Killing Time

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This should likely be a nice, short entry, because I don’t have too much time before heading off to Retreat! Yay! (The yay is for heading off to Retreat, not for having a short entry.) To achieve this end, I will talk about two things: last night, and today. Simple enough, isn’t it?

Last night was astounding. I got packed for Retreat, and then went to work for my regular marquee shift at 8:30 PM. When I got there, I found out that we only had one movie going in this week, and we weren’t losing any movies either. Score! It was the easiest shift I’ve ever had. I was done the sign outside – both sides of it – in probably about 5 minutes flat, and then I came back in and actually had to wait for the rest of the movies to finish going in. I’ve never had to do that before. I changed the sign inside, and then switched the posters around a little bit, and that was that. I was out by about 10:20 PM, which is about ten minutes earlier than usual. Easy fa-sheezy.

Today was just about as easy. Kristin and I talked about Homestar Runner and other various random things for most of Chemistry class, since we had already finished up our homework the day before during our spare. For Data Management, we were in the computer lab again, and writing up a report for a stupid little survey assignment thing. I basically finished the entire report, and apparently we’re in the computer lab again on Monday – to finish up the report. So that will be my proof-reading time – the entire class, I suppose. I might just sit there and surf the Internet a bit, since I have nothing better to do. But whatever. Maybe I can find something constructive to do. Maybe not.

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say today. I’m looking forward to Retreat, and that’s that. I hope you guys can survive not having anything to read for the next couple of days here, and if you can’t – well, that’s just too bad. I’ll be having too much fun to care. Suckers! Of course, perhaps you’re glad that I’m not posting for once. It might be a relief from all the verbal diarrhea you see every day on this thing. So in that case: um…well, you get what you want. Whatever. I shall return in a couple days! Have fun without me…

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