The Never-Ending Game

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For some reason, life has been incredibly uninteresting lately. It’s almost to the point of being depressing, but not quite. It’s more of a “ho-hum, here’s another boring day where nothing of interest is going to happen” thing. I suppose these sorts of days are the days where it’s up to the individual to come up with something creative and interesting for themselves. So far, then, I guess I’ve been unsuccessful.

Mind you, last night was alright. I met at the church at 4:00 PM, and then a whole bunch of people and myself all got onto a bus to drive up to Toronto for a Jays game. On the way up, I sat by Jon, Rich, Jordan, and Anita, and basically it consisted of Rich telling really horrible jokes and then the rest of us making fun of the Dutch (except for Anita, since she’s Dutch too). It was alright. When we got there, the game was just about to start, so we got our seats and proceeded to not watch the game because of the people in front of us. Mind you, they were pretty good seats – down on the 100 level on the 3rd base foul line – but still, I think it ended up being more entertaining watching the people in front of us. At first, it was a bunch of guys who had somehow got down to the 100 level, even though I think they had tickets for the 500 level. Hmm. Oh well. They gave us a bunch of stuff, since one of them worked at the Air Canada Centre. They had those stupid little white bats that you blow up and then whack together and make everyone else angry. They also gave us some packages of peanuts that had this amazing jalapeno stuff on it – they were so good, but after a while they started to burn your mouth.

Anyways, eventually the people got kicked out by the people who actually had the tickets for those seats. The guys feigned innocence terribly, and then left. The new people weren’t much better. The one guy had pretty cool tattoos all over his arms, but by the end of the game, they were all drunk, especially one guy who was there with his girlfriend. They kept kissing like every five minutes when the Jays pitcher threw a strike, or a Boston player got struck out or something. It was really weird. It was also really annoying, because he was directly in between me and the infield, so every time he stood up (which was approximately every ten seconds), I couldn’t see a thing. Sheesh. Ahh well, I guess since I was at a Blue Jays game, I should talk about the game. That aspect of it was quite boring. The Red Sox were up like 6-2 or something until the eighth inning, when the Jays hit like two homers and a couple other runs to tie up the game. After that, there was nothing of interest. Nobody scored; barely anyone even got a hit. The ninth inning finished, and the game went on into extra innings. The tenth went by – slowly. The eleventh went by – slowly. It was almost torture, because by this time it was probably about 10:45 PM, and I was ready to just call it quits and go home. It didn’t look like anything was going to happen soon. Anyways, in the twelfth, the Jays hit a homer and finished the game off nicely, 7-6. Everyone was cheering – I was cheering because the game was finally over.

Anyways, with all said and done, I still had fun at the game, but it was pretty crazy considering I didn’t get home until after 1:00 AM. That included dropping off Angelie and Natalie at their respective homes, but still – 1:00 AM? At least I was able to sleep in somewhat today. Most Saturdays, it doesn’t matter how late I stayed up until, I always seem to wake up at 9:00 AM. Today, it was at least 10:15 AM. That was bearable. I was surprised to notice that my voice is slightly off today – it’s not gone, but it’s really low and it hurts. That was strange, considering I didn’t do all that much screaming or yelling. But oh well. I think I’ll survive.

As I was reading the paper this morning, there was an article about a girl at Harvard who ended up getting a book deal for this story she wrote. Dreamworks had already aquired the movie rights and stuff too. I thought that was pretty interesting, considering that she was only 17 when she wrote it, and she’s only 19 now. As I sat there, my creative juices started flowing, and ideas started jumping around inside my brain. I actually have a few ideas for stories in my head right now – a couple that I came up with several months ago, and one that I came up with as I read this article. I doubt I’ll ever have the motivation to write any of them, but who knows? I might as well keep them up there in my noggin for if I ever want to use them. But anyways, with that said, I’m done. I do plenty of writing already with this blog of mine. But whatever. On life goes, as do I. Have a good one.

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