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I don’t have much to say today. Right now I’m in quite a sombre mood, after reading Matthew 27, the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. After reading that, nothing much else matters. But I’ll still give just a brief overview of some of the events of last night and today.

Last night was weird. I wasn’t looking forward to changing the sign outside, but I really couldn’t have asked for a better snowy night. Like, I mean, I’d much rather have done it on a nice, warm night, but for having snow, it really was great. There were some nice snowbanks around the sign from the parking lot being plowed out and such, but it wasn’t too hard to find a nice, firm place to put the ladder so I didn’t tip over and fall into the nice fluffy snow. It also wasn’t windy, which was good. The worst part of the night, actually, was all the extra stuff I had to do. We had a couple new promotions starting, so I had to find places to put up posters and stuff, and take down the old stuff. It wasn’t difficult stuff, of course, just extra work. So I only got off about 10 minutes early rather than the hour early that I normally get off at. Oh darn.

Today was pretty normal. Jordan threw a few fries at me because of the whole locker incident, but whatever. We put up a birthday sign at lunch, but never saw the guy whose locker it was on. Oh well. That’s about all I have to say today. I have so many loose ends to tie up right now, just all over the place. None of them are really that important or urgent, but they still have to get done sometime, so right now I have to find some time to do them. Whatever. I think I’m done for today. Adios amigos.

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