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McMaster Musings

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, guys. I’ve been having a busy weekend, and any times that aren’t busy, I’m too tired to do much of anything. Lately my energy has just been completely drained, and I’m really not sure why. But oh well. I shall survive.

The past few days have seen me going over to people’s houses and such, but the major part of my March Break was really the university tours that I went to. Yesterday was McMaster’s tour, and it was not as informative as I would have liked. I really preferred Waterloo’s tour much better, because it was more organized, and really had valuable information specific to the faculties and programs that I was interested in. In the Arts building, they had sessions about each of the majors, so I sat in on the Pyschology one and learned a lot. With McMaster’s tour, there was just a general Social Sciences tour, so we visited places such as the archaeology lab and a computer lab and such. I mean, that would be all fine and dandy if I were actually interested in Archaeology, but one of the things the guide mentioned was that Psychology was actually their most popular first-year program. So, uh, why didn’t they mention one word about it after that? It confused me. For some reason, we didn’t see anything about psychology, nor did we even enter the Psychology building. I was quite disappointed, as it was much less informative as I…Continue Reading

Waterloo Woes

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Yesterday was an interesting, yet tiring day. My alarm went off at 6:30 AM, and I woke up and got ready for a busy day. My dad and I left the house at 7:30 AM to head up to Waterloo, to visit the University of Waterloo for their Campus Day. The first overwhelming thought that came into my head as we arrived was, “Look at all these Asians.” Heh. There were just a lot of them, and most seemed to be there for the same reason as me.

I won’t get into all the details of the day, but suffice it to say, the weather was less than pleasing. I had wanted to go on a campus tour, but with blowing wind that made it feel like about minus 10, plus a bit of snow every once in a while, that idea was out. I did, however, get plenty of good information about the university, campus life, and their psychology program. We also toured one of the university colleges, St. Jerome’s. The first thing both my dad and I thought as we went to the residence area was, “This looks so much like Tyndale!” It really did. Since my sister goes there, I’ve been able to see the residence there, and this was the same – even down to the Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling in the hallway. Anyways, it looked pretty nice, and the student giving us a tour was pretty cool, as well, so it was quite…Continue Reading

Oscars and Odd Dreams

Wow, I haven’t updated this thing since Wednesday. My, how time flies. Well, to be honest, I didn’t have much to talk about, so it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t clutter this up with needless words like I usually do. But let’s see – surely with three days that have gone by, I can come up with something to talk about, can’t I?

The answer to that is yes. Last night was the Oscars party at Central, and that was pretty sweet, I must say. There were plenty of awards handed out, but unfortunately many of the people nominated weren’t even there. Several were sick, and I’m not sure about the others. But whatever. We made do with who we had, and I walked away with three awards: Funniest Person, Most Sincere, and a tie with Jordan for Best Dressed Male. Each winner got a chocolate bar from a basket. It was pretty sweet. Of course, at the end, I realized that Caleb didn’t win anything, so I gave him one of mine. He didn’t want to take it, but I’m like, “Man, it’s chocolate. You can’t turn down chocolate.”

The highlight of the night was, of course, my magic show. I had previously been asked to do a skit for one of the intermissions, and I had written it all up, but that fell apart. Jordan called me up on Friday and told me that he was deathly ill and likely wouldn’t be there, which slightly threw…Continue Reading

Boring Boredom

This won’t be a long entry, just because I’m a little pressed for time – I work from 6-9 tonight. That should be alright – it can’t be too fun, because it’s basically just three hours of moving boxes around, being a stock/floor shift. Oh well, I suppose it’s a workout anyway. Maybe I’ll enter myself in one of those bodybuilder shows; I’ll just have to be in the featherweight division, that’s all.

Today was pretty much one of the most boring days I’ve ever had. Ever. Like, this went past just boring right into mundanely dull. Chemistry class was basically just review, and nothing interesting really happened. At lunchtime, Kristin and I did nothing, because we went to Jordan’s locker, and he wasn’t there – he had gone home sick. So it was boring, because we had nothing to do and no one to talk to except for those boring girls, Jess and Jaimie. Well, okay, they’re not boring, but they’re also not as interesting as Jordan. So anyways, right after that was a third period spare. Kristin and I went into the library and studied for the tests we had next period. Well, she tried to study and I interrupted her every thirty seconds with something else to talk about. I was just so bored, and I couldn’t study at all. I mean, how does a textbook talk for so long about stupid bar graphs? It’s ridiculous.

After a depressingly boring day, it was almost torture to have…Continue Reading

Haircuts, Ideas, Jargon, and Koreans

I don’t have much to say today, really. I tried blogging earlier today, but there was some sort of error. It seems to have been fixed, so here I am. I guess I’ll just run through last night and today, which seems to be my regular type of entry. You’d think I might be good at it by now.

Last night, I went to the church for worship practice. And basically, it was a waste of a worship practice, but not a waste of time. You see, we never ended up practicing. Julie is still down for the count with some sort of sickness; they’re still not sure whether it’s mono or tonsilitis. I think those were the two options, anyways. Jordan also never showed up, because it’s quite hard to play guitar with a dislocated thumb. Well, I mean, it’s not dislocated anymore, but it still hurts apparently. So basically, it was Kyle, Lawrence, and me there, plus John Mark, the sound dude. We got our instruments set up, but basically spent about two hours talking about anything and everything. Along the way, we talked somewhat about ways to improve the youth group, and also came up with a great idea for another coffeehouse-type thing. I’ll be sure to talk about it a lot more if the plan starts to go through. So anyways, we never ended up practicing, since it would have been hard with just the three of us anyways, but we did get a lot accomplished…Continue Reading

Busy Nights and Black Junk

Last night was pretty busy. I worked from 6-12, and I had approximately zero time to take a break. Well, okay, I took a fifteen minute break, but I’m pretty sure I was legally entitled to a thirty minute break. But oh well. I’d rather just get stuff done and get out on time than take a nice, long break, and get out late because of it. I mean, 12:00 midnight is late enough. I got home and went to bed, but didn’t get to sleep for about another hour after that.

Speaking of sleep, it was cut short because of worship practice in the morning. I think I got about six hours of sleep, so it wasn’t pretty. But oh well. It’s all in a day’s work, I suppose. I’ll just have to take an extra long sleep tonight or something. Something like that, anyway. This morning’s service was pretty good, I suppose. I can’t say much for the song selection, since they almost put me to sleep as I was standing on stage playing my bass, but oh well. We all have different tastes, and hymns just aren’t mine. That’s no reason to discount them and the words they contain, because some of them are awesome in that regard. But anyways, now I’m just sort of sitting here killing time until tonight. We have Life Groups tonight, and Kyle and Justine are speaking about the media and such. It should be good stuff.

I haven’t really written about…Continue Reading

Friday Fiesta and Saturday Sales

Last night was great. We had our Mexican Fiesta at our church, and it was fun stuff. There was a taco salad and more taco stuff, plus Mexican music in the background. We also had bull/mule races, where one person got on top of another person on all fours on the ground, and then ran down the hallway. It got pretty violent, but I must say that Kyle Giancola and I came out victorious. There was also a pinata, which was pretty awesome. Benton went at it and ended up breaking the broomstick we were using. Then finally it broke open, and there was a mad scramble for all the candy. Jordan ended up eating like 20 pieces of Dubble Bubble gum all at the same time, and he had this huge wad of gum. It was pretty gross. So we took it outside and blew it up with one of Jon’s highly legal bottle rockets. Pieces of gum went flying everywhere, and all you could smell was burning bubble gum mixed with sulfur. It was pretty gross. We spent some time launching some other firecrackers and stuff, and finally I just went home. Most of the people were gone by that point, and I was tired. Still, Mexican Fiesta = success.

Today, I’ve been up to a bunch of different things. Last night I tried out a new mattress that my parents got for me. My old one is pretty worn out and uncomfortable, but this new one is…Continue Reading