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I don’t have much time to write today, but I’ll try to quickly summarize a few things. First off, last night went alright. There were a lot of people there for Life Groups – probably about 15, which is quite a few more than usual – but they said what I spoke about was good. I can’t say I’d say the same; I said what I wrote down, but it just didn’t seem very…I don’t know, it sounded better in my head, I suppose. Anyways, it’s over now, and I hope it at least gave people something to think about. Hopefully God will use what I said, no matter how badly I spoke it, and do something cool.

Today was pretty normal, but I’ve really been feeling the whole crunch-time thing before exams start. I woke up a bit early this morning to work on my Physics project, but I fear that despite my best efforts, it’s just not going to work. So I eventually gave up on that. I’ll do what I can, but past that, I’m just not going to rebuild the whole thing the night before it’s due just to try and make it work.

I guess that’s all I really have time to write about. I voted today, so that was kind of cool. Tonight I have a band practice, and then a worship practice. It’ll sure be interesting going from screaming to praising God. But hey – God cares about the heart, right? But yeah, since that starts soon, I suppose I should stop typing. So here I go – no more typing as of now. Bye. Wait. That didn’t work. As of…now.

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