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A Short Update

I really don’t have much to say today. Last night wasn’t too hard on me at all. I worked a three hour shift on concession, and it was a bit of a stretch considering that I haven’t opened since probably about mid-August when I was trained, but I did not too badly. It was really slow, so it wasn’t that hard.

I guess I really don’t have much to say because I’m kind of running low on sleep and on energy. I’m not really sure why. The past few days, I just haven’t been able to get to sleep until about 1:30 AM. It’s ridiculous, and I wish I knew why it was happening. So I guess I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything, including writing here. I have, however, been searching for an old game that I borrowed from my friend several years ago, Red Alert 2. I’ve searched several different stores, but since it came out like in 2001, it’s not really on the shelves anymore. Well, I did find it in a set with 11 other games put out by the same company, but I don’t really want to spend $40 on that when I only really want one of the games. It’s frustrating, and I don’t know where else to look. Oh well, I’ll just keep searching……

Big Crowds, Brampton Chums, and Book Creations

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I’m not quite sure what to say today. Last night was strange. Fun, but strange. You see, we had Life Groups for youth, so we were up in the youth lounge. In that room, there are three couches, one of which is a corner couch (so it seats about five people comfortably), and one comfy chair. Last night, we had 24 kids, plus about 7 adults, crammed into this room. It was insane. It was an awesome turnout – God’s really been fixing us up, I think. Of course, it does help when Zac brings all his Burford friends, but even without them, we still would have had at least 15 or 16. That’s crazy. I remember when we struggled to get more than five or six people out. But anyways, Jordan and I did a bit of worship on two acoustic guitars; that went pretty well. I don’t think anyone but Jordan really knew the last song we did – including myself, but I managed to follow him pretty well. Then Adam Pearce spoke about what God had been teaching him about leadership recently. It was really good. God rocks.

Afterwards, people went to William’s for a little bit. I quickly realized that bringing 20+ people to William’s is not a good idea – there was no room for us at all. So then we went to Jordan’s house. I also quickly realized that his house is not quite fit for 20+ people. Of course, it didn’t really help…Continue Reading

The Never-Ending Game

For some reason, life has been incredibly uninteresting lately. It’s almost to the point of being depressing, but not quite. It’s more of a “ho-hum, here’s another boring day where nothing of interest is going to happen” thing. I suppose these sorts of days are the days where it’s up to the individual to come up with something creative and interesting for themselves. So far, then, I guess I’ve been unsuccessful.

Mind you, last night was alright. I met at the church at 4:00 PM, and then a whole bunch of people and myself all got onto a bus to drive up to Toronto for a Jays game. On the way up, I sat by Jon, Rich, Jordan, and Anita, and basically it consisted of Rich telling really horrible jokes and then the rest of us making fun of the Dutch (except for Anita, since she’s Dutch too). It was alright. When we got there, the game was just about to start, so we got our seats and proceeded to not watch the game because of the people in front of us. Mind you, they were pretty good seats – down on the 100 level on the 3rd base foul line – but still, I think it ended up being more entertaining watching the people in front of us. At first, it was a bunch of guys who had somehow got down to the 100 level, even though I think they had tickets for the 500 level. Hmm. Oh well.…Continue Reading

Movies and Money (and Mcguinty!)

There ain’t too much to say today. Last night was pretty boring, since I worked from 6-12. It wasn’t very busy, as I expected, and there was plenty of downtime where I really just had nothing to do. I did set a new personal record, though – I cleaned six theatres, and only used one garbage bag. Honestly, that’s the first time I’ve ever done that – that’s how few people were there. But anyways, that’s about all there is to say about last night, except for how a dude who I haven’t seen in probably over a year now came in. His name is Rory, and we worked together at Quizno’s. He was pretty cool, and he quit about the same time I did. I hadn’t seen him since until last night. That was pretty cool. It was pretty much the highlight of the night – which, in retrospect, is pretty pathetic, I suppose. Oh well. At least there were no alien invasions, terrorist attacks, or fire alarms. I’d much rather be bored than have those things happen.

I guess that’s really all I have to say for today. After school today, I drove over to the bank and deposited a cheque for $100 from the government. It was pretty sweet, I thought. I mean, it’s basically free money just for filing an income tax return. It was due to some sort of Ontario tax credits, which I don’t really understand at all. All I know and care about…Continue Reading

Many, Many Random Occurrences

Well, this long weekend has been alright, I suppose. It was sort of more up-and-down spiritually that normal, but I suppose that was just because of the whole Easter aspect of it. I don’t think I was further down than usual, but I was further up, which made it a whole lot further to fall. However, God and I are on good terms after His Son patched things up between us. That’s the best part of the whole thing.

Friday night, I went to a youth rally at Evangel. I picked up Julie, and then we went there. Eventually we met up with some Central folk, and the whole time was quite good. Jason Small spoke about playing games with God, the worship was good, and afterward we went out to McDonald’s. I’m not sure how I always get stuck with driving everyone home, but oh well. That’s what I did afterwards.

Saturday was fairly uneventful. I can’t even remember what I spent the majority of the day doing, but at night, I went to a worship practice for Sunday morning that Marleen wanted to have. Eventually she’ll get used to doing some of the songs we usually sing, and we’ll get used to singing some of the songs that she usually does. However, I can’t say that it was really all that exciting or anything. We basically just ran over the songs, most of which I knew, and then that was it.

Sunday was pretty cool. The service went…Continue Reading

The Best Friday of All

TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday. Today of all days, it’s a day to thank Him for this Good Friday that we celebrate. On this very day, almost two thousand years ago, the Saviour of the world died. On this day, He took all the sins of the world upon Himself. Suffering under the cruel whip, the spiteful insults, and the rugged cross, the most influential and important man that has ever lived, died. His pain was immense, yet He endured it for the good of us all.

Often, famous and important people are remembered for their death. We have Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and anyone who was alive at that time remembers where they were when John F. Kennedy died. The Buddhists keep in remembrance the day that their founder died, and in Canada and across the world, Remembrance Day is celebrated to keep in mind those who laid their lives down in the war. In all these cases, there is the opportunity to have a physical reminder as well. People can go and visit the graves of those they love, and the tombstone forever commemorates their existence.

Praise God that this is not the case with Jesus Christ! Today, we remember the price that Jesus paid on the cross, a price that cost Him His life. However, how sad and unfortunate it would be if that were the end. Our faith would be meaningless, nothing more than a commemoration of a good teacher. But that is not…Continue Reading

Alarms and Admissions

Well, today was certainly interesting. I can’t call it productive, but that’s okay, I suppose. It all started in Chemistry class. Mrs. Ham gave us some work to do, and then told us that she was going to the computer to add some stuff to our mark updates and such. She left the room, and then within about five seconds, the fire alarm went off. We all got up and went outside, and I think everyone basically just assumed it was another fire drill. However, we waited and waited, and still weren’t allowed back inside. Pretty soon, fire trucks showed up, so we knew it was for real. So we waited outside. Fortunately, it was pretty nice outside, not frigid winter temperatures or anything. But anyways, eventually the fire trucks left, and we were all let back inside, so it turned out to be a false alarm. However, it also wasted the better part of Chemistry class, which was good. The funniest part about it, though, was the fact that the construction guys working on the roof of the building were up there pretty much the whole time. I can just imagine them looking over the edge and saying, “Hey, look Frank. There’s a fire truck down there. And all the kids are outside. Must be one of those cool demonstrations that the fire department puts on. Better keep working, though.”

Anyways, lunch passed by, and then Data Management rolled around. We were in the computer lab today, and Mrs.…Continue Reading