Big Crowds, Brampton Chums, and Book Creations

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I’m not quite sure what to say today. Last night was strange. Fun, but strange. You see, we had Life Groups for youth, so we were up in the youth lounge. In that room, there are three couches, one of which is a corner couch (so it seats about five people comfortably), and one comfy chair. Last night, we had 24 kids, plus about 7 adults, crammed into this room. It was insane. It was an awesome turnout – God’s really been fixing us up, I think. Of course, it does help when Zac brings all his Burford friends, but even without them, we still would have had at least 15 or 16. That’s crazy. I remember when we struggled to get more than five or six people out. But anyways, Jordan and I did a bit of worship on two acoustic guitars; that went pretty well. I don’t think anyone but Jordan really knew the last song we did – including myself, but I managed to follow him pretty well. Then Adam Pearce spoke about what God had been teaching him about leadership recently. It was really good. God rocks.

Afterwards, people went to William’s for a little bit. I quickly realized that bringing 20+ people to William’s is not a good idea – there was no room for us at all. So then we went to Jordan’s house. I also quickly realized that his house is not quite fit for 20+ people. Of course, it didn’t really help that practically everyone was down in the basement. It was crammed. But anyways, I think everyone had a good time. The one big reason that made it good was the fact that all three of the Raddatz kids (the children of our new pastor) were there. They seem to have fit in quite easily with people here in Brantford; I’m not sure whether that’s because we’re so friendly, or because they’re just easy to get along with – perhaps it’s a combination of both. Anyways, John Mark, the oldest, seems to be pretty quiet. He doesn’t seem to talk much, but as far as I can tell, when he does, it’s something you’d want to listen to. He seems to be pretty strong in his faith. Geoff, the middle kid, is the wigger-type one. He listens to rap, and he generally tends to joke around a lot, at least from what I’ve seen. But of course, I don’t like him because he spells his name wrong. Last but not least, Jenelle, the youngest one, reminds me of her mother. You see, her mom plays piano, so I’ve done worship with her a few times. She talks – a lot. That’s not a bad thing, since it’s not like she’s talking about molecular quantum physics or anything. She doesn’t put people to sleep. She just talks a lot. And Jenelle seems to do the same, only with an added aspect of hyperness. That was perhaps the strangest part of the night. I played a game of pool with her, and she was really hyper. Really hyper. Of course, there are some differences between Brampton and Brantford, so all those differences were made apparent during that pool game and afterward. All I can say is that they’re going to have some adjusting to do. Heh.

Anyways, that was last night. All in all, it was good. The Raddatz family in general has basically seemed to fit in like puzzle pieces in our church, which is always good. They have their quirks, and as of right now it doesn’t seem to me like Pastor Jim is quite the right fit for our church, but I’m sure that it’s basically a case of differences – as we get to know the family, they’ll get to be more like the rest of us, and us more like them. It’s just how it always works. And of course, if it’s God’s will that they’re here, then it will occur with a minimum of hassle. If God has brought them here to help us as a church go to the next step in the process of going deeper with God, then he has uniquely shaped Pastor Jim, and indeed his whole family, as people that will be able to get along with the rest of us. After all, who follows a leader that they can’t get along with?

I would say that there was nothing more for me to write about. I guess for those who are only interested in the strange things that happen to me, then for all their purposes, this entry is done. But there is something else I must share, something that I’ve thought about for quite a while now – perhaps coming up on a month, or close to that anyways. In the past little while, I’ve been struggling a lot with my relationship with God. And as I read the gospel in my daily devotions, I’ve read about how Jesus always took time to rest, recollect His thoughts, and pray with His Father, who knew the path on which He was to travel. In other words, when struggling with an issue, it’s more important to hang on tight to God’s hand than it is to just make the right decision. When Jesus knew it was His time to be given into the hands of the Jews, He didn’t just go with Judas to be betrayed. Instead, He found a place to pray, and He did so until Judas came back. Even though He knew the decision to be made, He still consciously chose to seek His Father’s input so that, above all, that relationship would not be broken.

So I’m writing a book. It’s going to be a book about a guy on an island. I know that seems quite anticlimactic. “I need to keep a strong relationship with God, so I’m writing a book.” But hear me out. Writing, for me, helps me sort out my thoughts. It allows me to take the jumbled-up mess out of my head, spew it out on paper, and then sort it out, only putting it back into my brain once it’s all sorted out. It’s the reason I write down my thoughts when doing my devotions, and it’s the reason I use this blog. So, with that said, it’s not just going to be any book. It’s going to be a book that will not only hopefully help me, but also guide others through the same process and line of thinking. As far as I know right now, it’s going to be about a guy who becomes the only survivor of a shipwreck, and is stranded on a small island. Although there is enough on this island to survive, there isn’t much else to do but think – and write. And my hope is that, as I write this fictional story, that it won’t be so much fiction as placing myself on that island. I can’t just take a vacation and think things through. I wish I could, but it’s impossible with school, work, and other commitments. Then, once September comes, I’ll be whisked away to university, and there won’t be any chance to get away from it all there either. So my hope is that I will be able to at least remove myself from it all in my head while I rest and recollect my thoughts.

I guess I decided to put off saying anything about this because I doubted that I’d get it done. After all, my plan right now is to name it something like, “40 Days on an Island” – that’s unless I find some better name. But that means that I’m going to be writing about forty days in a diary sort of format. Considering that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten past about the second chapter in any story that I’ve written, it’s going to take some self-control to get through this. I also want to pace myself; I’m hoping that it will roughly take me about forty days to get through it – thus adding another parallel between myself and this fictional character. My thoughts become his thoughts, and my mistakes are his also. But anyways, so this is my new undertaking. Please forgive me if my blog entries become slightly less frequent – I hope the story won’t affect it in any way, but that might just not be the case. It depends on the amount of time I have to devote to writing each day. But anyways, that’s all I have to say. I just hope this works. Hey, I guess if it doesn’t work, it won’t be any different than every other half-finished story I’ve ever written. Meh.

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Big Ear Creations

Hey Jeff…it’s Dave Carrol again. good luck with the book. Your blog has inspired me to start my own

Just a word of encouragement… God’s got New Life in his hands and it’s wonderful that he’s directed Pastor Jim to bford. In your blog you said “After all, who follows a leader that they can’t get along with?” The answer… humble obedient people! Ha. I know you weren’t saying you don’t get along with him… but LOTS of times, God will give you leaders (that he intentionally puts in your life) that you don’t get along with. On purpose. In fact, he intentionally offends our minds to expose our flesh.

I would go as far as to say that your Pastor will likely be ruffling feathers to see who he can trust and who he can pour his life into. That will be of greater value than fitting into a church’s current way of doing things. Because to go somewhere you’ve never gone… you’ve got to do things you’ve never done.

Just my thoughts! Hey if you ever have a Tuesday night off… you should come by the big blue house and check out Revolution



Hmm, well alright, you got me there, I suppose. I was thinking of just the opposite – that God generally fits leaders and the people under them together so that the leader can lead them toward God. But now that you mention it, God also puts the leaders in our lives that force us to change our attitudes – again, leading us closer to God. So, I guess it really comes down to God’s good ol’ discretion in the matter. Fortunately, though, no matter what kind of leader comes into one’s life, if it’s someone that you can’t get along with, eventually, as your attitude changes, they’ll become someone that you can get along with anyways. Man, God’s got everything figured out…

But anyways, welcome to the “blogging world” – which is pretty much the same as the real world, except that people’s opinions tend to get voiced even more. I’m still not sure whether that’s a good thing or not…heh. But it looks like you’re off to a good start. Just don’t be like those people who write something like once every eight months. ‘Cause those are boring to read 😛

And perhaps I shall just have to go and check out this “Revolution.” But unfortunately I can’t tonight, I already have plans…but I will certainly keep it in mind 🙂 Peace out homie. Word.