Alarms and Admissions

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Well, today was certainly interesting. I can’t call it productive, but that’s okay, I suppose. It all started in Chemistry class. Mrs. Ham gave us some work to do, and then told us that she was going to the computer to add some stuff to our mark updates and such. She left the room, and then within about five seconds, the fire alarm went off. We all got up and went outside, and I think everyone basically just assumed it was another fire drill. However, we waited and waited, and still weren’t allowed back inside. Pretty soon, fire trucks showed up, so we knew it was for real. So we waited outside. Fortunately, it was pretty nice outside, not frigid winter temperatures or anything. But anyways, eventually the fire trucks left, and we were all let back inside, so it turned out to be a false alarm. However, it also wasted the better part of Chemistry class, which was good. The funniest part about it, though, was the fact that the construction guys working on the roof of the building were up there pretty much the whole time. I can just imagine them looking over the edge and saying, “Hey, look Frank. There’s a fire truck down there. And all the kids are outside. Must be one of those cool demonstrations that the fire department puts on. Better keep working, though.”

Anyways, lunch passed by, and then Data Management rolled around. We were in the computer lab today, and Mrs. Pickett was also away, so we had a substitute teacher who really could care less what we did. I got a bit of work done, but made sure not to try too hard to do so. After all, it’s always better to take an outrageous amount of time to do a small bit of work than it is to take the amount of time it actually needs. Man, that’s great. I should work in a union or something. But anyways, that was pretty much the day. As I said, it wasn’t a productive day, but it was a little out of the ordinary, at least.

Other than that, there’s not much else to say. I have to go into work tonight to do marquee, but that’s about it. I also got an email back from the University of Waterloo about trying to switch programs. Basically what they said to me was that I could decline my offer of admission from them, then reapply to the one I wanted to be in. I sat back and said to myself, “That’s all they’re offering me? That’s it?” I mean, that doesn’t sound very…safe. I can either keep the offer that I have now (plus my $2000 scholarship), or else decline it and hope I get in to the one I want. Of course, it’s already half-way through April, so my chances of getting in are more limited now. So what should I do? Well, I think I’m going to do what any smart person would do in a situation like this – ask my dad what to do. Hopefully he can reassure me on some course of action. Blech. I hate when I screw up things like this. Especially the important ones. But anyways, that’s all for now. Peace out.

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