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Movie Madness

It’s been movie madness the past few days! Yes, that’s exactly what it’s been. What is movie madness, you ask? Well, it’s basically watching a whole ton of movies until your eyes fall out of your sockets. And the exact number of movies needed to watch before that happens is, in my case, two. Yes, a grand total of two. Right now, I can feel my eyes just quivering on the edge of my sockets, waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump.

Please ignore that last sentence. That was just…weird. Anyways, Tuesday night, Kristin and I went to go see Inside Man. Jordan wanted to go, but his mom wouldn’t let him, etc. etc. So instead, I suggested that we go see the movie, then head to his house afterwards and hang out. That was fine with Jordan, but he said that his mom would probably want us out of the house by like 9:30 or so. That was fine, since the movie was done at 8:30, right? That’s what I thought. Anyways, I got both of us in for free, with a minimum of “girlfriend” jokes and such from my fellow coworkers, and we proceeded into the largest theatre there, with a grand total of probably about twenty people inside. It was pretty pathetic. Then again, it was a Tuesday night. Nobody comes to the movies on Tuesdays.

I must say, I was quite impressed with the movie. There was plenty of foul language, which was a disappointment, but…Continue Reading

Various Things that Don’t Lend Well to Alliteration

It’s been a fairly dull couple of days. My posts have become much less frequent lately. I’m not quite sure why. I mean, for one thing, I don’t really have much of interest to talk about, but that didn’t stop me before. I suppose it’s partially also the fact that I just don’t really feel like writing. I don’t know why. I can’t say that I know that much about how my own mind works. Things just sort of happen, and I go through different phases. Whether this is a temporary thing or not is yet to be determined, but it also doesn’t help that I’m at the part of school where things just sort of drag along. The classes aren’t new anymore, March Break is over, and now it’s the long stretch until Easter and then eventually to the end of the year. What a thought to look forward to. Yay.

I should probably highlight the topics of most interest now, or else this would be an incredibly dull entry. So let me start off by saying something that really isn’t of any importance, but still out of the ordinary. Sometime on Saturday night, while I was at work, soembody threw an egg at my window. I found it Sunday morning when I pulled up my blind and saw gooey yellow substance on my screen. Of course, the result of this was a gooey mess, as well as eggshell all over the roof directly underneath my window. However, it…Continue Reading

Inductions and Internet Ideologies

The last few days of silence have been given to you graciously, for your sake. I really had nothing of interest to say, and so I spared you having to read another entry like the previous one. The past couple of days, all I’ve really done is worked – I haven’t hung out with friends or anything like that, though I certainly wanted to. My shifts are just at the worst possible time for a social life, really. But oh well. I’ll just book next weekend off or something.

Even though I decided to post something, I really still don’t have much to say. This morning, our new pastor officially came and was inducted, or whatever you call it. My dad said “induced” this morning, but I highly doubt that’s the right term. Something about Pastor Jim having a baby doesn’t seem right. But anyways, that was pretty cool. Their kids seem to be fitting in pretty well and stuff, and as far as I know, Geoff is going to be playing guitar tonight for youth, and Jenelle is playing piano. That’s because Jordan has to work, and Julie is at some horse show or something. But hey, might as well get the new kids straight down to work, right? Things should be pretty interesting for the next little while as we get used to the new pastor. I’ll have to make sure to keep everyone updated – though I really have no clue if anyone reads this anymore.

That…Continue Reading

Vacuum Sealed for Freshness

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It seems as if I’ve made a new friend for good. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve had a new occupant in my bedroom besides myself. Good ol’ Larry the Ladybug appears to like his new accomodation. I was sitting on my bed just a few minutes ago and doing my devotions, and he came and flitted over onto a piece of paper laying beside me. He then flew onto the side of my bed. Once I was done my reading, I came over to him with a piece of paper and tried to get him to walk onto it. I had debated whether to set him free or not, and I decided that probably life as an indoor ladybug wasn’t all that fulfilling. I just wanted to give him better opportunities in life, you know? Meet a lovely female ladybug, start a family, and go onto bigger and better things. But as I held the paper right next to him to jump on, he just sort of shrugged his shoulders (wait, do ladybugs have shoulders?) and wouldn’t budge. I made my intents clear – I wanted to give him a better life. But it seems that he enjoys my room. I’ve seen him almost every day for about the past three weeks, and as soon as I make it known that I’m in the room, he flies around somewhere, alerting me to his presence. I think a bond has formed.

But anyways, onto more interesting things. If you read that…Continue Reading

Practice What You Preach

I don’t have much to say today. I wasn’t really even planning on posting anything, simply because I didn’t have too interesting of a day. However, God’s been stirring in my heart, and though I sort of tuned Him out for most of the day, He’s a persistent one. He’s been trying to teach me something, and I know it’s big – I’m just not quite sure as to the full extent of it yet.

In order to try and get myself in tune with what He wants to say, I’ve been trying to look up more “information” on the subject, if you will. I’ve been looking for Bible verses, and I’ve also been looking at some of my older posts here on my blog. And man, some of the stuff I’ve written in the past is deep. I read through a few, and as I remembered the situations that were going on at that time and my thoughts during the writing process, I surprised myself. How does one go about learning a lesson and then completely forgetting it? Or even worse, how does one start off the day in an attitude of prayer and worship, and then go about and completely set God aside for the rest of the day? It’s horrible. I’m sitting here, literally disgusted by the fact that I could be so easily fooled.

But unfortunately, that’s what we humans are: fickle and ever-changing. We honour God with our lips and then seem to somehow detach…Continue Reading

Larry the Ladybug, and Mathematical Mindsets

Let’s see; what should I write about today? It’s a question without a good answer, because my day was pretty boring today, and last night wasn’t the most exciting either. Basically last night consisted of homework and playing a game of euchre with myself to try and find strategies (since I was just taught the game about a week ago at Kristin’s house), and today consisted of school – a nice, boring day. So, I suppose I’ll keep this short, but I’ll go onto some more interesting topics. Well, perhaps not.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a new pet in my room. His name is Larry, and he’s a ladybug. Almost every morning without fail, I’ll see him on my window, probably staring outward in hopes of a better life someday. After all, as far as I can tell, this is the same ladybug that’s been in my room for at least two or three weeks. I don’t have the heart to kill him, because I’m just impressed that he’s survived this long. I suppose he’s eating the crumbs off my floor, deposited there when I messily eat cookies in my room or something. And since I keep my door closed all day, there’s really not much chance of him escaping, unless he goes under the crack in the door. Since I haven’t seen any ladybugs in any other part of the house, however, I have to assume that he’s content living as my pet in my room.…Continue Reading

Change, Candy, and Customers

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I don’t particularly have much to say today. I suppose the best idea is to give you a brief description of last night. I worked from 5:45-12, and that was plenty of time for some interesting things to happen, both good and bad. Please note that most of the night was nice and boring, but there’s nothing like a good boring spell to break up the monotony. Something like that, anyways.

One of the good things that happened really put me at ease, and made up for the fact that I had to clean 12 theatres in total – 6 theatres, twice. Near the beginning of the night, though, I found a five dollar bill on the ground while cleaning. That was pretty nice. I’m sure I can think of a few good ways to spend it. Later on as well, I was sweeping the lobby to clean up the mess of popcorn on the ground, and I found a quarter. That was nice. I put in my pocket, and continued on. Then I found another one. That was pretty cool – a whole fifty cents was mine for the taking. I continued my cleaning, and then saw another quarter. And another. And yet another. Yes, that’s right – a dollar and twenty-five cents in quarters. Apparently a kid had dropped his change – or actually, as the concession people explained it, he exploded. That’s what I figure, anyways, because they said that change flew everywhere. So I guess he…Continue Reading