Busy Days and Bus Rides

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Sorry I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday. I really didn’t have a minute to spare. I woke up at somewhere around 7:00 AM, had breakfast and such, and then went off to worship practice at the church. After that, it was, of course, the morning service, and then at 11:00 AM I left to come home and eat lunch before heading off to work for 12:15-4. That really was a horrible shift. We were supposed to open up at 12:30, since the first show started at 1:00. However, Ron went and screwed up the computer system somehow so that no one could log on. That was a little bit of a problem considering that the computers must be working to print tickets and such. There was a huge lineup of people outside the doors, with kids smushing their faces against the glass in a vain attempt to squeeze themselves through the molecules of the glass door.

Ron was on the phone for a good fifteen or twenty minutes with technical support of some kind, and he finally got things working. I opened up the doors and was nearly trampled to death by the people rushing inside. The next hour or so was horribly busy. I was supposed to be ushering, but Ron put me on concession to help things through. It still was a good hour before I could get out of there, and by that time I only had about twenty minutes before the first movie got out and I had to start cleaning theatres. Great. On top of that, the next usher never showed up. I started working on some of the theatres, but it was mostly kids inside them, so they were disgustingly dirty. Thankfully, Kevin came off concession to help me. Otherwise, I would have been there all day. Anyways, my shift finally finished, and I went upstairs, changed into some other clothes, and then drove straight to the church for worship practice for the youth service. That actually went not too badly, and Carla Leigh gave her testimony. Afterwards, we went to Caitlin’s house for a while, and then I finally went home and crashed. Total hours conscious: approximately 16 and a half hours. Yuck.

So, today I’m pretty tired, and I don’t feel like doing anything. I had a nice little adventure during my fourth period spare, travelling on the bus down to the terminal to get my monthly pass for March. That took over an hour, just because of bus schedules and such. But now I’m home, and I would like nothing better than to take a nice, long nap and hopefully not wake up until Friday. Of course, that’s not possible. I think we have another worship practice tonight, because for some reason we have to have like six a week or something even though we only have services every other week. I guess it takes us six practices to actually get a songlist ready. That’s really what it’s all about. But whatever. I think I’m done writing. I have homework to do, and I might as well stop procrastinating and actually finish it up. Somehow I think I’m breaking some sort of law by doing that, though. Perhaps the law of inertia, I guess. An object at rest will tend to stay at rest unless some outside force (like my mother) acts upon it.

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