Snow Camp

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Where to begin? There’s so much that I could talk about, that it just would take much too long to read, let alone write. So I suppose I’ll try to pick a few things that really stuck out over this past weekend and talk about them. But first, let me say: Snow Camp was awesome. As with everything, there were parts that could have been better, but as a whole, the thing was great. I had an awesome time. I’d gladly take the chance to go ahead and do it again.

Basically, to start off, everyone was divided into teams. The theme for this was the Olympics, so each team was one of four countries: Canada, Italy, Russia, and the United Kingdom. I was on Team Canada, and so we got a white bandana thing that basically looked like toilet paper. Over the course of the three days, there were many opportunities to score points through various events and such. The first night had us devising a team cheer. Our team won for that one, because we were just so cool, of course. I mean, how could we not be cool when I was on the team? Anyways, Saturday night we had competitions with various events. One involved putting shaving cream on a team member’s head and then throwing potato chips to try to stick them on. I think we had the biggest number there. Another event was spelling out the letters of the alphabet on the floor using all the team members as parts of the letters. We got the fastest time for that, beating out all the other teams by over thirty seconds. Another event was the classic human knot, where each member has to grab hold of two people’s hands across from them, then try to untangle themselves. We, once again, got the best time for that, doing it in 26 seconds on our second try. The last event was eating spam, each member taking a piece one at a time until it was gone. We didn’t really do the best on that one, but oh well. The last event was on Sunday, where each team had to come up with a skit that involved things from the weekend. There were some pretty good ones, but I must say that we had the best skit by far. I thought up the general idea (which was why it was so random), and involved a person falling into a lake. A couple members from each team – played by members from our team, of course – then passed by, not stopping to help the person. We made sure to mock each team as we did so. Miss Muskoka (played by me) then passed by and also didn’t help, because she might break a nail. The last person was from Team Canada (Jeff Bellhouse), and he stopped, prayed, and then used the force of Jesus to lift this unfortunate individual from the lake. It really was just a wonderful script, and no other skits came close to beating it. The judges agreed. We ended up taking home first place, getting nice gold medals that said “Winner” on the front.

While everyone was busy trying to get points for their teams, stronger friendships were born. You could see it as you walked by others. You could sense the closeness to each other. I know that while I was there, I definitely got a lot closer to some of the guys there. Jordan, Brock, and I really hit it off, and even though I see Jordan every day at school, things aren’t the same there as out in the middle of the deep woods. I mean, I don’t want to sound gay or anything, but the relationships I had with my friends just got so much closer over a couple of days that it was amazing. I made a few new friends as well. It was just so cool how everyone came together and bonded with each other, hanging out with people that they may have never bothered to hang out with before. The guys in my cabin definitely had some fun playing President with a deck of cards. It was just things like that that made the weekend so cool.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though. On top of the great time we had, there were also the services that really challenged everyone. The theme was prayer, and each of the three people that spoke – Pastor Rob, Adam, and Josh – really hit some deep stuff with what they said. I know I really took to heart what they said, and the fact that some of the things said were things that I had just been thinking about perhaps a couple days earlier took things even further. The one that hit me the most was what Adam said – it was about complete dependence on God, in even the smallest things. The truth is that we are completely inadequate to achieve anything of worth without God. We wouldn’t be here without Him, and it is only by His grace that we are still breathing right now. That night just made me uncomfortable – not because I felt guilty or anything, but because I was just so intensely needing to speak with God that I couldn’t sit still. After Adam spoke, we broke up into groups to pray as a group for a while, but that didn’t help. People kept praying out loud, and while that was fine, it meant that I couldn’t concentrate on speaking to God myself. When we broke up to pray individually, I immediately fell face down on the floor and just talked to the Master of my life. At first all I could think and say was one repeating phrase, “I’m nothing. I’m nothing. I’m nothing.” It was just what I knew. I knew that for too long I had tried to run things my own way, and that I was completely unable to do it. I just felt such a sense of inadequacy that it left me nothing to do except cry out to God with everything I had. God didn’t leave me in this state, however. As I asked Him for more of Himself, and told Him how much I needed Him, I heard these words more clearly than anything: “You already have Me.” The thought floored me. Here I was expressing my need for God, and while that was certainly true, His answer was astounding. I had as much of God’s amazing love as I would allow myself to have. He was there waiting to pour Himself out in my life, and all I had to do was say, “Come, fill me.” It was amazing. I left the boathouse (the chapel right by the lake) in an unexplainable mood. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone else. I’m pretty sure I was praying out loud while walking down the road, but I didn’t care. I was alone, and so it was just God and me. The Creator of the universe and me.

I think that’s all I can say about Snow Camp for now. Things were just amazing, if you couldn’t guess by this post. Over the course of three days, I grew so much closer to those around me and to God as well, and it was awesome. I got home at about 5:30 PM on Sunday, and was faced with a choice. Should I stay home and unpack my bags, or head off to youth? I decided that getting a chance to worship God once again was worth it, even though I was tired and sore, so I got back into the car and headed off to youth. And I worshipped. For the first time in a long time at youth, I really worshipped. I mean, that’s not to say that I haven’t worshipped usually at youth, but this time was different. It was just so much more intense and meaningful. I can’t explain it, but it was. But yeah. I guess I have nothing else to say for today. Well, I have a lot more to say, but I’ll restrain myself. I’ll just finish this off by saying that God really is awesome. Awesome possum.

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