Scaling Skyscrapers

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I think it’s just about time for an update. Yes, I think I shall have one right now. Sir? One update, please. Thank you very much. Ahh yes, that’s much better. Of course, when I have an update almost every day, the effects are not quite as noticeable. But anyways, it’s time for yet another entry in this blog of mine, now with a new and improved profile! Yes, I decided to update that a little bit, since it was somewhat outdated. I also added a picture. Ooh! The crowd stares in amazement…

Anyways, last night was slightly interesting. Jordan Smith called me up and asked if I wanted to do something, so eventually it was determined that people would come over to my house around 6:30 PM. That occurred, and we played a vicious game of Trouble, of which I eventually became champion. My mom got out some stuff to make ice cream sundaes, which was a pleasant surprise, and then afterwards, we went to McDonalds. After eating there, we went over to the mall for a little bit. And that’s where things got interesting. Jordan got a phone call on his cell phone from his mom, and she was upset. You see, Jordan was supposed to call his parents before he went anywhere with the car, since he just got his G2 recently and all. And he didn’t. How did his mother find out, you ask? Well, it just so happens that Jordan had called Dave to come over earlier that night, and so he was going to come after the Bible study he was at. He arrived after we had left my house, and since I hadn’t told my mom where we were, she started calling people to try and find out. I’m still at a loss as to why Dave didn’t just call someone’s cell phone. But anyways, Jordan is now grounded, and Dave went searching at a bunch of places to try and find us.

Eventually we went back to my house, and Dave arrived as well. The rest of the night was basically just spent chilling out down in my basement. People left soon before ten, since Melissa had to be home at that time. I felt pretty bad about the whole thing with Jordan, though, because when we were leaving, he even asked whether I wanted to drive or not. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that he wasn’t supposed to drive, so I just volunteered him. After all, he had his keys out already, and I’m sure he wanted to drive, since he had just recently got his G2. Now I’m wishing I had just not been so lazy and said I would drive. But oh well. What’s done is done. And besides, he’s going to California today, so perhaps his parents will forget about it by the time he gets back.

Today, I slept in until 10:00 AM. That was just glorious. I haven’t slept in that long in ages – every time I get the chance to, I either get woken up by some noise of some sort, or I just wake up at a horribly early hour and can’t get back to sleep. Insomnia drives me insane sometimes. But anyways, I woke up, made some scrambled eggs, and then just basically got right down to business. It was weird. I guess I really caught up on my sleep, because I was suddenly wide awake. I haven’t had that feeling in a while. I cleaned off a table downstairs which had a bunch of my junk on it, I took stuff out of my binders to get ready for the second semester, and I looked at university stuff. I’ve apparently been accepted into Western, which is a good sign that I might get accepted into some other ones. I was surprised how early it happened, but I’m not complaining. Now it’s just a matter of trying to apply for some scholarships and such, one of which has a deadline that’s coming up quite quickly. As well, I wrote down the dates of some Campus Days to go visit the universities I’ve applied to. I figure that it might help to see the campuses, and since my parents have been bugging me to find out when the tours are, I might as well do it. This university business is just crazy. Crazy, I tell you! Too much info to sort through, and too little time to do it with school going on too. At least I’ve got three days this week to do it, though. That’s really going to help.

Anyways, I think that’s about all I have to say for today. I don’t have any exciting revelations or intriguing stories, but with a life like mine, you have to take what you get, I suppose. Well actually, you don’t, but I do. If I had anything terribly interesting, I would have told you. As for right now, the most exciting thing was a dentist appointment yesterday. I got dental floss! If that doesn’t make you excited, well then you’re probably normal. Tonight I work. That should be brutal. I’m working 6-12:30, and it’s a stock/floor shift. That means I have about two or three hours of moving heavy boxes back and forth, and then I have to work the rest of the night until close. Good thing I got lots of sleep last night – I’ll need it to survive tonight. But anyways, with that said, I think I’m going to go. I have a marathon to run this afternoon, and then I have approximately an hour to scale a skyscraper with nothing but my bare hands. Should be a piece of cake.

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hey when did you get your acceptance thing for western? you’re the second person i’ve heard of that got early acceptance… and it makes me really nervous because i applied there and i definitely haven’t gotten anything yet! lol well anyways congratulations jeff! 🙂


Um, it was about just less than a week ago, actually, but I didn’t really have time to look at it until after exams. But yeah, it was really early. I guess it all depends on the program you apply to and such. But I’m just reading the newsletter thing that they sent me, and it says that they do offers of admission in January, March/April, and mid- to late-May. So there’s no need to be worried yet, because this is only the first round!


hey good luck with western..and the other universities. western’s a good school and london’s a pretty good city. (and not just because I live there 😉 )