Friday Fiesta and Saturday Sales

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Last night was great. We had our Mexican Fiesta at our church, and it was fun stuff. There was a taco salad and more taco stuff, plus Mexican music in the background. We also had bull/mule races, where one person got on top of another person on all fours on the ground, and then ran down the hallway. It got pretty violent, but I must say that Kyle Giancola and I came out victorious. There was also a pinata, which was pretty awesome. Benton went at it and ended up breaking the broomstick we were using. Then finally it broke open, and there was a mad scramble for all the candy. Jordan ended up eating like 20 pieces of Dubble Bubble gum all at the same time, and he had this huge wad of gum. It was pretty gross. So we took it outside and blew it up with one of Jon’s highly legal bottle rockets. Pieces of gum went flying everywhere, and all you could smell was burning bubble gum mixed with sulfur. It was pretty gross. We spent some time launching some other firecrackers and stuff, and finally I just went home. Most of the people were gone by that point, and I was tired. Still, Mexican Fiesta = success.

Today, I’ve been up to a bunch of different things. Last night I tried out a new mattress that my parents got for me. My old one is pretty worn out and uncomfortable, but this new one is thicker, and it’s weird. It’s also pretty firm, and I’m not sure I like it. But whatever, I’ll try it for a little while and see if I like it or not. Whatever. I enjoyed sleeping in until about 9:30 AM, and then I woke up and did a few random things. I wrote up the skit that I agreed to do for Central’s Oscars party, and then after lunch I went to Wal-Mart and took back the two pairs of pants that I bought there last week. They were a bit too big, and they were pleated so they looked kind of weird – I didn’t realize they were pleated pants when I bought them, or else I wouldn’t have. But whatever. I looked around there for some other pants, but I didn’t really see any other ones that I liked, so I left. I then went to the Gospel Lighthouse and bought a Chris Tomlin CD. The lady at the desk also gave me a free CD called Spring Fever ’06, which is basically a collection of songs from a bunch of Christian artists. It’s not bad. I’m listening to it right now actually. I would be listening to Chris Tomlin, except it’s one of those CDs that won’t play in computers. Ugh. I hate when they do that.

Anyways, after the Gospel Lighthouse, I realized that the car was really low on gas, so I filled it up, and then went over to Value Village. I decided I hadn’t been there in a while, so I went in to see what kind of shirts I could get there. I found three that I liked, one of which has a Lexus logo on the front. That just stuck out to me, and I had to buy it. There are some pretty nasty shirts there, though. I considered buying one of them just for a rainy day when I’m in a weird mood or something, but I restrained myself. I’ve been spending quite a bit of money lately – a lot of money for me, that is. I’m normally the guy who doesn’t spend a cent on anything, but I figure I need new clothes, and having new CDs is always cool. So whatever. My bank account is still steadily going up, so it’s not like I’m completely blowing each paycheck as I get it or anything. But meh. Anyways, I’m done for today. So, yeah. That’s it. You can go now. You don’t have to keep reading. This is the end. Bye-bye. Have a good one.

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