Television Watching and Ticking Watches

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Today has been basically a waste of a day. Since I don’t have an exam today, I’ve basically lounged around, doing nothing. My aunt woke me up at about 9:00 AM with her phone call, and since I figured that I likely wouldn’t get back to sleep, I just decided to get up then. I showered and got dressed, and then tried to study for my upcoming Chemistry exam. That didn’t work out too well. I mean, the past three or four Chemistry classes have been devoted to reviewing for the exam anyways, so I feel that I could recite the information in my sleep. So, instead, I’ve been sitting in front of the TV and watching the special features of X-Men 2. Why? Well, why not? I was bored, and I suppose it’s a lot better than running around town and getting into trouble. Not that I would really do anything like that, but still – I figured it was more interesting than sitting in front of a blank TV. I’m not sure why I would do that either, but I suppose I could if I really wanted to.

I haven’t really mentioned it, although I did in the comments to yesterday’s post, but I’ve had significant problems getting my watch to work. Melissa gave it to me for my birthday, and it’s a nice watch, so I’d quite like to wear it, but whenever I do so, it always stops eventually. Yesterday, I wore it to school, and it worked from 9:05 to about 12:00 noon, and then stopped. After that time, I would reset it, and it would work for a matter of minutes, then stop again. So last night, I tried to find an answer on the Internet. I really didn’t find much. The best suggestion I found was to put a circular band-aid underneath the watch to keep it from contacting my skin. But as I dug further, I began to get into some weird stuff about “natural body magnetism” and the electricity of the human body. There were strange accounts about people out walking at night who would always turns off the streetlights as they walked by – or when they would keep credit cards in their pockets, they would end up demagnetizing the little magnetic strips on them. There were other people who claimed that they could change TV stations on demand, and others who apparently instinctively knew how to reposition their radio if there was any static. Since I apparently don’t have these magical giftings, I guess I’m just one of the outcasts of the freak society. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All I know is that my watch keeps stopping, and it’s quite annoying.

What makes this story even more interesting is that all my experiments to fix my watch have failed. I know it’s not the battery, and I have to assume that if there was anything wrong with the watch, whoever Melissa took it to fixed it. So I have to assume that it’s something to do with me or the conditions that the watch are in. There have, of course, been quite normal reports of people who simply just cannot wear watches. What no one can seem to explain, however, is why. Watchmakers insist that it has nothing to do with “body magnetism” or anything, but rather that people are subjecting their watch to situations for which the watch was not designed. For example, they’ll take it into very dusty environments, or wear it in hot tubs. But I haven’t done anything like that. My watch says it’s water resistant up to 50 metres, but I haven’t even subjected it to anything above a single drop of water. Besides, if I were in 50 metres of water, I think I’d have more pressing problems on my hands than whether my watch is working – like surviving. Not being able to swim means that my 50-metre restriction isn’t going to be stretched anytime soon. And because it’s a new watch, it hasn’t been exposed to extrenuating circumstances. The most I’ve done with it is accidentally hit it against hard surfaces – which shouldn’t do anything to upset the time on it.

So today, I took matters into my own hands. I wore a long-sleeved sweater today, and then I put my watch overtop of the sleeve. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am a freak. It looked pretty ridiculous, but I figured that I wasn’t going out anywhere today anyways. So I tried it. I decided that if it didn’t work like this, then it likely wouldn’t work any way I tried it. There would be no contact with my skin at all, other than when I touched it with my other hand – not even the metal band would be in direct contact with my wrist. And so, the test began. The watch had been working all night as it sat on my dresser. I then put it on my wrist, over top of my sleeve. This was at about 9:30 AM. I then went about my normal day – there was no dusty environment, no scuba diving, and I barely even moved my wrist (because I really couldn’t move it much anyways with this ridiculous watch-over-sleeve thing going on). The watch lasted until about 10:15 AM. Forty-five minutes, and it had stopped. I really don’t understand it at all. There is something that is really weird going on here. So I put my watch back on my dresser after several more unsuccessful attempts to restart it – each time it would last about a minute or less – and most likely it will continue to work on my dresser for the rest of the day, barely losing a fraction of a second.

So I guess I have what you call a magnetic personality. I told that to Kristin yesterday at school, and her question was, “What, you mean you repel people?” Ouch. Well, I couldn’t really answer that anyways. I mean, I’d like to say that I’m very good at attraction, but the more correct description would be that I make time stop. As for why this happens, I still have no explanation. I wish I could say that it’s some defect of the watch, but as far as I can tell, that just isn’t the case. And as for what I’m going to do with this birthday present that I really can’t use, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t want to have to give it back, since it’s a nice watch, but there’s no point in having a watch that never displays the correct time – well, except for twice a day, I suppose. So, I’ll have to figure something out. Perhaps there’s still a way to get it to work, but it just might take some more experimentation. But I mean, hey, if you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day, well just come right over to my house, and I’ll make you feel like you have all the time in the world. Need an extra few hours to finish up a project? No problem. Sleep in past your alarm? No sweat. Just let me know, and I’ll stop time to give you a chance to have a three-course breakfast, shower, get dressed, read the paper, have a couple cups of coffee, and then get on with your day. Yeah, I really like that idea. I might just have to try that myself.

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haha.. well it seems like you had a pretty productive day with watch experiments. i have NO idea why it doesn’t work for you. after i got it back from being fixed i wore it for a couple days to make sure it kept the time right, and it was fine. never lost time at all. soo.. that’s pretty strange that it doesn’t work for you.. actually, it’s all a test for you. i knew the watch wouldn’t work for you when i bought it, and so you have to figure out why. if you can figure out how to make it work for you then you win the prize. if not.. you get thrown into a shark infested water, or something like that.. haha. so you’d better figure it out soon. you only have 1 more day. but according to your watch that might be forever. haha.