Inductions and Internet Ideologies

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The last few days of silence have been given to you graciously, for your sake. I really had nothing of interest to say, and so I spared you having to read another entry like the previous one. The past couple of days, all I’ve really done is worked – I haven’t hung out with friends or anything like that, though I certainly wanted to. My shifts are just at the worst possible time for a social life, really. But oh well. I’ll just book next weekend off or something.

Even though I decided to post something, I really still don’t have much to say. This morning, our new pastor officially came and was inducted, or whatever you call it. My dad said “induced” this morning, but I highly doubt that’s the right term. Something about Pastor Jim having a baby doesn’t seem right. But anyways, that was pretty cool. Their kids seem to be fitting in pretty well and stuff, and as far as I know, Geoff is going to be playing guitar tonight for youth, and Jenelle is playing piano. That’s because Jordan has to work, and Julie is at some horse show or something. But hey, might as well get the new kids straight down to work, right? Things should be pretty interesting for the next little while as we get used to the new pastor. I’ll have to make sure to keep everyone updated – though I really have no clue if anyone reads this anymore.

That really is the strangest part about writing about my life on the Internet. I mean, yes, it’s kind of like ripping myself open and displaying the contents of my innards to everyone, but it’s also kind of strange when random strangers read it. Or every once in a while, one of my friends will just bring up some passing comment about something they read here, and it just makes for an awkward conversation. I try to steer clear of talking about this. I don’t really know why. I mean, I post details about my life for all to see, and yet I don’t like talking about my blog to someone? I don’t know. I guess I’ve just really never expected anyone to read it. I mean, if you do, that’s great, and that’s the point of having a blog, I suppose. But I’ve never really tried to cater to anyone who I know reads it, and I never expect a large audience. I write because I need to write, and I need to sort things out in my brain. The only problem with that is that there’s not much room to sort things out in my brain, so I need to take it out of my brain, sort it out on paper, or on a computer, or whatever’s handy, and then I can put it back into my brain all rearranged and in its proper order. It’s really just a mental exercise for me. I’m not sure whether that makes for interesting reading or not, but oh well. Nobody’s forcing you to read it anyways.

I suppose that’s all for today. I could go on about some other minor issues, but I really don’t feel like that right now. I don’t really feel like doing much of anything, actually. My Physics course is sitting right beside me here, and I doubt I’ll even open it. I really am starting to consider just dropping it right now. After all, I have a paper on centrifuges to write about – those things that scientists use to separate substances like blood into the components of different masses. Man, it’s like the most boring topic to talk about, but the only other option is a paper on accident reconstruction specialists. That’s more interesting, but also much harder to find information on. So whatever. I might finish it. I might not. I realized last night that even if I get a horrible mark on Physics, it still won’t have any effect on my admissions average. That was a reassuring thought. But meh. I’m done for today. Over and out.

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