Concession, Car Doors, and Kyle Smith

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Well, I’m tired today. And slightly sore. I got called into work last night because someone didn’t show up to work, or called in sick, or something like that anyway. Ron called me up and asked if I would come in. At that point I was kind of bored, but also just kind of getting things set up to work on the newest of my projects, Illumination – I had just opened everything up and was beginning to get to work when the phone call came. He asked me if I would come in, and mentioned the person’s name who hadn’t come in. At that point I realized that this meant I would be working concession – and closing as well. I asked him if he had called any of the other concession workers, and he said that he had, but that they were all busy. So I explained what it would mean if I came in to work. You see, the last time I closed on concession was about a month ago, and as for closing by myself, I’ve never done that. Ever. And so he said he realized that, but that we could just struggle through it together. So I told him I could come in, and then hung up the phone and got ready.

I got changed and all that jazz, and was just getting into the car to go to work, when I pushed the garage door button to make it go down. Halfway through, it stopped and started going up again. I thought perhaps I had accidentally bumped it when I was putting it on the sunvisor of the car, so I pressed it again. It started going down, and then stopped and went back up again. That’s when I saw my parents driving into the driveway with the other car. Things made a lot more sense when I realized that they had been pushing the other garage door control. It meant a lot to know that I wasn’t going crazy. Anyways, I explained to them where I was going, and then backed out of the driveway to go to work. But things couldn’t be that easy. Oh no. As I turned the car, backing out of the driveway, the driver’s door swung open. I realized it quickly, and thankfully there were no other cars around to hit it. I figured that I just hadn’t closed it well enough, and so I pulled it shut and rolled to a stop at the intersection by my house. I turned right, and then as I began to drive straight, I realized that my door still wasn’t closed. I pulled to the side of the road and tried to shut the door, but it just kept bouncing open. It was strange. So, carefully holding the door shut and doing a U-turn at the same time, I drove back home and went inside to tell my dad that the door wouldn’t shut. He explained that he had that problem before, and that you just needed to lock and unlock the door electronically, and apparently the problem would correct itself. He then went outside and did so, and sure enough, it worked. Nevertheless, I took the other car to work.

The rest of the drive to work occurred without incident, thankfully, and I arrived to work just after 9:00 PM. Miranda had been agreed to work until someone else got there, so she was waiting for me to get there so she could leave. I got things set up, and then tried to figure out what I needed to do. Unfortunately, because I got in later than most concession workers would if they were closing, I had the same amount of work to do in a shorter period of time. Usually they have a chance to count some of the stock during shows when it’s not busy. I didn’t really have that option, considering that the movies were just going in at the time I got there. Of course, it wasn’t that busy, but there was just still that slight trickle of customers so that I couldn’t really get anything done without having to stop after ten seconds. Eventually things died down, and I got to work. The first order of business was to count my cash and then finish counting stock, and then the rest was basically cleaning anything and everything. Of course, not really having much background in closing concession, it took me a bit longer as I tried to figure out what I still had left to do and such. It was hectic, because I was trying to remember back to my training days and such, but I eventually got everything done, and all the dishes washed. I got out at about midnight, which is half an hour later than most concession workers get out, but not bad considering I likely got in about half an hour later as well. On top of that, I got my count completely right except for one item that, once I recounted, still gave the same number. That’s about five times better than most concession employees on any given day. I felt special.

At the end of the night, Ron was thanking me for coming in, and he also promised me some Future Shop gift certificates. I told him that I didn’t need them, but he insisted. He said that it hadn’t been the first time I had saved his rear end, and I deserved it. I didn’t complain too much – if he wants to give me gift certificates, then I don’t mind; I just don’t want him to think that he has to in order to get me to work. I mean, I was already getting paid for coming in and working, right? So why should I need to get some extra stuff on top of that? It didn’t make sense to me, but whatever. I got out of there as quickly as possible, because I was tired, and then fell into bed and thankfully got to sleep fairly swiftly.

Today wasn’t the most exciting day. Lunchtime was basically spent trying in one last effort to get Jordan’s locker open; it still remains a vault, unfortunately. However, Kristin told me one story that just made my day. Yesterday, during my spare, Kristin and I had walked to her locker, and on the way I saw a birthday sign for a girl named Isadora. (I didn’t think I knew her, but it turns out that I do; I just didn’t connect the name and the face. But anyways, that’s not important.) I asked Kristin for a pen and decided to sign it from Kyle Smith. After all, every birthday sign needs a signature from Kyle Smith. I wrote some comment about how her mom was hot, and then signed it from Kyle “The Tiger” Smith. I then got on with life and forgot all about it, as I tend to do with most things. Anyways, today she told me about how she had overheard the girls in that area talking about my signature. They were talking about how hilarious it was, and pointing it out to their friends. Then one of the girls was like, “Do you even know who Kyle Smith is?” “No, I have no clue.” “Then why did he sign it?” “I have no idea!” Sorry for the dialogue; Kristin can tell it much better than I can, since she heard it and I didn’t. It was just hilarious that they thought my signature was great; meanwhile, I thought it would only be funny to people who were involved in the whole “Birthday Thursday” fiasco. But apparently Kyle Smith is a ladies’ man. The ladies’ man, in fact. Go get ’em, tiger.

Other than that, the only other thing I have to say today is about tonight. I have to work my usual marquee shift from 8:30-11:30, but tonight should be more of a challenge than usual. I learned last night that we’re getting four movies this week. Four movies! The most I’ve ever done before is two, and it’s usually just one. But four! It’s going to be so much work. I might actually work the entire three hours that I’m scheduled for instead of getting out after two. What a pity. But whatever. As long as they pay me – and hey, I’m getting Future Shop gift certificates to boot. Craziness. If only I knew what the phrase “to boot” really meant – or who actually thought it up. Perhaps I shall put my gift certificates in my boots. Or use them to buy boots. Or somehow craft a pair of boots entirely out of gift certificates. That might be slightly more challenging. I suppose something like that could be marketable; somehow I doubt it, though. They really wouldn’t keep your feet all that warm. But anyways, enough of this crazy talk. I’m just going to go before I hurt myself.

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