Marsupial Animals and Monthly Appreciation

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I don’t have much to say today, which is probably good, because I don’t have all that much time to write either. I have to do some homework as well as get packed up for Snow Camp, since we leave tomorrow at 4:00. That should be awesome possum, along with perhaps some other marsupial creature. Ignore that if you didn’t get the previous sentence; it’s not important enough to waste your time figuring out anyways – although you might learn some animal biology along the way.

Last night, I was just oh so looking forward to working on my Physics project (and by “oh so looking forward to,” I mean, “oh so dreading the thought of”), but alas, my boss called me up and asked me if I could come in. Apparently the usher that was supposed to close last night never showed up, so he was trying to get someone else in. I figured that since I have horrible shifts this week, since I booked the entire weekend off for Snow Camp, I could probably use the extra cash. After all, who wants to get like a $30 paycheque for two weeks of work? Heh. So anyways, I came in, and Ron was basically kissing my feet and thanking me for coming in, and I was just like whatever dude, this gets me out of my Physics project for another night. Near the end of the night, however, Ron called me into the office and told me something very cool. Apparently he’s sent my name into the regional office for Employee of the Month for January. Sweet! He explained that they would be sending in a nice plaque and stuff, and he also gave me the choice of some gift cards and certificates. There were ones for Wal-Mart, Tim Horton’s, Future Shop, and something else. I told him that if I were to pick the Future Shop ones, I’d end up spending a lot of money and buying something expensive just to use it up, so I would pick the Wal-Mart ones. He took one out of the stack and gave it to me, and then handed me a Future Shop one as well anyways. I didn’t complain.

Anyways, that’s basically all the news I have. Today was pretty boring, so there’s not much to say. But I was pretty happy that I was Employee of the Month. I mean, I could really care less about the whole gift card or plaque thing; it was more the satisfaction that my hard work has been noticed. That’s always appreciated. But anyways, that’s all I’ll say for today. So, um…bye.

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