Spares and Spare Change

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I suppose it’s time to update this blog of mine. I tried to yesterday, but it was down for maintenance – they’ve been having plenty of problems with it being slow, and they were trying to correct the problems. Hopefully they figured it out.

Anyways, not being able to update yesterday meant not being able to tell all you lovely readers out there about my first day of the second semester. What a pity! I only have two classes, Grade 12 Chemistry, and Data Management, and so I have a spare during first and third periods. Of course, every day the last two classes alternate, so some days I have a spare on first and fourth. But anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. Chemistry is basically my Grade 11 Chemistry class and my Geometry class combined into one. It’s in the same room, with the same teacher, and I even got to sit in the same place as well, but a lot of the people there were in my Geometry class as well. So it’s interesting. I figure it’ll be quite similar to Chemistry last semester, considering it will be the same teaching style and such. I’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

Yesterday I had a spare during third period, and since Kristin had a piano lesson during that time as well (she has a spare the same time that I do), I spent the time up in the library, doing basically nothing. I had my music playing in my ears, and I sat there and tried to keep myself occupied. I had meant to bring a book with me, but I forgot, and I didn’t really feel like getting up and finding a book in the library. So instead, I worked on writing a song. That took most of the time, and the rest of it was spent just sitting and listening to my music. So it wasn’t too bad. Then it was off to Data Management. I had no idea what to expect in this class, and I have to say that even if I did have any expectations, they would have been shattered immediately. I had heard mixed things about the teacher, Mrs. Pickett – some had said she was annoying, while other people had said she was a good teacher. From two days in the class, she seems to be very used to those people that are just taking the course because they need a Grade 12 Math credit. She made sure to explain things thoroughly, which is good, but she also made her expectations very clear – we are here to work, not just to goof off and expect to breeze by. I have yet to figure out whether I like the class or not. I know one person in the class: Mike, one of the people I work with. It’s quite a small class, with just about 12 or 13 people – it reminds me of BCC, only that’s like half the school. But anyways, it’ll be interesting at the very least.

Today I had my spares on first and fourth, so I came home early, and have been trying to figure out what I’m going to do on these spares that I have. Obviously, once Mr. G gets me that Physics course, I’ll have that to work on, but I still think I’m going to have plenty of free time that I’ll need to occupy. So, I’ve been working on a get-rich-quick scheme. Well, okay, it’s not really that; it’s more just a general money-making scheme. However, I think I just might have a chance of making it work, if I ever get it finished and out there. I’m not quite sure of the details as of yet, but basically I’m considering some sort of Internet thing – I have the skills to make stuff, but I’m not sure what I want to do. It seems like anything that can be possibly done on the Internet has been done. Friend-finding sites – done. Band and music sites – done. Picture sites – done. I’m having trouble thinking of an idea that has a possibility of being different enough to get big. So I’ve been “brainstorming” as they call it, and I figure that as long as I can come up with a somewhat original idea, I have a chance of it becoming something fairly big. I mean, I’m not looking to run a huge dot-com business or anything, but just something that can give me some extra cash and provide a service at the same time. Obviously the expenses will be greater than the revenue for the first little while, but as long as I can cash in on a big trend right now as well as offer something new, then I think there’s a chance of making it work. But anyways, the whole thing is still in the very preliminary stages right now, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

I guess that’s really all I have to say right now. I still have yet to form a routine and really get settled in the new semester, but I’ll get there eventually. It’s just weird having a spare in the middle of the day with nothing to do. Oh well. Maybe I’ll find something productive to do. Maybe not. I’m thinking that the second option is more likely, because when was the last time I had anything productive to do? I mean, I sit here for like twenty minutes almost every day and ramble on about my life. How much could I possibly have to do? But anyways, I digress. Or confess. Or process. One of those “ess” words, anyway. It’s time to get on to bigger and better things – like making money. Cha-ching!

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