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It’s time for another update. Sorry. I sat there for a good minute or so trying to think of a better start to this entry, and that’s all I could come up with. I’m really just in a strange mood today – and by strange, I don’t mean my usual mood. I mean that I’m just not really in a mood at all today. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I get it every so often, so it must be possible somehow. I’m not really happy or sad, or anything else. I’m just…here.

Anyways, last night was kind of interesting. I went down to the church for 4:00 PM so we could practice stuff before the service at 6:00. We got stuff figured out, and I must say that things actually went not too badly. I mean, there were a few places where Jordan just kind of stopped playing guitar, but I think in most cases it was when had to change keys at the ends of songs. After that, Mrs. Haacke gave her testimony. She had some pretty interesting stories to share, but I can’t say I’d be nominating her for a new pastor anytime soon. The way she told the stories just kind of sucked all the emotion out of them. And I mean, that’s nothing against her, because I know that she’s just kind of one of those people that writes things that sound dramatic, and then it doesn’t have the same effect when she actually tries to communicate it verbally. I get the same way; I know what I want to say, but it just doesn’t come out the way I want. But anyways, she had some good things to say regardless of the way they were said.

Afterwards, Kyle got the great idea that we should do some band photos while we were all together. So we went around to various places and took some pictures. I’m not really sure that any of them are all that great, just because there weren’t any really interesting backgrounds or anything. We really just need to take a full day and go around to old, rundown buildings and do some cool shots. We also need some with coordinated stuff in them – like everyone standing with their backs to the camera, or everyone in basketball uniforms holding basketballs – except for one person who holds a beach ball or something. I think those would be great. Kind of stupid, but great.

After a while, people got bored, and so we went to Jordan’s house and ordered pizza as well. The Olympics were on, so a lot of conversation tended to be about skiing and such. It was kind of weird, but whatever. It was fun. I managed to get away without having to drive anyone home, so that was good. Then I got home and crashed. I was tuckered out and looking forward to catching some shut-eye. And so, that’s what I did. Of course, I woke up and was all sore – I still am, actually – but oh well. At least I woke up. That’s always a good thing.

Since today really wasn’t all that exciting, I won’t even talk about it at all. It was just a regular school day. Blah. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, though. That might be of some interest to me if I actually had a significant other with which to celebrate it. Of course, being a guy, I’m kind of glad I don’t have anyone for Valentine’s Day. It just places too much expectation on me to waste my money on chocolate and flowers and boring stuff like that. Mind you, I could be creative and do something special for my valentine – but nope. I quite like having no one expecting me to spend money on them. It just makes the whole day that much easier. But anyways, with that said, I guess I shall go. I need to relax and do nothing, and time is a-wasting away.

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