Boring Boredom

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This won’t be a long entry, just because I’m a little pressed for time – I work from 6-9 tonight. That should be alright – it can’t be too fun, because it’s basically just three hours of moving boxes around, being a stock/floor shift. Oh well, I suppose it’s a workout anyway. Maybe I’ll enter myself in one of those bodybuilder shows; I’ll just have to be in the featherweight division, that’s all.

Today was pretty much one of the most boring days I’ve ever had. Ever. Like, this went past just boring right into mundanely dull. Chemistry class was basically just review, and nothing interesting really happened. At lunchtime, Kristin and I did nothing, because we went to Jordan’s locker, and he wasn’t there – he had gone home sick. So it was boring, because we had nothing to do and no one to talk to except for those boring girls, Jess and Jaimie. Well, okay, they’re not boring, but they’re also not as interesting as Jordan. So anyways, right after that was a third period spare. Kristin and I went into the library and studied for the tests we had next period. Well, she tried to study and I interrupted her every thirty seconds with something else to talk about. I was just so bored, and I couldn’t study at all. I mean, how does a textbook talk for so long about stupid bar graphs? It’s ridiculous.

After a depressingly boring day, it was almost torture to have to walk into the Data Management class, a place where excitement runs and tries to hide from the boredom that hunts it down and kills it. We had a test, as I mentioned, and I’m sure I aced it, because it was stupidly simple. After that, it was just one long, boring bus ride home, and here I am. Blah. Hopefully, somehow, work will be interesting tonight. If not, I’m just going to come home and go straight to bed. ‘Cause I know it won’t get any more interesting after that. So anyways, bye.

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