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The Waiting Process

It never ceases to amaze me how fickle and ever-changing we humans are. In a world that, despite seasonal changes and some natural phenomena, rarely changes, people have an uncanny ability to turn that generally stable world upside down and inside out. Then again, being a human myself, it also never ceases to amaze me that the God who created us is forever unchanging and permanent. Though He made us in His image, it seems that we are complete polar opposites of each other. And somehow, with that thinking, it seems logical that Christians should be the most stable, unaltering people out there. Not so.

I am often forced to step back from my life and evaluate it – this generally occurs when I completely screw something up and have to figure out how to fix it. The fact that it occurs so often should have forced the message into my head by now that I need to let God handle things, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. But nevertheless, as I take a step back and get a snapshot of my life, it’s easy to compare with how things were at other points in time. And if you graph the emotional state of my life over time, I think what would occur would be some sort of sine curve of ups and downs – violent changes in emotion and attitude. It surprises me every time, because although sometimes it’s drastic, at other times, it occurs so very…Continue Reading

Busy Days and Bus Rides

Sorry I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday. I really didn’t have a minute to spare. I woke up at somewhere around 7:00 AM, had breakfast and such, and then went off to worship practice at the church. After that, it was, of course, the morning service, and then at 11:00 AM I left to come home and eat lunch before heading off to work for 12:15-4. That really was a horrible shift. We were supposed to open up at 12:30, since the first show started at 1:00. However, Ron went and screwed up the computer system somehow so that no one could log on. That was a little bit of a problem considering that the computers must be working to print tickets and such. There was a huge lineup of people outside the doors, with kids smushing their faces against the glass in a vain attempt to squeeze themselves through the molecules of the glass door.

Ron was on the phone for a good fifteen or twenty minutes with technical support of some kind, and he finally got things working. I opened up the doors and was nearly trampled to death by the people rushing inside. The next hour or so was horribly busy. I was supposed to be ushering, but Ron put me on concession to help things through. It still was a good hour before I could get out of there, and by that time I only had about twenty minutes before the first movie got…Continue Reading

Shopping for Cement Floors

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I don’t really have much to say today. I didn’t post an entry yesterday simply because I really didn’t have anything to say yesterday either. I worked last night from 8:15-12, and although it was busy, it really wasn’t all that eventful. I think it’s safe to say that if I don’t have something interesting happen soon, I’m going to end up ripping my hair out and checking myself into a mental institution.

With that said, today was slightly unusual – not interesting, mind you, but unusual. You see, this morning I actually went shopping. Shopping! A gasp rises from the audience as they sit in shocked silence. Imagine that! Jeff going shopping! And yes, this shopping experience lasted more than the usual ten minutes as well. It was astounding. But hey, I figured I desperately needed more clothes, and I was sick of having to do a load of laundry halfway through the week just so I could wear clothes every day. So I went to my trusty old store, Wal-Mart, and got two shirts and two pairs of pants, and now I’m satisfied. I also got a Hillsongs CD from the Gospel Lighthouse, because I’ve been meaning to for a while. I’m sick of going to worship practice at my church and not knowing any of the songs that they’re picking out. I mean, it’s always good to learn new songs, but I’d rather learn them from the CD rather than trying to figure out a bass part…Continue Reading

Hearing His Voice

It’s been an interesting day. Since it was a shortened day today, I had to wake up earlier (since my first period spare was shorter). After I did so, I found out that I actually didn’t have to wake up so early, because my dad was driving my mom to work, and therefore, I had the car, so I didn’t have to take the bus. That left me with a lot of free time before school. While this normally might not be too amazing an event in itself, and could possibly have left me quite bored, the strangest thing happened which made everything just much more interesting.

To tell the truth, I’m not sure whether to attribute this to God or just a strange coincidence. What I’ve learned over the years, though, is that coincidences are not as common as some think. God is definitely active and working at every moment of every day, and while I can’t speak on His behalf as to just how much is random chance due to someone’s free will and what’s actually Him, I’ve seen that situations that seem to be coincidental often turn out to have something that makes them influential in someone’s life. With that said, what could be so amazing about getting up early? Well, I’m glad you asked.

My sister came home this weekend for her reading week. My dad actually took her back today, but for some reason every time she leaves, she feels the need to empty out…Continue Reading

Sunrises and Second Lunches

“At last! At last we have another blog entry!” you say with enthusiasm. “My life is complete once again!” Yes, with a new day comes a new entry. What a wonderful feeling. It’s like the pinkish hues of a sunrise peeking over the horizon as the birth of a new day comes to its crowning moment. It’s like a peanut butter sandwich, as the first bite is taken and the gooey peanut butter stretches from mouth to bread. Okay. Well maybe the peanut butter sandwich imagery isn’t so great. But anyways, a new blog entry is really cool, right? Right.

There isn’t too much to say about last night. It was basically just a regular night at work. The highlight of the night really was simply finding an unopened water bottle in one of the theatres. Woohoo. What excitement. I can barely contain myself. But it’s just so amazing that I can’t talk about it anymore. Today was much better. At lunchtime, Kristin and I were sitting at the usual table in the cafeteria, and Jordan came and asked if we wanted to go somewhere for lunch. I said I was up for a second lunch – since I had just finished eating my sandwich – and so we headed out. We went to the mall, so there were several options for food. I got poutine from New York Fries, and found out that neither Kristin nor Jordan like poutine. Good! It was all the more for me. We walked…Continue Reading

Worship and Woes

Last night was pretty cool. We had a worship practice at the church, and although it didn’t start out too well, the night got better as we went along. At the beginning, people were kind of arguing and stuff, but then Jordan turned around to me and said, “I think it’s because we didn’t pray at the beginning.” So I prayed, and we kind of started over. From then on, things were a lot better. People stopped arguing and started playing together. We got some songs figured out and everything, and eventually we were just kind of in a good mood and started playing around. I’m not sure just how much “worship” it really was, but I figure that we were still “fellowshipping” with each other, so it was all good. We jazzed up a few songs, and Jordan, Kyle, and I made a medley of a whole bunch of songs. We might use it for an offertory sometime. Who knows? All I know is that things seemed to get a lot better after we prayed. Could there be a principle there? Hmm. Nah.

Today wasn’t all that exciting, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad. We did a lab in Chemistry where we had some crystals forming in a test tube. It looked like it was snowing, so it was kind of cool. It was sort of like a snowglobe, I suppose. We had a test in Data Management, which was kind of annoying, but not too hard. The…Continue Reading

Youth Retreat 2006

Wow. I have no idea where to begin today. It’s the Monday after an awesome weekend up in the middle of nowhere learning how to go deeper with God. To accurately describe it is impossible. To summarize what went on would hardly do it justice. But, being the faithful blogger that I am, I’ll do my best to do both of those. Just know that whatever I say it was like, it was probably about five to ten times better than that.

On Friday, I had the car, so I drove home after school and got everything ready and packed up. I was prepared to put it all in the car and drive to the church as planned, but Kyle ended up calling me and asking if he could pick me up and help load stuff into the vans. That was fine with me, so I helped him pack up the sound equipment and such. Before too long, we headed off to Camp Ganadoaweh (or something like that) in Ayr. Jordan and I went up with Scott in his car, and the others went in three vans, packed in with all their stuff.

Upon arrival, the sight was much different than I expected. Everything was just…smaller than I thought it would be. The lodge that we rented consisted of basically three rooms: a kitchen about the size of the kitchen at my own house, a lounge area probably about the size of my family room with a bunch of couches,…Continue Reading