Worship and Woes

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Last night was pretty cool. We had a worship practice at the church, and although it didn’t start out too well, the night got better as we went along. At the beginning, people were kind of arguing and stuff, but then Jordan turned around to me and said, “I think it’s because we didn’t pray at the beginning.” So I prayed, and we kind of started over. From then on, things were a lot better. People stopped arguing and started playing together. We got some songs figured out and everything, and eventually we were just kind of in a good mood and started playing around. I’m not sure just how much “worship” it really was, but I figure that we were still “fellowshipping” with each other, so it was all good. We jazzed up a few songs, and Jordan, Kyle, and I made a medley of a whole bunch of songs. We might use it for an offertory sometime. Who knows? All I know is that things seemed to get a lot better after we prayed. Could there be a principle there? Hmm. Nah.

Today wasn’t all that exciting, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad. We did a lab in Chemistry where we had some crystals forming in a test tube. It looked like it was snowing, so it was kind of cool. It was sort of like a snowglobe, I suppose. We had a test in Data Management, which was kind of annoying, but not too hard. The questions were just kind of stupid, but I guess that’s basically because we haven’t really actually gotten into any math yet anyways. It’s all about thesis questions and surveys and stuff. We get into some math in the next chapter, though, so that’s good. I’d hate to have to drop the course. I really would. (No I wouldn’t.)

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say. No, no deep spiritual thoughts for today. I was reading about Jesus’ seven woes on the religious leaders today, so while there are principles to be drawn out of them, they’re not really things I want to share in my blog. It would just, you know, ruin the good mood and all. Well, okay, perhaps not, but whatever. I’ll just say, “Don’t be a hypocrite.” That’s basically the overview of the whole thing. But I think I’m done for today. I have to work tonight from 6-11:45 PM, so I need to get some stuff done before then. Toodle-loo.

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