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Six-Hour Shifts, Sisters, and Snags

Well, I really don’t have much to say today. I just got off a six-hour shift, and I’m tired and would like to refrain from doing anything more strenuous than breathing right now. But I dragged myself over to the computer to do this, because, well, I know how worried you readers get when you don’t see a new post by me every day. You start to assume the worst, thinking that I’m dead or severely injured, or perhaps mentally incapacitated. And while that last one might be true, the fear of having angry mobs surrounding my house keeps me writing.

To follow up yesterday’s post with an update, things are a lot better at my sister’s apartment. My mom was telling me that they had prayed over the whole place, but even when they went in there to do so, things were a lot different. So that’s pretty awesome. God rocks. A lot.

That’s about everything I have to say for today. I’ve slowly been working on my Physics project, one tiny bit at a time, but it’s coming together quite nicely, and I think it’s basically just a matter of working out some minor snags now. I’m not quite sure what a snag is exactly, but it sounds pretty cool. Apparently I’ve hit some, though. So I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad. Poor snags. Just didn’t have a chance in the world. Anyways, I’ll stop creeping you all out and end this post. Goodbye, and have…Continue Reading


God is amazing. I spent a full minute thinking how to start this entry, and that’s the best that I could come up with. There’s no better way to say it. God is simply uncanny in His ability to mix and match situations in each person’s life, creating a massive web of interconnections that only He can fully comprehend. Each person deals with unique situations, and yet each of those situations have implications that sometimes we don’t even realize. A decision that we think we made on our own turns out to be divinely planned. This is what I’ve been realizing over just the past few days. God is huge. There are just too many coincidences to say that everything happens by accident. God is everywhere, and He’s constantly at work in each and every person’s life. All the time. Even when it doesn’t seem like He’s anywhere to be found, He’s there, and He’s doing something. We may not understand just what He’s doing, but He does, and He’s working everything for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purposes. And that’s us Christians.

Things seemed pretty normal last night. Yesterday afternoon, I read Matthew 8, a chapter in which Jesus casts out demons several times. That was pretty interesting, and while reading, I reflected on God’s awesome power. The one time, when Jesus cast the demons out into a herd of pigs – you know the story – they called out…Continue Reading

Price Shopping, Pathetic Gifts, and Physics Projects

There comes a time, even in a man’s life, where you have to buy something for the sole reason that it’s a good deal, even if you only really want half of it or whatever. I’m not sure what that’s called, but as far as I can tell, it tends to happen more to women than to men. All I know, though, is that it happened to me last night. But let me start at the beginning.

I borrowed a car last night so that I could do a few things. One thing I wanted to do was get some new headphones. I lost a little rubber piece on my old ones that makes them comfortable, so I figured that since they’re really worn out anyways, I might as well get new ones. To accomplish this, I also wanted to use up the gift cards that I got from Cineplex for being a good little boy (employee of the month). And, since one of those cards was for Wal-Mart, I figured I might as well go into work and talk to whoever was the usher that night, to see if they could switch for my Sunday shift. These three reasons led me in a sort of loop around town. I first went into Future Shop, since that’s what my other gift card is for. I wrote down on my hand the price of a set of earbud headphones that looked decent, and then, while I was there, looked at some…Continue Reading

Semester Finale and Step of Faith

Things have been steadily plodding along bit by bit this week. It’s been pretty annoying; I’d like to just get this semester over with already, but it’s determined to take as long as possible. Last night, I finished up some Physics homework, and then went into work from 9-12:30. That was really boring. I actually got out at just after midnight, because the Chronicles of Narnia didn’t have anyone in it, so we didn’t play it. That was a nice little break, no matter how small it really was. I mean, at midnight, as one faces school the next day, not much matters in the way of time. An extra few minutes of sleep? Meh. I’ll take it, but it really doesn’t make a difference.

Anyways, today I got a Geometry test and a Physics test out of the way, which basically just leaves a Physics candy machine thing, an optional Physics essay for extra marks, and the three exams that I have. While that doesn’t seem like a lot, all of them are major things, and all of them require some work and effort put into them. Sheesh. You’d think that after all these years, teachers would find some way to not cram everything into the final few days of the course. I really don’t understand how it works out that every year, in every course, things are always left right until the end. Well, actually, my Geometry teacher seems to have everything well laid out. He’s already done…Continue Reading

Projects, Practices, and Physics

I really don’t have much time to write anything today, so I’ll have to keep this short. This week and next is really going to be crunch time for me, since I have a bunch of tests and projects as well as other stuff to do. It’s really just pretty hectic right now. I can’t wait until the first semester finally finishes. Of course, I know that things likely won’t be any easier after that, but at least it’s one more huge thing out of the way.

Anyways, since nothing all that interesting happened today other than almost slipping a million times on the pavement covered in freezing rain, I guess all I have to talk about is last night. I must say that it was pretty good. We had a worship practice at the church, but this time was different than other times for two reasons. The first difference was that we had a guy to do sound for us. He apparently just moved here from Brampton or something, but since he’s good at sound, he offered to do it for us, and we said yes. The second difference was that at the beginning of the practice, Kyle asked me to pray. It was kind of weird. I mean, normally, we just kind of practice, figure things out, and that’s that. This time was more of worship and less of practice. I mean, we still got a lot figured out, and not having to run back to the sound…Continue Reading

Snow Camp

Where to begin? There’s so much that I could talk about, that it just would take much too long to read, let alone write. So I suppose I’ll try to pick a few things that really stuck out over this past weekend and talk about them. But first, let me say: Snow Camp was awesome. As with everything, there were parts that could have been better, but as a whole, the thing was great. I had an awesome time. I’d gladly take the chance to go ahead and do it again.

Basically, to start off, everyone was divided into teams. The theme for this was the Olympics, so each team was one of four countries: Canada, Italy, Russia, and the United Kingdom. I was on Team Canada, and so we got a white bandana thing that basically looked like toilet paper. Over the course of the three days, there were many opportunities to score points through various events and such. The first night had us devising a team cheer. Our team won for that one, because we were just so cool, of course. I mean, how could we not be cool when I was on the team? Anyways, Saturday night we had competitions with various events. One involved putting shaving cream on a team member’s head and then throwing potato chips to try to stick them on. I think we had the biggest number there. Another event was spelling out the letters of the alphabet on the floor using all…Continue Reading

Marsupial Animals and Monthly Appreciation

I don’t have much to say today, which is probably good, because I don’t have all that much time to write either. I have to do some homework as well as get packed up for Snow Camp, since we leave tomorrow at 4:00. That should be awesome possum, along with perhaps some other marsupial creature. Ignore that if you didn’t get the previous sentence; it’s not important enough to waste your time figuring out anyways – although you might learn some animal biology along the way.

Last night, I was just oh so looking forward to working on my Physics project (and by “oh so looking forward to,” I mean, “oh so dreading the thought of”), but alas, my boss called me up and asked me if I could come in. Apparently the usher that was supposed to close last night never showed up, so he was trying to get someone else in. I figured that since I have horrible shifts this week, since I booked the entire weekend off for Snow Camp, I could probably use the extra cash. After all, who wants to get like a $30 paycheque for two weeks of work? Heh. So anyways, I came in, and Ron was basically kissing my feet and thanking me for coming in, and I was just like whatever dude, this gets me out of my Physics project for another night. Near the end of the night, however, Ron called me into the office and told me something very…Continue Reading