Semester Finale and Step of Faith

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Things have been steadily plodding along bit by bit this week. It’s been pretty annoying; I’d like to just get this semester over with already, but it’s determined to take as long as possible. Last night, I finished up some Physics homework, and then went into work from 9-12:30. That was really boring. I actually got out at just after midnight, because the Chronicles of Narnia didn’t have anyone in it, so we didn’t play it. That was a nice little break, no matter how small it really was. I mean, at midnight, as one faces school the next day, not much matters in the way of time. An extra few minutes of sleep? Meh. I’ll take it, but it really doesn’t make a difference.

Anyways, today I got a Geometry test and a Physics test out of the way, which basically just leaves a Physics candy machine thing, an optional Physics essay for extra marks, and the three exams that I have. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, all of them are major things, and all of them require some work and effort put into them. Sheesh. You’d think that after all these years, teachers would find some way to not cram everything into the final few days of the course. I really don’t understand how it works out that every year, in every course, things are always left right until the end. Well, actually, my Geometry teacher seems to have everything well laid out. He’s already done teaching, and now I think it’s basically just exam review. But he’s a genius. I’m not so fortunate with my other teachers, I suppose.

This morning, during breakfast and after I got ready for the day, I worked on my outline for what I’m speaking about at Life Groups this coming Sunday night. The day that Kim asked me to do it, I prayed about it, and God laid something on my heart right there and then. But I went into work last night and got my schedule, and I’m supposed to be working from 5:45-9 on Sunday. In spite of that, I wrote up my outline. I figure that if God wants me to speak, He will figure something out. I’m going to go into work tonight and figure out who’s not already working that day that I can call to try and switch with them. If God wants me to speak, then He will arrange something. If this is some sort of test of His, then I will not be able to find anyone to switch with me. So really, it’s up to Him. I just wrote up my outline in faith that He’ll do something. I suppose it’s not really earth-shattering or anything – it’s not like parting the Red Sea or multiplying loaves and fishes, but it’s what I did, and a step of faith is a step of faith, no matter how small. Besides, who wants fish sandwiches anyways?

I think that’s all I really have to say for today. I need to work on my candy machine for Physics, and although that’s the last thing I want to do, I also would like to receive a mark for it – which means I have to do it. I hate how things always work like that. But that means that every sentence I write here is only delaying the inevitable, so I suppose I should stop writing sentences. There’s nothing more invigorating than facing the inevitable head-on – even though Zest commercials would try to tell you otherwise. Actually, I just like the word invigorating. And zest, for that matter. But yeah. Roger that, 10-4. Over and out.

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