Many, Many Random Occurrences

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Well, this long weekend has been alright, I suppose. It was sort of more up-and-down spiritually that normal, but I suppose that was just because of the whole Easter aspect of it. I don’t think I was further down than usual, but I was further up, which made it a whole lot further to fall. However, God and I are on good terms after His Son patched things up between us. That’s the best part of the whole thing.

Friday night, I went to a youth rally at Evangel. I picked up Julie, and then we went there. Eventually we met up with some Central folk, and the whole time was quite good. Jason Small spoke about playing games with God, the worship was good, and afterward we went out to McDonald’s. I’m not sure how I always get stuck with driving everyone home, but oh well. That’s what I did afterwards.

Saturday was fairly uneventful. I can’t even remember what I spent the majority of the day doing, but at night, I went to a worship practice for Sunday morning that Marleen wanted to have. Eventually she’ll get used to doing some of the songs we usually sing, and we’ll get used to singing some of the songs that she usually does. However, I can’t say that it was really all that exciting or anything. We basically just ran over the songs, most of which I knew, and then that was it.

Sunday was pretty cool. The service went well in the morning, and then my family and I went over to the Tozers’ house for lunch. I think the greatest part of holidays, spiritual meanings aside, has to be the huge meals that people always seem to have. I mean, whoever came up with the idea that food must be involved with every holiday has got to be a genius. I want to go back in time and hug him or her. Anyways, there was a bit of uncertainty as to what was happening Sunday night for Life Groups. Someone (I’m not sure whether it was Kim, or Scott, or even someone else) has decided to have worship with just an acoustic guitar up in the youth lounge when we have Life Groups. I remember that two weeks ago, I had a bit of a large head over the prospect of getting to play guitar for it – but we ended up not doing it anyways. This time, it was different, though.

It actually all started several days before Sunday; you see, there was also a party at Steph’s house Sunday night. I really wanted to go to that, since I haven’t seen some of the Central people in forever, and Steph’s house is pretty much the coolest place ever, since they seem to have space to do anything, and they even have a fire pit for bonfires. Unfortunately, I also had a pesky three-and-a-quarter hour shift from 8:45-12 that night. So I prayed about it. I said, “Hey, God, I really would like to go and be able to see my friends, so if it’s at all what You want me to do, please help me get rid of this shift. If You’d rather have me go to youth, though, that’s fine too. It’s Your call.” Then, I proceeded to go and try to switch the shift with someone. Unfortunately, though, with the Easter weekend and all, most of the people were busy that day, so I ended up not being able to find anyone who could take the shift. But that was alright – at least I could go to youth. So the next prayer I offered up was this: “God, I understand that being able to play guitar is not a gift of my own; You are the one who created me, and You are the one who gave me that ability. I understand that it’s not a matter of pride, then. However, You’ve also given me this ability for some reason, and I pray that You would allow me to use it. I just want to be able to use it for You, God.”

God’s a strange God. He likes to give you stuff that He knows is going to be thought of as a self-made ability, and then makes sure to frustrate your efforts to use it until you acknowledge that it’s from Him. But then again, once you end up using your gift for His glory, it’s a beautiful thing. I prayed that prayer in all honesty, and while I’m sure that somewhere in me there’s still some part that wants someone to say, “Hey, good job, you’re really good!” I’ve tried to make sure that it is in the minority. With that said, I found out Sunday afternoon that Jordan had to work, and that I was up for worship that night. Here was my chance! I picked out some songs to play, made sure they were printed up in the right key, and then headed over to the church. I also made sure to thank God for answering my prayer. In truth, I wouldn’t have blamed Him if He had made sure Jordan wasn’t working. That’s His prerogative, not mine. But all the same, I was glad that He had answered it the way He did.

Overall, Sunday night went pretty well, I think. I screwed up a few chords, but that was mainly because acoustic guitars just plain hurt my fingers. I guess I’m just used to using wimpy electric guitars, with their nice, soft strings. I also hit the middle fingernail on my strumming hand countless times against the strings, which doesn’t completely ruin the chord, but kind of hurts, and doesn’t make it sound all that great. Anyways, in spite of that, I was glad that I did not too badly, and I was that glad that, as I left, no one bothered to compliment me at all. Either it was worse than I thought, or it was just a welcome relief. I had better keep myself from getting a big head over it now that God went and gave me a chance at it. But anyways, I dropped the guitar back off at the Tozers’ house, since I had borrowed it from Jordan, and then went home, got ready for work, and then went there. It was more busy there than on a usual Sunday night, but still nowhere near what was expected. Oh well. I guess that made it easy for me.

Today has been kind of tiring. I worked from 11:45-5, and it picked up quite a bit. Again, it wasn’t super-busy, but it was steady enough to keep me on my toes. I got put on concession for a little while, but I think I ended up causing more trouble than help, really. First, the debit at my terminal stopped working, so had to put it through on Miranda’s terminal and get Mike to look at it. It was some message about not being able to connect to the server or something, but at the same time, the machine ran out of paper. So, thinking that was the problem, Mike went and put a new roll of paper in. However, that wasn’t it. The message came up again, and, in trying to delete the transaction to put it through on someone else’s terminal again, the computer froze. I got Mike to look at it again, and he rebooted it while I got the next person’s order, who was very intent on getting to her movie and not having to stand in line. While the computer was rebooted, a lady came over to me, leading a crying girl by the hand, and explained that she had lost the people that she came with. I directed her over to box office, where I assume they helped her. Finally, the computer stopped acting up, and I worked my butt off at concession for about another forty-five minutes.

Of course, once the lineups started dying down, I was out of that place as soon as possible. I hate working back at concession. I do it when I have to, but it’s definitely not my favourite place to be. But once I was out of there, I didn’t really have a chance to slow down. I then had to go back and catch up on my usher duties which I had set aside for the hour that I was on concession. Then I filled ice bins. Then Scott and I went and got more Tribute magazines. Then I went on break, before coming out and cleaning theatres. After that was another round of ripping tickets, then I was off to go change lightbulbs, which was a chore in itself. I had two lights to change, but they both used different types of lights. I found a replacement for the first one with no difficulty, but the other one used two small fluorescent bulbs which sort of plugged into special sockets. I went upstairs and picked up what I thought were the right bulbs, but they turned out to be too large. The problem was that there were no burnt-out bulbs in the one I had to put them. So, I took a look at another one of the lights which was working, and then went back upstairs to find the right bulbs. I picked up another one, which I was pretty sure was the right one, but it turned out not to fit either. So, I moved my ladder over, pulled out one of the working lights, went upstairs, only to find out that we didn’t have any of those bulbs in stock at all. Fifteen minutes of my life wasted searching for a non-existant bulb. Oh well.

I guess tonight should be nice and quiet. I hope nobody calls, and I hope I don’t have to do anything other than sit here. I might watch a movie or something, or I might sit and read a couple good online comics that I recently found. The problem with reading these things is that they’re always interesting when you read the archives. You just progress through the comics, one after another, and get into the whole storyline (if there happens to be one). However, once you get caught up to today’s comic, the whole thing goes downhill. Suddenly, you have to wait until the next day to see what will happen, and the whole thing goes at such a slower pace. After all, the archives are sometimes several years’ worth of comics, so you read perhaps a year or two of them in a sitting. After you get caught up, you read one a day. That’s all you can do. It’s boring. So I try to keep finding new ones that will keep me interested, while still keeping the other ones bookmarked to read once a day. Anyways, some of them are pretty funny, so I don’t mind too much. Besides, there are plenty of them out there that I haven’t found, so I can probably keep entertained indefinitely. But with that said, I think a little more entertainment is in order, so this entry is now officially done.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Bethany asked me to mention her in my blog for today. However, I’m not going to do that, since she told me she hasn’t read this in a long time. So there. Consider this as me not mentioning her.

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