep tonight and tomorrow night, and then be all rested up for my 6-12 shift on Tuesday. But anyways, with that said, I’m going to end this off and perhaps try to work out a rough idea of some songs I could do if in fact we go back to the whole acoustic worship thing. I also have to eventually decide some stuff about university, but in the spirit of procrastination, I’m convincing myself that there are more pressing concerns to deal with right now. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll have a good chunk of time to sit down and lay out some pros and cons. But not tonight.

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