School, Signatures, and Slumps

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School. Blech. I wish school was over by the Christmas holidays. It’d make everything so much easier, and then we students could enjoy a good eight months of relaxation before going to the horrible place that is called school. Actually, in some situations, that would almost be better. It would allow people to get jobs that would prepare them better, and also give them more chance to save up for university. Of course, that would be for non-stupid people who would actually use the money they got to save up – not a likely chance with most people, though. So I guess perhaps the whole co-op deal is a better idea, but I prefer mine just because it would be awesome. And, well, it would prevent kids everywhere from the horrible feeling of going back to school after Christmas holidays.

Ignore that previous paragraph. It was needless rambling. I’ll try to do better for the rest of this entry. Today was pretty annoying. I actually had to get up in the morning, and I actually had to get on the bus and go to school. I was so, I don’t know, out of it. It wasn’t that I was tired, or even that I was in a bad mood. I just wasn’t thinking straight after two weeks of not having to think at all except for basic motor skills. Now that I think of it, it’s not so much the fact that I had to go back to school today, it was more the full-on impact of it all. It’s two weeks without school, and then bam! things try to get back to normal right away. I think for the next couple of days after Christmas break, the school days should just be afternoons or something, to allow people to gradually get back into the swing of things. It’s just such a shock when suddenly the teachers are expecting you to be awake and fully functional again. I want to say to them, “Please excuse my behaviour. I’m not thinking straight after the loss of my dear friend, sleep. Things are just so different without him.”

Anyways, I guess I’ll stop complaining about the first day back to school and just tell you what happened last night and today. Since it seems to be my usual course of action when writing blog entries, I might as well get around to it. Last night was pretty interesting. I went to Life Groups in the evening at my church, and basically Kim was just reviewing what we had learned over the past few weeks and asking us what we wanted to do in the new year. Some ideas were thrown around, and eventually everyone got off topic – as usual – and started talking about other youth events. I guess it wasn’t too off-topic, but whatever. I found out that Kyle wanted to plan another Coffee House, one that was actually planned more than a week in advance this time, and also a retreat. I think both would be awesome, and so I voiced my support. As long as things get planned out, I think they could work out quite well. After all, we have lots of leadership in our youth group; it’s just motivation we lack.

Today was boring. It was, after all, the first day back to school after Christmas holidays. I woke up and tried to get back into my usual routine, but I decided to take the early bus to school so that I could get my timetable sorted out. I went to see Mr. Watts, the principal, since I was told I needed his signature in order to drop a course that would cause me to be a part-time student – in other words, have only one or two courses in a semester. Anyways, I got his signature, and then went over to the guidance office. It just so happened that my guidance counsellor was available, and she dropped the course for me quite quickly. Things basically went like clockwork, and so I now had about half an hour to kill. I basically just sat in the cafeteria listening to music and doodling. It was all I could find to do. The rest of the day was a fairly normal school day, except for walking over to Central at lunchtime and picking up the info for Snow Camp.

I’m not really sure what else to say today. I don’t really feel like writing at all, actually. I’m writing this after supper because I didn’t feel like writing it when I got home from school. Why? I’m not quite sure. I just wasn’t in the mood. I’m not very alert today, and judging by the incoherence of this post relative to other posts I’ve made, I think that fact is pretty obvious. But anyways, things in my life are a little hectic still. I have a bunch of things in my head that I know I need to do, but I really just have no motivation right now to do them. I guess I’ll have to fix that. But that happens to be one of those things – I lack the motivation to fix my lack of motivation. I mean, I have a machine that I need to make for Physics class that’s due in two weeks, and it’s worth five percent of the final summative project. Do I care? Not right at the moment. I mean, I know I need to do it, but I just could really care less right now whether I get it done or not. Perhaps things will change. Hopefully they will soon. Probably it’s just post-Christmas break slump. Wow. That was a good term. I should use that more often. But anyways, I think that’s all I’ll say today. Sorry for the lack of thought put into this post. That may change. Maybe not, though. Whatever. Heh.

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