Strange Night and Startling Discoveries

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Today was a pretty good day. I’m not sure that I can exactly put my finger on why, but hey – I’ll take it either way. Last night was a little strange, so I must make sure to write all about it. Basically, I made up a list of things that I needed to do that night, and so I went out with the car and did them. The first thing I did was go into work and get the schedule for next week. As it turns out, it wasn’t finished by that time, but I phoned later and got it. Next, I headed down to Morrell St. and got myself registered to vote. I talked to this lady, who typed all the information into the computer, and then when she was almost finished, a phone call came in. She motioned to me that it would just be a minute, and so I sat there and tried not to eavesdrop as she talked to this other person. As the conversation progressed, she began to write their name down. I overheard something like, “How do you spell that? N, D, Y? Okay.” After another five or ten seconds, she asked for the first name, and it was Kyle. No way. I looked up at that point and stared in disbelief. Kyle Mundy? How weird is it that the one person that calls during the time when I’m in the building (which was probably five minutes at the most) is a person I used to work with at Quizno’s? It was crazy. I couldn’t believe it.

That wasn’t the end to my strange night. The next thing I had to do was get supplies for my upcoming Physics project. Basically, what I needed was this: two styrofoam cups, four popsicle sticks, and two boxes of Nerds – our project is a machine that can transfer candy from one cup to another. I had all the other supplies that I needed, so that was it. So I decided that the best place to go would be Zehrs and Dollarama. I drove over there, and as I was driving into the parking lot, I saw two girls walking on the sidewalk. I swear that they waved at me, though I don’t think I know them – that was something strange in and of itself. But whatever. I went into Zehrs first and looked for anything I could find. I figured that they likely wouldn’t have Nerds or popsicle sticks, though I looked for them anyways, but I mainly wanted styrofoam cups. I looked at one aisle, and almost freaked out, because all I saw were packs of 100. I didn’t want to go and buy 100 cups when I needed two. Two. But then I looked up higher and saw packs of 20, and that satisfied me. I picked up one of those, and then looked around once more for popsicle sticks or Nerds. Not seeing any, I paid for the cups, and then left.

Dollarama was next. I looked up and down every aisle looking for Nerds and popsicle sticks, and I didn’t see either one. This got me frustrated, because they seemed to have every other kind of candy there except Nerds. Eventually I found them, and realized that I had walked by them probably about two or three times while specifically looking for them. I picked up a couple boxes, and, after wandering around the store a bit longer looking for popsicle sticks, I decided to ask one of the cashiers. I said something like, “Do you guys sell popsicle sticks? I can’t find them anywhere, things are just like scattered around here randomly.” She gave me a dirty look and was like, “Uh, no they’re not. Popsicle sticks would be in the crafts aisle, aisle 5.” She then went on to spout out some meaningless stuff about what each aisle had in it. I just kind of looked at her, and then when she was finished, I said, “Well, okay, so there is a system to it, just nobody knows what the system is.” A lady nearby agreed with me. I went to the crafts aisle to look for popsicle sticks. I walked up the aisle, and down the other side. I didn’t see them anywhere. I was about to go back to the girl and rub it in her face, but I decided to look for them one more time just so I didn’t end up looking like an idiot. I stared in concentration as I went down the aisle one more time – and there they were: coloured popsicle sticks. Apparently they’re too good for just regular ol’ popsicle sticks; they have to have coloured ones instead. But whatever. For $1, I think I can handle it. I went back to the cash register and told the person that the reason I hadn’t seen them was because they were coloured. She asked the other cashier if they sold regular ones, and the other cashier replied that she didn’t think they did. Whatever. I had the four popsicle sticks I needed plus more, even if I had to buy pretty red, green, and blue ones instead of normal wood-coloured ones.

That was pretty much my night. When I arrived back at home, people were over at my house, so there was nowhere to park. I drove around for about five minutes just trying to find a place to park that wouldn’t mean I’d have to walk for about five miles to get to my house. It didn’t happen. I ended up parking about five houses down – I guess that doesn’t count as five miles unless I live in the country, but whatever. I got home, grabbed food, and went down into the basement. The rest of my night was spent finishing up Physics homework, and then looking at the statement of faith of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. I figured that when looking at different denominations, I might as well start with my own.

But yeah, that’s all I have to say for today. I don’t really feel like writing a nice conclusion to this. Otherwise I’d end up doing what I did in Chemistry class today. I sat there for about five minutes, staring off into space, trying to think of a good conclusion to a lab report I had to write up. I never really came up with a good one. I basically just said what I said in the introduction, only reworded it. So, in order to save time, I will say what I said in the introduction of this post: Today was a pretty good day. There – so much easier.

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