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Sorry about the lack of updates recently, guys. I’ve been having a busy weekend, and any times that aren’t busy, I’m too tired to do much of anything. Lately my energy has just been completely drained, and I’m really not sure why. But oh well. I shall survive.

The past few days have seen me going over to people’s houses and such, but the major part of my March Break was really the university tours that I went to. Yesterday was McMaster’s tour, and it was not as informative as I would have liked. I really preferred Waterloo’s tour much better, because it was more organized, and really had valuable information specific to the faculties and programs that I was interested in. In the Arts building, they had sessions about each of the majors, so I sat in on the Pyschology one and learned a lot. With McMaster’s tour, there was just a general Social Sciences tour, so we visited places such as the archaeology lab and a computer lab and such. I mean, that would be all fine and dandy if I were actually interested in Archaeology, but one of the things the guide mentioned was that Psychology was actually their most popular first-year program. So, uh, why didn’t they mention one word about it after that? It confused me. For some reason, we didn’t see anything about psychology, nor did we even enter the Psychology building. I was quite disappointed, as it was much less informative as I had expected it to be.

Overall, however, the day went quite well. My parents and I went on a campus tour, which was much more interesting than the Social Sciences tour. We saw many of the residences from the outside, as well as viewing a few rooms on the inside, too. There was also an Admissions Update Session which outlined some of the requirements, dates of admission offers, and scholarship information. Most of the stuff either didn’t apply to me, since I had already been accepted, or I already knew it, but there were a few things that were important to know. The unfortunate thing was that their co-op program was also barely mentioned. I think perhaps the word came up once or twice throughout the whole day; there definitely isn’t the same emphasis on it as there is at Waterloo. That was disappointing, because I was interested to see how they structured their co-op program relative to Waterloo’s program.

That isn’t to say that the entire day was full of disappointment. I learned plenty of things about the school, as well as student life on the campus and such. But now it’s decision time. While the information is fairly fresh in my memory, I need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of both universities and figure out which is the right one for me. I trust that God will speak to me throughout the process and guide my thoughts to help me make the right decision. Further on down the road, I’ll have to determine whether I should take the co-op program or not, but that can come later. For now, the issue is which university is best. And I’m hoping that in the near future, one of the universities will completely burn to the ground to make my decision a whole lot easier. Nah, I’m just joking. But not really.

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