Movie Madness

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It’s been movie madness the past few days! Yes, that’s exactly what it’s been. What is movie madness, you ask? Well, it’s basically watching a whole ton of movies until your eyes fall out of your sockets. And the exact number of movies needed to watch before that happens is, in my case, two. Yes, a grand total of two. Right now, I can feel my eyes just quivering on the edge of my sockets, waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump.

Please ignore that last sentence. That was just…weird. Anyways, Tuesday night, Kristin and I went to go see Inside Man. Jordan wanted to go, but his mom wouldn’t let him, etc. etc. So instead, I suggested that we go see the movie, then head to his house afterwards and hang out. That was fine with Jordan, but he said that his mom would probably want us out of the house by like 9:30 or so. That was fine, since the movie was done at 8:30, right? That’s what I thought. Anyways, I got both of us in for free, with a minimum of “girlfriend” jokes and such from my fellow coworkers, and we proceeded into the largest theatre there, with a grand total of probably about twenty people inside. It was pretty pathetic. Then again, it was a Tuesday night. Nobody comes to the movies on Tuesdays.

I must say, I was quite impressed with the movie. There was plenty of foul language, which was a disappointment, but I suppose it’s kind of understandable when it’s about a bunch of bank robbers that take people hostage and stuff. It might not be the most pleasant, but the fact is that plenty of people would utter some foul words when a gun is pointed in their face. Anyways, with that aside, the plot was great. It was a tad confusing right at the end, but I think I got it sorted out in my head. The great part, though, was that these guys went in to rob the bank, and then when the police go in and storm the building, they release all the hostages and seemingly disappear. It’s great. All the money is left intact, none of the hostages are harmed, and there doesn’t even seem to be a trace of the robbers. The main detective/negotiator guy is eventually told to just drop it – since there apparently doesn’t seem to be a crime that was committed. But anyways, let’s just say it was a good movie, because in the end, the true bad guys get caught.

After the movie, Kristin and I headed over to Jordan’s house, who apparently wasn’t expecting us anymore since it was like 8:45 when we got there. It was slightly awkward, because he opened the door and was just like, “Oh. You actually came?” It was weird. Anyways, we hung out for a while outside, and although there were plenty of awkward silences, I’d say it was an hour not entirely wasted. Just remind me never to hang out with people that I see every single day. Anyways, afterwards, I drove Kristin home, and then went home myself. It was, I suppose, a much better way to spend a Tuesday night than sitting at home doing nothing. And besides, I got to see a great movie. It was well worth what I paid for it, or more. Of course, any movie is worth what I pay to go see movies there, since I get in free. But whatever.

The next part of this movie madness came yesterday. It was certainly an unusual day. Because of the Grade 10 literacy test going on, everyone who was not in Grade 10 got the morning off. On top of that, I had a third period spare that day, and the classes were shortened. So basically, I had to come to school for an hour, from 2:10 to 3:10. It was pretty ridiculous. But let me back up. I woke up at a bright and early 8:20 AM, not by my choice, but because my body likes to torture me by waking me up at unruly hours, especially on those days when I don’t have any set time when I have to wake up. So anyways, I stayed in bed for a little bit, trying to get back to sleep, and then eventually gave up. So I got up and got ready for the day. At about 10:00 AM or so, I drove over to the Bulk Barn and got some candy for the video scavenger hunt (which is going on this Friday), and then went to Wal-Mart to look for a DVD to buy. I was either wanting to by X-Men 1 or Catch Me if You Can. I figured I would decide based on which one they had available. I searched and searched, and eventually found that Wal-Mart seemed to have neither. So I decided to head over to Future Shop and use up that gift card I got a couple months back. They didn’t seem to have X-Men 1 either, so I bought Catch Me if You Can and went home.

So I spent most of my day on Wednesday watching a movie. I must say, it’s a great movie. It’s all about a sixteen-year-old boy who runs away from home and makes his living by forging cheques and becoming, in essence, a con-man. He starts off by making fake Pan-Am cheques, eventually gets a pilot’s uniform, and even gets to the point where he can cash his cheques in at the airport without them figuring out that they’re fake. It’s great. Then he goes on to become a doctor – simply by forging a certificate from Harvard, and then watching a whole bunch of medical videos to try and learn the lingo. He gets a job on the night shift, so there isn’t much for him to actually do. Then, he becomes a lawyer. It’s a great movie, because the FBI are after him for such a long time. Eventually, though, he gets lonely, and just doesn’t want to keep running anymore. In the end, he gets caught, but eventually is let out in order to take a job at the FBI in the financial crimes division. The great part of this movie, though, is the fact that it’s based on a true story. Of course, every movie seems to be nowadays, but this guy was a real person, and he really did all this stuff. It’s really quite a psychological movie, not in the fact that it leaves you trying to think it through, but more in the way it takes you into the mind of this guy who’s running from anything and everything – and he’s just a kid. He’s scared, and when he goes to his dad and asks him to tell him to stop, his dad says, “You can’t stop.” It’s really a great movie.

That’s really all I have to say today. Today was fairly normal, except for one great detail. Today I went to school in just a t-shirt. Oh yes, what a great thought. It truly is spring, and I love the weather. It’s going to be a great night to change the sign outside tonight. I guess that’s really the continuation of this “movie madness” – not because I’m watching a movie, but because I’m working at a movie theatre. Then again, I work at that place quite often. So never mind. Actually, just never mind with this whole movie madness thing. When I decide to sit and watch through all six Star Wars movies, in order, then I’ll come and write about it – and then I’ll call it movie madness. But anyways, I think that’s everything for today. Word. Peace out homie.

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