Mood Swings, Movies, and Mothers

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I am in a good mood. Don’t even ask me why, because I really don’t know. But I am. And hey, I can’t say that’s really a bad thing. I’ve been sort of down for a couple of days, and now it’s gone. You know, sometimes I wish my emotions and general moods would just sort of make up their minds instead of having a violent battle inside my head. Perhaps a peace treaty would be in order, with a proportionate share of happy days, sad days, angry days, disappointed days, and the like. Confusion would get a major portion of those days, however, since they account for approximately 80% of the population in my head. Sad, but true.

Anyways, I guess I should talk about the weekend. After all, I haven’t posted anything since Thursday. That’s pretty bad, considering all the time I really had to write stuff. However, as I said, I’ve been pretty down the past couple days for no apparent reason – that meant that I really just wasn’t up to writing stuff. Not stuff you’d really want to read, anyways. It’d be a bunch of stuff like, “Well, I don’t know why I’m sad, but I am, so I’m just going to list all the synonyms for the word ‘sad’ over and over until I fall asleep.” Just read some poetry written by an emo pre-teen kid, and you’ll get the picture. But anyways, even with that said, my weekend was not too shabby. I can’t say that it was the reason I was in a depressing mood. Apparently I was drinking it up with some Jack Daniels on Saturday night; at least that’s what my boss thinks I do, anyway. Last night at work, he asked me what I had done on my weekend, and I just said that I had hung out with my friends. He said something about, “Yeah, right, but when you say ‘hanging out,’ you really mean sitting back with a case of Jack Daniels and getting wasted, right?” I just sort of laughed, put my hands up and said, “Hey, whatever, if you don’t want to believe me, that’s fine, but I just hung out.” Man, it’s pretty pathetic when that’s the general view of an average teenager these days. It’s just assumed that we all drink, because apparently that’s the going craze – you know, filling your body with stuff that makes your liver quiver with fear, then doing stupid stuff and puking until you wake up the next day with a headache and don’t remember a thing. Sounds great! I love not being able to remember my favourite part of the week….

Anyways, let me go on and explain what really happened this weekend. It all began on Friday, when I worked from 6-9:30 PM. It was crazy-busy, but I managed to escape on time and get home – only to be called on my cell phone by Jordan. He said that people were over at Kristin’s house, and that I should come since I was in the area – she lives right by the Brantford Mall, after all. Unfortunately, he called about five minutes too late, since I was already at home by that time. But oh well – I at least had a chance to change and put on some deo to smell nice. Then I went over there, and we watched the Bourne Identity – a very good movie, for those of you who are so unfortunate to have not seen it. By the time it was over, it was somewhere aroung midnight, so people said their goodbyes, and, after stealing Bethany’s shoe, went home. Well, I gave her shoe back beforehand, because mine were more comfortable, but whatever.

Saturday was a little less exciting. I did some homework, played some guitar, and basically tried to do absolutely nothing of significance. I got a call somewhere around 7:00 PM that people were going over to Kristin’s house yet again to watch the Bourne Supremacy (the sequel to the first one, which is just as good, if not better than the first). So, I headed over there and watched the movie. Jeff and Angelie brought a guy named Nick, who I assume has gone to Central’s youth group before or something, and he brought a movie that he made with a bunch of his friends. It was pretty funny, but heavy on the language, so that made it less enjoyable. However, it was a lot funnier since I’ve seen most of the people in the movie from school – I haven’t talked to all of them really, but just having seen them before made it funnier. Anyways, after that, I was going to go home, but at the last minute, Jeff convinced me to go play Grounders with them over at the park. So Jeff, Nick, Angelie, and I went over to the park, and played Grounders on a really, really small jungle gym thing. It was pretty cold, though, so we eventually abandoned that. I went home, at around 11:00 PM and tried, for the most part unsuccessfully, to go to sleep. It seems to me that it’s always when you need to get up early the next morning that you get a case of acute insomnia. I’m sure there’s some mathematical formula for it somewhere.

The next morning, I woke up bright and early for worship practice at the church. Marlene, Pastor Jim’s wife, was leading worship, and so things were a little unstable due to the fact that she’s still not completely used to the songs that we know and are used to singing. That will only decrease with time, of course, but it was still a little unnerving for everyone on stage. I think it went not too badly, though, considering that fact. After church, my dad and I went with the Tozers and Zac to Red Lobster. Jordan gets a discount for up to seven people since he works there, so that was nice. Then, I headed off to work for 4-9:15 PM. I must say that I have never had such a long, boring shift. In total, I cleaned 14 theatres by myself, because the guy coming in after me never showed up. But that wasn’t what made it bad. It was the fact that I had to be there for two full showings of movies. In other words, there was plenty of time when I was just standing there doing nothing, because there was nothing to do. There were no movies going in, so I had no tickets to rip. There were no theatres to clean, because there weren’t any movies that had come out. It was so boring, especially during the second showing. I had already taken my break, and I had nothing to do. I had taken down matinee showtimes from the sign, I had put up stuff for Garfield 2, which has already been nominated for the worst movie ever even though it hasn’t come out yet, and I had asked Kait on concession if she needed help with anything at all. It was so boring. I had an hour to kill by basically just standing around, doing nothing. By the time I left there, I was ready to just fall over and pass out.

So anyways, besides Sunday night, I had a good weekend. Even though I didn’t get to go to the Hillsong United concert on Saturday night, I still made sure to go out and pick up their new CD and listen to it – I figured it was the next best thing. Other than that, there’s not much to say. I can’t wait until my mom gets back from Spain on Saturday. My dad and I have gone out almost every night this past week, and we’re running out of restaurants. We’ve visited Wendy’s, A&W’s, Swiss Chalet, Domino’s, Angel’s, Quizno’s, and Red Lobster. The only meal that we’ve eaten this week tha hasn’t been from a restaurant was on Saturday at lunch, when we explored the full extent of my dad’s cooking – hot dogs. In truth, he can make other stuff, but it’s not stuff you’d really want to eat. I trust his hot dogs, though, since they’re already pig guts to begin with. I guess you really understand what impact a person has on your life when they’re gone; my mother is a master chef compared to my father. She sort of keeps the house running, I suppose. After all, I can’t understand why the groceries my dad bought haven’t turned into cooked meals yet. It doesn’t make sense. He put them in the fridge and everything, but they’re still just sitting there. Strange…

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