Practices and Physics Performances

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Last night was…interesting. I went to the church for about 6:00 PM, and we had a band practice. We also tried to get this new recording software hooked up and working, and so we recorded ourselves once. And it sounded horrible. But since it was our first time, and with a new song, and we were barely able to hear ourselves in the monitors, I don’t think it was too bad. At least with the recording, we’ll be able to figure out what we need to improve on, and also figure out how this new song actually goes.

At 8:00, Julie showed up, and so we started into worship practice for Sunday. I can’t say that it was very productive. There just wasn’t any organization, and so we didn’t really get much done. We practiced a few songs, but then John Mark, our new sound guy, kept interrupting with suggestions. I mean, they were good suggestions, because he knows what he’s doing, but at the same time, it really hampered our efforts to figure out what songs we were doing and in what order. Then Zac’s dad showed up at about 10:00, so that pretty much ended the practice. Anyways, we’re going to practice again on Saturday, and hopefully we’ll have a song order by that time, so things will go more smoothly.

That’s really all I have to say for today. We had our candy machine challenge in Physics class today. Mine almost worked – but didn’t. That was pretty much what I expected, since I never actually got it to completely work at home either. It almost dumps the candy onto a conveyor belt, but at the last second, it slips and ends up dumping the Nerds all over the floor. Oh well. At least the actual performance is only part of the entire mark for the project. We also have to write up a proposal beforehand, and a report afterward. So as long as I do well on the report (since I already did well on the proposal), the fact that my machine didn’t perform well will be negligible. But that was pretty much the only big thing that happened today. I really just want to get exams over with. ‘Nough said.

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