Numerous Certificates and New Semesters

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I think it’s safe to say that I’m just getting way too many gift certificates. When Ron told me that he had sent my name off to the district office for employee of the month, he gave me a Wal-Mart and a Future Shop gift certificate. A week or so later, I found a $10 gift certificate for a whole bunch of grocery stores on the floor of one of the theatres. No one came back for it – not like I expected them to – so I put it in my wallet and claimed it on the basis of the “finders-keepers” rule. Last night I went into Zehrs and bought some gum with it – and yes, it was the full $10. I also went in to work to get my schedule for next week, and while in there, Ron told me that I had actually received employee of the month. He then proceeded to give me three $5 gift certificates for Roots. So now, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received a total of $35 in gift cards for stores. I feel like it’s my birthday or something.

Apart from going and getting my work schedule, not much was done last night. I did some homework, but that was about the extent of my excitement. Today was just as interesting – basically just three classes of review for exams. Fortunately, I get tomorrow off, since I don’t have a first period class to have an exam for, so I get to sleep in and all that fun stuff. Of course, part of that time needs to be spent studying for Chemistry, but since the past three classes have been devoted to that as well, there’s not really all that much else to go over.

I think that’s really all I have to say. Today was boring, but it was at least good because it was the last day of classes for the first semester. I’m quite looking forward to just getting these exams over with and moving on to the second semester. Of course, that means that I’ll be doing harder courses, including a Physics course by correspondence, but oh well. That’s just one of the things that I’ll have to deal with. Whatever. As I’ve said many a time before, I’ve survived before, and I plan on continuing to do so. But anyways, with that said, I must be off. I have some things to do, and then I need to bask in the wonderful thought of not having any school tomorrow. Gotta love it.

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well.. i must say that you forget the most exciting part of your day. YOU GOT TO SEE ME! haha.. and get your watch back. by the way is it still working? haha. if it isn’t then it’s definatly you. but yeah, how could you forget to mention the best part of your day? seeing me was by far the coolest thing ever!


Actually, I left that out for a reason. 😐 Haha just kidding, I guess I should have mentioned that, but I have a very selective memory that likes to forget things at a rate faster than I can keep up with. But uh, no, it’s not working. I tested it out today, and it worked for a little over three hours and then stopped. After that, it just kept stopping every few minutes. I’m really not sure what’s going on. It’s not the battery, it’s not the watch, so it must be me. I’ve been trying to find out stuff about “natural body magnetism” and stuff on the Internet, but I haven’t really gotten very far, other than reading one person’s story about putting a circular band-aid underneath the watch. That apparently keeps it from contacting the skin. Man, I even asked my Physics teacher today, and he didn’t know…it’s definitely weird.